Looking for the strategies to grow your business? In this blog, we shall discuss 8 hidden email marketing strategies that are strongly recommended to boost your sales. Keep reading!

All the marketers are of the view that email marketing strategies not only pay but they pay in a big way. For every dollar you invest, you can earn a massive amount according to the data collected by the various agencies. As an example we can state Data & Marketing Association based in the United Kingdom, says that email marketing gives between $30 and $50 for every dollar you invest.

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  1. Why is email marketing important for your product & business?
  2. Email marketing strategies to improve sales
    • Grow a relevant email list
    • Update your customer about the new arrivals
    • Use automated email campaign triggers
    • Optimize your message to mobile-friendly
    • Write like a friend
    • Add some crunch and humor
    • Fitting call to action
    • Select a suitable email marketing automation tool
  3. Conclusion

This is a huge amount and one cannot deny the significance. That is the reason most of the marketers rely on this marketing strategy to keep the customers intact to boost sales. Email marketing works in a very interesting way. It is one of the finest ways to get in touch with your audience. When you will be in the touch with your audience, what will happen? It will increase the sales simultaneously.

Hence, we can rightly state that email marketing leads to relationship building that results in boosting sales. We see that there are many benefits of email marketing, so we need to beware that there are many in the market who are using email marketing strategy to uplift their business to the next level. We find many marketing emails in our inbox regularly.

Some of these emails we open instantly, others get ignored or may be deleted without opening up. Why? The reason behind it is that they do not fulfill the qualities of a fines email marketing campaign.

Why Is Email Marketing Important for Your Product & Business?

importance of email for business

Email marketing helps you approach your audience personally. When we talk about the other modes of marketing they work in a wholesome way where one thing is designed for everyone. On the other hand, when we talk about email marketing, it enables you to reach your audience directly. The majority of the people use smartphones which makes it easy to read emails as compared to the previous times.

In the past, people switch on their computers to read emails which have been a hectic task to some extent. Those days are gone and now people read their messages while getting up in the morning or when they go to bed at the night. With the advent of technology, different email marketing strategies have made it possible for marketers to improve engagement and return on investment (ROI).

Customized and personalized emails are nothing new in the market now and online businesses are making huge profits. When you use intelligent email marketing automation software, you can easily segment your lists where you can increase the engagement of your email marketing campaigns. You can trace and track the users who have visited your online store, and an email can be sent to them according to the engagement.

Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

The success of an email campaign is directly proportional to the strategy you adopt while designing an email marketing campaign. Businesses use email to connect with the consumers to keep them aware of the launching of the new products and discounts on the existing ones.

It is a huge way to initiate a two-way process of communication between a business and customers to increase sales. Although social media is the talk of the town over the years, email is the most effective way to acquire new customers. According to an estimate, around 72% of people like to use email for promotional content; only 17% prefer social media.

Here we shall reveal eight effective email marketing strategies to build a meaningful bond with your customers and generate more sales:

Grow a Relevant Email List

make your email list relevant

An email marketing campaign sent to the ‘not interested’ list is just like trying to hit the bull’s eye in the dark. A strong subscriber list can meet your targets and you can get an amazing return on investment. Maybe you have a list of the people who have purchased some products from you.

It does not mean that all of them are willing to shop from you again. That is why you need to send an email campaign to those who want to hear from you. They might show some interest to know about the products you offer, discounts on the products, and what is new about your company or product.

You can segment your email list based on the interests, likes, and dislikes of the users. Along with it feed your customers with valuable free guides and eBooks. This increases the sales up to 2000% if you are capable enough to excite your customers.

Update Your Customers About New Arrivals

update your customers about new arivals

When you launch a new product, this is the best reason to reach out to your customers. As soon as you launch something new, people rush to your website. The reason behind it is that it is human instinct that they are curious to know about the latest updates. Therefore, when you send a piece of information to the inbox of your audience, huge web traffic might be observed.

Market experts are of the view that you need to feed your customers with the information they want to hear from you. If there is nothing new, the audience will lose interest and your email list will start shrinking gradually. Make it a habit to send an update on the same day every time.

It means that for example, if you receive the shipment on Friday every week, you must inform your audience about it every Sunday or Monday. Let’s suppose you send an update every Sunday, your audience will wait for this update every week. This email marketing strategy will increase the engagement level which will be highly beneficial for your business.

Use Automated Email Campaign Triggers

use automated email triggers

Automated email campaigns are highly important to make your visitor feel special. It is human nature that they loved to be treated differently than others in a positive way. It means that if you value your customers, they will value your product. In this regard, email automation triggers play a vital role.

