The drip marketing campaign also known as lifecycle emails, autoresponders, marketing automation, and automated email campaigns, is the pre-written emails in a way to bring the consumers to the conversion point.

A drip campaign is a series of automated emails that are sent to the people who take a specific action on a website. If you are looking forward to winning the market, you have to follow a winning marketing strategy that has the potential of increasing your sales.

Drip marketing is the best concept to nurture this idea more professionally. An email marketing campaign is to attract more subscribers to click a call to action mentioned in your email.

Today, marketing has become extraordinarily sophisticated, therefore, just sending emails won’t work. You have to come up with a perfect strategy that helps you take your business to the next level.

The arrival of email marketing automation tools such as Mumara gives you full authority to send drip campaigns to the users to increase your sales and grow your business.

In this article, we shall discuss drip email marketing in detail and the full process to do it on Mumara. Keep reading!

Table of Contents

  1. What is an email drip campaign?
  2. Why does drip marketing matter?
  3. Benefits of drip marketing
    • Nurturing leads
    • Automation
    • Timely information
    • It boosts customer engagement
    • It increases brand awareness
    • Reminding customers of the abandoned carts
  4. Drip campaign use cases
    • Welcoming
    • Holiday drip marketing campaign
    • Abandoned cart emails campaigns
  5. How to add a drip campaign on Mumara?
  6. Why do you need to send a drip campaign?

What Is an Email Drip Campaign?

The drip marketing campaign also known as lifecycle emails, autoresponders, marketing automation, and automated email campaigns, is the pre-written emails as a way to bring the consumers to the conversion point.

What is email drip campaign | Mumara

As the name shows, marketers send these emails slowly in ‘dripping’ form to give updates about a product.

Email marketers send these emails to users using email marketing automation software for automated email campaigns.

These automated emails are scheduled following a trigger. Triggers include signing up, purchasing a product, cart abandonment, etc.

Why Does Drip Marketing Matter?

Drip marketing is highly effective and helpful to send the right message at the right time. It enables your brand to get connected with the users in a significant way.

As we have discussed in the above lines that drip emails are pre-written emails and they are sent to the users automatically, therefore, no further manual input is required.

The content of the emails can be varied based on certain actions a person performs.

For example:

  • Registering for an event
  • Making a purchase
  • Sign up for a service or product
  • Abandonment of a shopping cart

An intelligent marketing automation tool will help you personalize your user’s name, gender, and other info. You will be able to send the accurate and timely information a user looks for.

For example, if a user signs up for your newsletter, a welcome email will spontaneously be sent to the user. After that, a series of emails will be sent informing the users to make a purchase or upgrade the plan.

An important point you must keep in mind is that do not send too many emails as they will annoy the subscriber instead of bringing something positive for you.

Benefits of Drip Marketing

The primary goal of drip marketing is to develop a relationship with your user by showing your presence. These emails will be sent promptly without putting in any manual effort.

Drip marketing has various benefits, some of them are as under:

Nurturing Leads

The biggest benefit of drip marketing is that it nurtures leads for you. When you send an email to a user, he clicks a CTA in the email and comes to your website.

drip marketing is used for nurturing leads | Mumara

What if he comes to the website and does not make any purchases? Would you leave the user without engaging him? Certainly not.

At that point, you will come up with a proper plan for marketing and engaging your users again and again. Here drip marketing campaigns support you.

For example, when a user comes to your website but does not get any plan, you will then send another email to thank them for visiting, to try a free plan, and so on.

Here is a piece of good news for you Mumara has introduced Pixel Tracking where you will be able to track the movement of your user on your website.

Once a user signs up for the free plan, you can send another drip campaign to encourage the user to upgrade to the paid plan to get full benefits. A consistent email stream is required to increase sales and business.


Drip marketing is a timesaver because you will set a certain number of emails at once according to the pre-defined time and criteria.

After setting up the email drip marketing, you will not be doing anything, rather your marketing automation tool will do everything for you.

It will help you not miss any sales or lead going unengaged.

Timely Information

Would you like to send outdated information to a user? We believe that would not be a good idea at all.

drip marketing delivers information at the right time | Mumara

Drip email marketing enables you to send timely information in a personalized manner. Not only this, these campaigns are customizable and editable according to the needs and requirements.

