Mumara extends two viable solutions for recipients to proactively manage and eliminate the influx of spam emails. The honest discourse will delve into the nature of spam emails, elucidate the concepts of "force suppress" and "force unsubscribe."

Spam emails refer to unsolicited and undesired messages that are distributed in mass to a considerable number of recipients. Often characterized by promotional or irrelevant content, these emails have a tendency to inundate email inboxes, thereby impeding the identification of crucial communications.

While spam emails can originate from diverse origins, including legitimate businesses, they are typically dispatched without the prior consent of the recipients. Unfortunately, spammers frequently omit an unsubscribe link in their email communications, rendering it arduous for recipients to cease receiving these unwanted messages.

It is crucial to acknowledge that any instances of spam emails sent using Mumara are unrelated to our application. We operate on a similar premise to a television manufacturing company that cannot dictate which programs users can watch on their TVs. Similarly, our application does not exert control over the content transmitted by users of the self-hosted application to their email lists.

The responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding the content sent to clients lies solely with the users. As a provider of the application, we emphasize the importance of users fulfilling their obligations and taking the necessary measures to ensure lawful and responsible email communications.

How to Remove Your Email Address from a Mumara Installation Secretly?

The prevalence of spam emails inconveniences individuals who rely on email as a means of communication. These unsolicited messages inundate your inbox, divert your attention from important correspondences, and even introduce potential security vulnerabilities. It is worth noting that certain spammers exploit Mumara Self-Hosted software to disseminate their emails, often neglecting to include the obligatory unsubscribe link as mandated by anti-spam regulations.

Nonetheless, Mumara extends two viable solutions for recipients to proactively manage and eliminate the influx of spam emails. The honest discourse will delve into the nature of spam emails, elucidate the concepts of “force suppress” and “force unsubscribe,” and provide guidance on leveraging these options to terminate unwanted junk mail effectively.

Note: Please be advised that the Force Suppress and Force Unsubscribe functionalities are solely available within the Mumara self-hosted version 6.0.

To ascertain the version of Mumara, you can utilize the following link format in your web browser: [domain.com/version]. Replace “[domain.com]” with the actual domain of your Mumara installation.

Force Suppress: An Overview

Force suppression is a prominent functionality provided by our application, enabling recipients to cease receiving emails from a specific Mumara installation. This feature, integral to our email marketing software, ensures that emails are not dispatched to suppressed email addresses.

In the context of Global Suppression, when an email address is included in the suppression list, it will no longer receive any emails originating from the designated Mumara installation. Consequently, any campaigns or email communications sent from that particular installation will not be delivered to the email address registered in the global suppression list.

How to Force Suppress Yourself from Emailing List?

To perform a force suppression from email lists, recipients can utilize a link provided by the application. The link format is as follows:

domain.com/[email protected]&x-var=xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xx-xxx-xx-x

To initiate the process, access the source of the email and identify the x-var value. It will resemble the snapshot illustrated below:


By following these steps and utilizing the provided link with the correct email address and x-var value, recipients can effectively enforce suppression from the email lists associated with the application.

Force Unsubscribe: An Overview

Force unsubscribe is an additional functionality offered by our application, providing recipients with the ability to unsubscribe from a mailing list without the need to click on an unsubscribe link within the email, particularly in cases where such a link is absent.

Our application empowers email recipients to effortlessly remove themselves from email lists, granting them the option to opt-out and avoid the receipt of undesired spam emails. The force unsubscribe feature serves as a convenient solution for recipients seeking a swift means of opting out of a mailing list without the requirement of locating an unsubscribe link within the email content.

How to Force Unsubscribe Your Email Address from an Email List

Furthermore, our application presents an alternative option for recipients to force unsubscribe their email address, thus ensuring the cessation of future emails originating from the associated Mumara installation. The link format for executing a force unsubscribe is as follows:

domain.com/[email protected]&x-var=xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xx-xxx-xx-x

To initiate the process, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Access the source of your email and locate the x-var value within the provided information.
  2. Replace the x-var value in the given link with the corresponding value obtained from the email source.
  3. Paste the updated link into your web browser, thereby triggering the automatic force unsubscribe action from the email list linked to the sending domain.

By leveraging force suppress and force unsubscribe options, recipients can assume control over their inbox and effectively terminate the influx of unwanted emails stemming from spammers who exploit our self-hosted application, which lacks the inclusion of unsubscribe links.

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