Do you want to know the benefits of combining email and SMS marketing? Here in this blog, we shall discuss the seven most noted advantages. Keep reading for more information.

Using multi-channels for the branding of your business always provides the best results. Consumers do not use only one channel of communication and they keep splitting their attention from one channel to the other. Being a marketer if you want to boost your sales and get more engagement, you need to use multi-channels, i.e., email marketing with SMS marketing to reach more audiences.

Table of Contents

  1. What is email marketing?
  2. What is SMS marketing?
  3. Major difference between email and SMS marketing
  4. Benefits of combining email marketing and SMS marketing
  5. Complementary insights
  6. Increase your cross-channel subscribers
  7. Personalized communication
  8. SMS and email marketing are permission-based
  9. Usage of SMS for speedy response
  10. Use email and SMS combine to win the deal
  11. Use multiple messaging channel to reach more customers
  12. Which channel is best between SMS and email?
  13. Conclusion

Each segment of the generation takes interest in different channels of communication. Some people use social media as the primary source of communication. Others take email as the best for one-to-one communication. Companies must construct a solid policy and marketing strategy where they target all the audience accordingly. Before planning a strategy where you want to combine more than one channel of marketing, you need to keep in mind that they must work together harmoniously.

There must be a balance between both channels. If there would be a lack of synchronization the effort will be wasted. The perfect couple in this regard is always made when we combine email marketing with SMS marketing. Email marketing and SMS marketing are the most used and powerful mediums used by e-commerce companies to get connected with the audience. both of them have a number of benefits and when combined drive the sales of any business.

We feel it so personally when receiving a message from any company. Moreover, the recipients of the message feel it urgent to open the message as soon as possible. According to a survey conducted in the United States, the open rate of the text message is more than 82 percent and the email open rate was more than 20 percent within the first hour of receiving.

What Is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing?

Email marketing is promoting a business, product, or service through emails. These emails include seasonal emails, welcome emails, newsletters, product information, and the latest news. There are more than four billion users of emails in the world.

That is why email campaigns have a great impact on business growth. Due to this much bigger market, marketers never ignore the importance of this method.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a text messaging to the consumers that are sent within a certain length of the message. Usually, SMS campaigns are designed by keeping in mind the limited characters (160). The marketers send text messages to deliver personalized offers, promotions, and alerts.

SMS marketing is highly beneficial when more than five billion people receive messages daily and 90 percent of them open these messages within three minutes. SMS marketing overwhelmingly increases revenues.

Major Differences Between Email and SMS Marketing

difference between email and SMS marketing

Email marketing and SMS marketing are so much powerful marketing channels and are mostly regarded by marketers. Both have unlimited strengths and some weaknesses that everyone needs to keep in mind before selecting and opting for the business. Email marketing is a great medium where you send emails with attachments and images. You can send an extended message to the recipients with all the details one looks for.

Not only this, email enables you to make your message more personalized and send with the logo, incorporate your brand’s style, and make a perfect layout for your message. All this can be difficult if you try to perform it on the text due to certain limitations. That is the reason, email is used to nurture and generate more leads. On the other hand, SMS is most suitable to send a time-sensitive message. To receive a text message, you do not need to have a smartphone and internet connection.

The message can be served on any type of mobile whether it is a regular phone or a smartphone. Also, according to stats, people used to read a text message within three minutes when they receive it. It gives a sense of urgency when you receive a message. The popped-up messages force you to open it up to see who has sent the message and what is the message.

The character limit of the messages needs to be kept in mind and optimize your message and sharpen within the limits. Although there are some differences between the two means of marketing, they provide extraordinary results when combined.

Benefits of Combining Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

Some of the benefits are discussed below:

Complementary Insights

SMS marketing and Email marketing both are channels that focus on direct response. When you send an SMS or email campaign, the stats become trackable and you can enhance the effectiveness of your next campaign. If you can track the insights, there will be a high possibility to make things right where necessary. Mumara provides all the data and reports of your SMS and email campaigns.

Mumara is the best email marketing automation tool where you can get all the stats of your campaign including information on the delivered messages, open rate, click-through rate, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and much more.

These stats make it easier for marketers to assess the performance of the campaigns separately. You can also get the audience engagement and response rate to the overall campaign.

