Most SaaS businesses have multifaceted and lengthy customer journeys. It takes a lot of time to push the customers to the sales funnel, narrowing it down gradually to finally move them they make purchases. In this process, a heavy marketing strategy is needed to may a way to increase revenues. In order to give a push to this process email marketing for SaaS steps in with the full potential.

The mindful marketers at the SaaS companies never ignore email marketing and keep it as a primary weapon in the marketing arsenal. As we are already aware of the fact that email marketing for SaaS companies is a bit tricky and complex, therefore, it demands a knowledgeable strategy to make it successful.

You need to be watchful of the ins and out of the marketing trends and then implement your SaaS email marketing.

If you are still searching for the best email marketing tool for your SaaS business, you are at the right place. Mumara has many feathers in the cap that make it looks different than the crowded market in order to help you design and redesign your email marketing strategies and send your transactional emails with a great user experience.

In this article, we shall discuss why you need to implement email marketing for your SaaS business and why Mumara is the best choice for you.

Table of Contents

  • What is SaaS marketing?
  • Why email is effective for your SaaS business?
  • SaaS email marketing best practices
    • Build your subscribers list
    • Segmentation
    • Send personalized and well-written emails
    • Choose a highly productive time
  • Benefits of email marketing for SaaS companies
    • Increase revenues
    • Boost web traffic
    • It makes your SaaS business prominent
  • Why Mumara One is the best choice for your SaaS company?
  • Final words

What Is SaaS Email Marketing?

SaaS email marketing is the process to promote your SaaS business by sending emails to the users to make them acquainted with your SaaS business services. SaaS email marketing is a powerful method to brand your existing and upcoming products or services.

SaaS email marketing | Mumara

According to Statista email users will grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Briefly, this figure is so huge to do miracles for your SaaS business.

When you deploy a perfect email marketing strategy, it helps you influence your audience with the highest return on investment (ROI). Email marketing automation tools help improve communication with customers and prospects and, send timely information for transactional emails.

Why Email Is Effective for Your SaaS Business?

Although other advertising channels and social media have immensely grown, still email marketing performs better for many reasons. Email marketing gives your users confidence when you open a two-way process of communication and pay heed to their feedback and suggestions.

When you target your intended market with marketing through emails, during this process, you can scale the performance of the email campaigns. When you have scalability in hand, you can play more effectively in the market by revising the strategy where needed.

effectiveness of email for SaaS | Mumara

Along with it, SaaS companies can send timely information about the product launch or any news they want their users to know. Several tasks are there that email marketing performs for the SaaS business.

Some of them are as under:

  • Timely Information: No matter how vastly social media channels grow, there is no second opinion that email marketing still performs the best. Users need not scroll down the huge information-filled channels to find the relevant one. Email marketing for SaaS companies allows you to feed everything in the mailbox to the right audience through segmentation.
  • Welcoming: In today’s jam-packed market, many other businesses are there that might be selling the same product as you are. The users, therefore, look forward to having special treatment. Welcoming them can be a great way to make them relaxed and it gives you a chance to introduce your products. According to several studies, users like to communicate through email instead of phone calls, etc.
  • Retargeting: Email marketing helps SaaS businesses to retarget users for more sales. being a SaaS company owner, you can retarget the users who have not completed the payment process or left the shopping carts abandoned for the SaaS products.

SaaS Email Marketing Best Practices

Strategy plays a major role in making your SaaS business successful. The same is the case with email marketing. You need to draft SaaS email marketing best practices to get maximum ROI.

SaaS email marketing strategy proved to be the forerunner to achieving your SaaS business targets. Your marketing strategy works like a cycle where several things come in collaboration to make the process successful.

Here are some of the best practices that you need to follow to make your SaaS email marketing successful:

Build Your Subscribers List

The success of your SaaS company through email marketing is dependent on the type of subscribers you have. The email list that you use to send your email marketing campaigns tells a lot about the success of your business.

Sometimes, companies purchase an email list, which is highly compromising to achieve the set goals. All you need is to use a healthy mailing list comprising real users. If you don’t do that, your email marketing will not be paying well for your SaaS business.


Currently, there are billions of email users are there who belong to different age groups, professions, different likings, and preferences. Sending your message can be a disastrous attempt if you don’t narrow down your audience.

It means that by sending your message in a way where you don’t care about the interests of the subscribers, there are huge chances that you will be standing on the losing side. But don’t worry, we got a solution.

While using a reliable email marketing automation tool, you will find a segmentation option. Email list segmentation is basically dividing your email list into smaller groups based on predefined criteria such as gender, age group, profession, designation, etc.

When you will send your email campaign, you will be having enough information about the targeted audience. Through this process, there are more chances to get engagement and boost your sales at the same time.

Instead of paying attention to those users who do not engage with your email, list segmentation helps you save time and money and invest in the right users. Being a SaaS company, you can follow the best email practices by segmenting your list based on the industry, the company size, active users, revenues, sales cycle, etc.

Send Personalized and Well-Written Emails

Email personalization is another SaaS email marketing best practice. Personalization is nothing new to the world, rather it is successfully being used for quite a while.