A welcome email is so popular in this regard because it welcomes new users and subscribers. These emails are basically used to appreciate a visitor and the first step to making it a potential customer. Many studies found that if you start sending promotional and sales emails from day one, it will dishearten your visitor. Rather, you need to develop a relationship before you become a salesman.

It means that when a person does not know anything about your product, how will he make any purchase? You need to move sensibly in the market to make your mark. In your first email, you need to tell your customer about the product very briefly. Then gradually convince the user to make a purchase by sending frequent emails that hit the pain points.

Optimize Your Message to Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is the present and future of everything without any doubt. Statistics clearly show that desktop sales are dropping every year. According to a report the shipment of computers fell by 5.1% in 2022 as compared to 2021. This figure will go down in the upcoming years. People are more interested to use the latest technology instead of beating about the bush.

New technology brings new features that are of value. Most of the population is already shifted to smartphones and tablets. According to an estimate, more than 50% of the emails are being opened on mobile phones. On the other hand, if we talk about the desktop, only 20% or fewer emails are open on it.

The reason behind this whole discussion is that when you design your email message, it needs to be optimized for mobile phones. By doing this, you will get an opportunity to attract more customers. Imagine for a while you spend a lot of time and revenue on designing an email campaign.

After this effort, you send it without taking into notice whether the email campaign is mobile-friendly or not. If this campaign is relayed without making it mobile-friendly in terms of text and image layout and dimensions, it will be a waste.

Write Like a Friend

write email like a friend in email marketing strategies

When you write like a friend, there are many chances that your message will be picked across. You need to throw away your corporate hat and represent yourself as a friend. This is the best way to get the full attention of your customers. A corporate phrase is always different from a friendly message. 

For example, a corporate phrase states. “we are offering savings to our customers”, this shows some kind of aloofness. There are no emotions as such and one has to consider himself only a customer. On the other hand, if we say “you have gotta check out this deal”, this will give a friendly outlook and you will rush to check it out.

Whenever you write a message, keep in mind that this message is for an individual. If you will have a point in mind that there are many readers of this message, you will not be able to design your message accordingly.

Write with a perfect subject line that must be personalized and up to the reader’s expectations. The reason behind it is that today, people find reasons to ignore the message instead of finding a reason to read it, so beware.

Add Some Crunch and Humor

humor in the email marketing strategies

A simple message can be turned into crispy by adding some crunch and humor. If you want to hold your reader, you have to make your put some extra effort. It is not fine to feed the same message as always without taking notice if your reader is getting engaged or not. Humor is the best way to make your message strong and effective.

In today’s world, it is one of the most difficult things to get the attention of your audience. let’s say you have to grab the attention of your audience, how to hold it, that is the question. So you have to be entertaining to the utmost level and a person who can play with the words and minds of the readers.

Wait wait wait! When we say that you have to add some humor to the content does not mean that you have to be a comedian. Rather, you have to play with your words cleverly to create a funny impact.

Fitting Call to Action

Call to action (CTA) is a driving force in your content. They are present for the clients to take to some action by using it. These CTAs are highly necessary to give your readers something to do. For example, if you launch a product, how will you bring your reader to your website if he wants to learn more? You have to use a call to action for that purpose.

If there is no call to action, it means that you have left your reader in a blind alley. Therefore, focus on a call to action strategies when you plan your email marketing strategy.

Select a Suitable Email Marketing Automation Tool

email marketing automation tool

When you plan an email marketing strategy, how will you send your email campaign? You have to use a suitable email marketing automation tool to get the desired results. an automation software comes up with the ability to design your message perfectly where a user gets ready-to-use features and built-in templates.

An email marketing tool helps a lot in improving productivity and increasing your sales to a large extent. Email marketing campaigns that are sent to the users via email marketing automation platforms work almost on autopilot. The automation tool performs its duty while the teams and business owners focus on productivity.

A perfectly designed email marketing strategy is important for a business as sunlight and water for the plants. For all your requirements, Mumara is available with the full options that are highly effective to uplift your business through email marketing.


To conclude, we can say that a successful email marketing campaign depends on the strategy you apply. These email strategies are necessary to grow your business and boost your sales. you cannot minus the importance of email marketing when almost every internet user uses an email.

According to Statista, more than 54.6% of the global population use internet. This figure is enough for understanding the importance of email marketing and email marketing strategy simultaneously.

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