Mumara is a marketing automation platform that offers various email marketing features, including email templates. In Mumara, users can upload, edit, and save email templates to reuse them in future email campaigns.

Email templates are pre-designed and pre-formatted email messages that can be reused multiple times to send tailored content. It typically includes a set structure, design elements, and placeholders for personalized information such as recipient names, dates, and other details. 

Email templates can save time and ensure consistency in branding and messaging for businesses and individuals who frequently send emails of a similar nature.

Depending on your purchased plan Mumara Campaigns provide you with the option to utilize pre-made templates to fit your needs.

In this article, you will learn the standard flow of uploading email templates to Mumara Campaigns, and the process to use templates in the Template Gallery for email broadcasts. 

Table of Contents

  • Email templates in Mumara
  • How to use email in Mumara Campaigns?
    • Upload Template
    • Template Gallery

Email Templates in Mumara

Mumara is a marketing automation platform that offers various email marketing features, including email templates. In Mumara, users can upload, edit, and save email templates to reuse them in future email campaigns. The platform provides a Drag-and-Drop Builder, and HTML Editor, allowing users to design and customize email templates without any coding knowledge.

Mumara also offers pre-designed templates that users can use as a starting point for their own email templates. Users can upload and save their email templates in the Templates Section and access them whenever needed, allowing for streamlined and efficient email marketing efforts.

How to Use Email Templates in Mumara Campaigns?

Two approaches are available to utilize templates in Mumara Campaigns for your email campaigns.

Login to your Mumara One account, navigate to Setup>Templates

email templates in Mumara-Template section|Mumara
  1. Upload Template
  2. Templates Gallery

Upload Template

Navigate to Setup>Templates>Upload Template

how to uplaod email template|Mumara

To utilize this option, you must upload a zip file to Mumara Campaigns that meets the specific Standard Flow requirements. If any components are missing from this flow, your template may not be uploaded correctly.

Your template file must contain the following necessary files:

important files to upload email template|Mumara
  • Blocks folder (for Drag & Drop Builder)
  • Images folder
  • footer.html
  • header.html
  • index.html
  • template.json
  • thumbnail.png

All the variables in the template.json file need to match the following standard flow:

json file fomat for template|Mumara
  • “name”
  • “folder_name”
  • “template_id”
  • “short_description”, etc.

The Block Folder, and what is inside this folder is useful for the Drag & Drop Editor, such as:

block folder for email template upload|Mumara
  • Img folder
  • index.html
  • thumbnail.jpg

Also, the format inside the folder needs to be in the following format:

folder format for template|Mumara
  • Content 1_1 folder
  • CTA folder
  • Feature Left 1_2 folder
  • Feature Right 1_2 folder
  • Footer folder etc.

NOTE: The flow mentioned above is the standard flow defined by Mumara. Any discrepancies from this established flow may prevent your template from being uploaded to Mumara Campaigns for further use.

Templates Gallery

In addition to utilizing the “Upload Template” option, Mumara Campaigns provides a “Template Gallery” that includes a variety of pre-designed templates that you can personalize to fit your brand.

Navigate to Setup>Templates>Templates Gallery

template gallery|Mumara

Email templates in Mumara Campaigns are available for the Commercial plan. If you are currently on a Personal or Professional plan, you can upgrade your plan by clicking the “Upgrade License” button shown in the image above. See plans by visiting: https://www.mumara.com/campaigns/pricing/.

After upgrading to the commercial plan, you will be able to see and use ready-to-use email templates as shown in the below picture:

email templates in Mumara

To use this feature, choose your desired template from the section and create your email broadcast by selecting the installed template and utilizing either the HTML editor or Drag and Drop Builder.

HTML Editor, and Drag and Drop Builder in Mumara

If you want to know how to design and schedule a broadcast, visit: How to Schedule a Broadcast From Mumara?

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