If you make any changes in the plan and offers, the information can be injected to update the campaign with the relevant content.

It Boosts Customer Engagement

If you are looking for customer engagement, drip campaigns are made for you. It opens up the communication workflow between your brand and customer.

When you send a customized email campaign, your user feels at home with the satisfaction that you know something about him.

These targeting emails become important when you directly focus on the pain points of the users.

It Increases Brand Awareness

When you send an email campaign to the users, it will keep your brand top of mind. This will help the users to select your brand when they will be in a need to buy a product you deal in.

 Your presence in the mailbox means your presence in the subconscious of the users. This process will help the users to buy from you which will ultimately increase your sales.

Reminding Customers of the Abandoned Carts

If you own an online store, you can see many users come to you. Some of them complete the checkout process and others add items to the shopping cart but leave it abandoned.

cart abandonment | Mumara

Will you ignore these users? We suggest you send them automation emails to remind them that they are missing something.

This is a great way to bring back the gone customers and ask them to complete the purchase. For that purpose, add a link in the abandoned cart emails that redirect the user to the point where they left.

Drip Campaign Use Cases

As we have discussed in the above lines that drip marketing is used to keep the customer engaged. It further helps you to be in the mind of the customers in every need.

Here the question arises what are the cases where the need for a drip campaign arises?

Here are some of the cases discussed below:


When you attract a visitor to make him a subscriber to the newsletter, you have to encourage him to take other actions related to your product.

Will you start sending messages related to the product or will you build a relationship with him? We suggest you build a deep relationship with your user before you pitch for the product selling.

In this regard, a welcome email is very important. A welcome email will make the users comfortable.

When a subscriber subscribes to your email list, 64% of the users expect to receive a welcome email as a confirmation.

Moreover, a welcome email acts like a confirmation email that gives mind to the subscribers that they have subscribed to the list.

Further, a welcome email like, “Hey! Nice meeting you” open up a communication process to send the next information accordingly.

Holiday Drip Marketing Campaign

Everybody sends holiday emails to deliver timely information. People during the holidays get enough time to read emails and make purchases to try new things.

holiday drip campaigns | Mumara

That is the reason do not leave your users alone and send them special offers and discounts to make them happy.

More sales mean more profit and when you give some discount, the profit surges to a great extent.

Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns

Many users can visit your online stores but only 30% of them complete the checkout process. It means that 70% of the users do not make purchases after adding items to their shopping carts.

You can send an automated drip campaign to re-engage these customers by sending an email with the information about the carted items and a call to action that redirects the user to where he left off.

This process will simultaneously increase sales which will ultimately boost your business.

How to Add Drip Campaigns on Mumara?

Mumara enables you to retain the leads by sending auto follow-up emails. It helps you narrow down your sales funnel with pre-written emails that are likely to be sent at the right time as soon as a recipient interacts with you.

Sending timely messages will help a lot in converting leads into sales during the customer journey.

Your email drip campaigns are made so easy with Mumara that you can deploy the automation process that takes you to the next level of the marketing process.

Add Drip Group

Navigate to Campaigns>Drip Campaigns>+Add Drip Group and see the following page:

add a drip campaign on Mumara

Here you have to fill in the necessary fields to add a drip group.

  • Group: Give a friendly name to your drip group.
  • Sending Node: Select a sending node by which you want to relay the drips. Multiple selections will put the selected sending nodes to perform in rotation.
  • Track Opens: Keep it on if you want to track the opening of your drips.
  • Track Clicks: Keep it open if you want to track the clicks on the links placed inside the drips.
  • Insert Unsubscribe Link: Keep it open if you want Mumara to automatically insert an unsubscribe link inside the drip email body.
  • Sender Information: Sender information is the info of the person/company who is sending the email drips, i.e., sender name, email address, reply-to email, etc. It is further divided into two options, e.g., from contact list, and custom.
  • From Contact List: If selected from the contact list, it will fetch the sender information from the contact list details.
  • Custom: If you select Custom, you can customize your info, i.e., from name, from email, and reply-to email as shown in the following image:
add drip campaign on Mumara
  • From Name: Mention the name of the person/company who is sending this email. From name appears in the ‘from field’ of the recipient’s email client.
  • Click Save & Add New to save the current group and add another by remaining on the same page.
  • Click Save & Exit to save the current drip group and exit from the current page.
  • Click Cancel if you want to abort the process.