Increase Your Cross-Channel Subscribers

increase your cross-channel subscribers

A few subscribers can be a headache and you are forced to purchase an email or SMS list. This purchased list harms the company in the long run because sending a message to known users is just like hitting the target in the dark. Email marketing and SMS marketing can be helpful for each other to get subscribers.

For example, if you want email subscribers, you can send an SMS marketing campaign and mention a link in the message to ask the subscribers to sign up for the email and vice versa.

Personalized Communication

Personalized content can be created for both SMS and email marketing. If you send a campaign to your audience in a simple way, it will be difficult for you to get the targeted response. On the other hand, if you send a customized broadcast, that brings a lot of benefits to make you happy in terms of a better return on investment and a high conversion rate.

We see a lot of messages in our inbox daily and we treat every message differently. If a message is sent carelessly, we do not pay heed to it and sometimes we delete such messages even without opening them up.

On the other hand, some of the messages we receive give us a personalized touch where we see our names in the subject lines. These messages are sent through some intelligent email marketing automation software like Mumara where you can design a personalized message to the audience.

SMS and Email Marketing Are Permission-Based

SMS & email marketing are permission based

Both SMS and email marketing are permission-based that indicates that both can be successful without any doubt. Let us explain it. If you have an SMS or email contact list and you send them a campaign without knowing them, what will happen? The answer needs to be quite clear for the people who understand marketing.

If you send a campaign to the people who have not doubly opted-in to get your campaigns, your messages might be marked as spam. On the other hand, if you have sent a campaign to an audience that is interested to hear from you gives a lot of benefits, including the success of your email or SMS campaign. The organizations add a statement “yes, I would like to learn more about what you have to offer.” When they agree with this statement, they become your customer.

Now it is up to you how you deal with them the best way is to send them a welcome email initially. This welcome email must be personalized so that your audience feels at home. And you could possibly convert them into permanent potential clients.

Usage of SMS for Speedy Response

use SMS for speedy response

SMS is the most responsive type of communication. As discussed earlier, people respond to these text messages within three minutes. That is the reason the open rate and click-through rate remain considerably higher when we talk about the SMS marketing campaign. This platform can be used with email marketing to make things more favorable.

For example, if you want to send an email campaign and look for the right customer to complete the opt-in process, you can use SMS. If a person visits your website, and he subscribes to your email newsletter, you can mention in the form to provide a phone number. If the user provides the phone number, you can send an opt-in message via SMS to confirm the status. So for instant results, SMS marketing is the best choice.

Use Email and SMS Combine to Win the Deal

A company is established to build long-term relations with the customers and increase sales. For that reason, it is important to be in touch with your audience. SMS and email are both among the best means of communication to stay in contact with the consumers. If we talk about email, we use them for a longer form of message.

If you want to send a shorter message, we recommend you to use SMS as a medium of communication. Also, it is better to use email marketing for the funnel and use text messages to complete the deal.

Use Multiple Messaging Channels to Reach More Customers

use multiple messaging channels

There are a few people who like to see many messages in their inboxes. Yes, many people hate when they keep receiving emails from the brands they once shopped for and sales text messages from a particular brand again and again. Although it is not possible to keep everyone happy. You can apply certain tactics and try to make them a happy customer. First of all, define the method of messaging that your audience like.

It means that some people like to receive campaigns via SMS and others like email. For that purpose, send a campaign through SMS and email. And collect the stats and data dependent on engagement, open rate, and click-through rate. By keeping this data in mind, you can send your next campaign more effectively.

Which Channel Is Best Between SMS and Email?

best between SMS and email marketing

From the above discussion, we can conclude that both SMS and email are highly effective when we use them in a combine. Although, both of them are highly popular and brilliant ways of marketing, when we make them joint, they produce the results as never before. A collective strategy can outset the chances of failure and eliminates weaknesses.

Use these channels as per customer needs. Because, at the end of the day, the customer is the reason for your business. You can use these platforms for multiple reasons where you can send information, updates, and sales messages to your audience.


To conclude, we can say that marketers need to employ the best strategy when they look for desired results and maximum reach. The success of your email or SMS campaign is highly dependent on the type of campaign, demography, and the size of your audience. If you want more benefits from the campaign, we suggest you use both SMS and email campaign. Many of the benefits are discussed in the above lines and we are sure you have had enough. These campaigns can be more beneficial when you use a smart email or SMS marketing automation software.

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