Users of today are very selective in reading emails. The competition is high because an average user receives around a hundred emails daily. Do you think it would be a better way to send generic emails? Will there be any chances to get noticed in the crowd? Certainly not!

Email personalization got you covered here. When you use an email marketing automation tool, you will be able to customize and personalize your email campaign according to the subscribers’ persona.

Along with it, a well-written email from the subject line to the footer of the email, everything needs to be according to the users’ requirements. A/B test your email subject line, email copy, CTA, etc.

Once you get the best version of your email, send it to the right list to boost sales for your SaaS business. Further, when you write an email copy, use the right email marketing terminologies to give a professional look to your email.

Choose a Highly Productive Time

Sending your emails to the most appropriate users will not work unless you choose the best time to send them. The beauty of email marketing is that you can target your audience while sitting anywhere in the world.

best time to send emails | Mumara

For example, if you live in Asia, and want to target an audience living in Australia, that is possible. But what you need to keep in mind is to choose the best time according to the recipient’s time zone. Keep the geological environment, and users’ habits in mind before you hit the send button.

Now again, if you want to find the right time for ultimate success, try A/B testing. Running A/B testing on the email campaigns to find the best time, and keeping an eye on the email stats will help you a lot.

Benefits of Email Marketing for SAAS Companies

email marketing for SaaS businesses brings massive benefits when done rightly. Here are some benefits that you can reap for your SaaS business:

Increase Revenues

Earning revenues and sustaining them is one of the most difficult tasks for a SaaS business. At the same time, it is not impossible altogether. If you follow software email marketing best practices, your revenues will not only be sustained but also keep rising.

Sending timely information about your SaaS products to the users via email can make a huge difference. In this regard, the best thing you need to do is to design your email in a way that should look relevant according to the users’ needs.

Sending a piece of timely information about the new features will be a plus point for you and your prospects. This act will be indicating that you care about your users, and it will ultimately increase your revenues.

Boost Web Traffic

When users come to your website, there are more chances that you will get more conversions. Sending regular emails can be massively beneficial for your SaaS business because it helps you boost your traffic.

After knowing about the new feature or product, the email recipients will want to know more about it. When you mention a call to action in the email or a link to your website for further details, there are more chances that the users will come to your website.

This will happen when you follow the workflow for your email marketing campaigns. First of all, make sure that the feature or product you mentioned in the email is actually available on the website. Further, the link you mentioned must not be a broken link. If any of the issues persist, it will be enough to lose trust in your prospects’ eyes.

Another important factor that can be helpful is if you make the CTA colorful for more attraction. As soon as you follow email best practices for your software business, you will be able to get the best results.

It Makes Your SaaS Business Prominent

Some businesses still rely on social media, and older ways of marketing to reach out to users. This strategy does not bring fruit always.

email makes your business prominenet | Mumara

On social media, such as Facebook, a user dealing might be too many posts, and there are chances that your post might get skipped from his eyes. On the other hand, you can personalize differently according to every user to attract him.

This practice will make you prominent in the market, and you will be standing out for ultimate better results. Email marketing for your SaaS business is an essential step to keeping ahead of the competition and time.

Why Mumara One Is the Best Choice for Your SAAS Company?

Mumara is an intelligent email marketing automation software with a bouquet of features you need for your SaaS business email marketing. Name anything, and it will have it to take your business to new heights of success.

From creating an email list, and designing and sending a beautiful campaign to real-time results, you will have it all. Send transactional emails to your customers instantly from Mumara with full confidence in deliverability.

Mumara One is the best choice for SaaS companies | Mumara

Here are the reasons why you need to choose Mumara for your SaaS business:

  • Create an email list or import contacts from your computer or server.
  • Segment your email list, and target a selective audience.
  • Use Custom Criteria to narrow down your audience for more engagement.
  • Split testing to find the best version of your email.
  • Use spin tags and dynamic content tags for your personalized SaaS email marketing.
  • Tracking pixels to track the activity of the users on your website, apps, or emails. When you get the activity information, it becomes possible to send the email campaigns more precisely to the most interested users. Tracking pixels are highly helpful in retargeting the users, i.e., abandoned carts emails.
  • Beautifully designed, and ready-to-use email templates are there to give a professional look to your emails without any coding knowledge.
  • Use attractive landing pages to show the right product to the users for more conversions.
  • Enjoy triggered-based email marketing. Focus on your business, while Mumara will takes care of your marketing workflow.
  • Webhooks is an excellent addition to the Mumara. It keeps you aware of the users’ activity with timely notifications.
  • Real-time information about the performance of your email campaigns. Scalability leads you to success.
  • Mumara follows GDPR, and CAN-SPAM Act, which ensures maximum email deliverability.
  • And Much more for your SaaS business, get started today.

Final Words

To cut the long story short, we are in a position to say that email marketing for your SaaS business can be highly advantageous when you do it rightly.

We have examples where companies choose email marketing as the final resort and now getting aha moments.

We suggest you set your SaaS business goals and hit them hard with an email marketing automation tool such as Mumara. Creating a mesmerizing email campaign is responsible for more sales which is doable with readymade email templates.

After reading the above discussion, we are sure that you are ready to give email marketing a try. Sign up for the Mumara One account to get noticed.

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