Add a Drip

Drips are automated emails sent to engage customers by sending emails within a predefined time and space.

Adding a drip on Mumara consists of three precise steps that we shall discuss in the upcoming lines.

Navigate to Campaigns>Drip Campaigns>+Add a Drip, and see the following screen:

add email drip campaign on Mumara

Step 1: Setup

Setup is the first step in the creation of a drip. You need to provide information in the required fields to continue further.

  • Drip Name: Provide a friendly name to identify it later.
  • Group: Select a drip group where you want your drip to be sorted.
  • Status: Select the status of the drip as active/inactive. Inactive drips will not be processed.
  • Send to Existing: If you keep ‘Send to Existing’ on, your drip will be sent to all the existing contacts upon action.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to go to the next step, and view the following screen:

Step 2: Interval

add email drip campaign on Mumara

Here you will set the time when you want to execute your drip campaign.

  • When to Send: You can select the option from the dropdown when you want your drip campaign to be sent, i.e., Upon Triggering, or After Triggering. If you select ‘Upon Triggering’ the drip will be queued for execution after the trigger happens. On the other hand, if you select ‘After Triggering’, the drip will be sent when the time difference matches the time you set.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to proceed further, and click ‘Back’ if you want to make any changes in the previous step.

Step 3: Message Body

add drip campaign on Mumara
email drip campaign | Mumara

Provide relevant information in the fields as discussed below:

  • Email Subject: Write a subject line for your drip email that your recipients will receive. You can also add emojis.
  • HTML Body: In this field, you can write the HTML version of your drip campaign.
  • Text Body: Here you can write the TEXT version of your drip email body.
  • Attachments: Click ‘Drop or browse file here’ to drop the attachments to this drip.
  • Select a Sending Domain: Select a sending domain from the dropdown that will appear in the email header as the originator of the email.
  • Preview Email: Provide the email address where you want to receive the preview of your drip campaign.
  • Click “Submit”, your drip has been added successfully.

After adding a drip, now is the time to send your drip campaigns to recipients.

For that purpose, navigate to Actions>Triggers>Add New, and see the following screen:

drip campaigns | Mumara

Trigger allows you to send an email campaign automatically to the contacts based on certain events and actions.

The process of adding a new trigger consists of two different steps, i.e., Setup, and Action.

Let us discuss them one by one:


Setup as shown in the above picture requires you to fill up the information in the given fields to create a setup.

  • Status: Set the status of the trigger as active/inactive. An inactive trigger will not be executed.
  • Name: Provide a name for the trigger to identify it later.
  • Event Criteria: Select the criteria of the trigger from the dropdown, i.e., contact is added to a list, contact is added to a segment, etc.
  • List Type: If you select the event criteria ‘contact is added to a list’, you can select the List Type, i.e., ‘Selected Lists’ or ‘Any Lists’. If you choose Selected Lists, you can choose your list(s). On the contrary, if you select Any List, the event will happen when the contact will be added to any contact list.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed further.


drip marketing | Mumara

Here you need to add information when you want Trigger Action.

  • When to Execute: Click the dropdown and select when trigger to execute, i.e., Instantly, or After the Event. If you choose Instantly, it will perform the action once the event occurs. If you select After the Event, the action will be performed after the pre-defined delay.
  • Action Perform: Select the action from the dropdown you want to perform the trigger on, i.e., send a broadcast, send a drip group, etc. If you want to send a drip campaign, select ‘Send a Drip Group’.
  • Select a Drip Campaign: Choose a pre-made drip campaign from the dropdown and click the “Submit” button. Your drip campaign has successfully been deployed.

Why Do You Need to Send a Drip Campaign?

As we have discussed in the preamble, a drip campaign is responsible to provide you with various benefits. It helps you develop a permanent relationship with your users by sending them timely and essential information they need.

Moreover, it enables you to narrow down your sales funnel and convert your leads into sales.

Mumara makes you fully capable of designing and sending your email drip campaign to your users.

If you want to target your customers and increase your sales, we suggest you choose a plan on Mumara, log in to your account and start sending your email drip campaigns now!

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