Placing ads in email newsletters is an effective way to make direct contact with new prospects - or even generate some additional revenue if you have email marketing unlimited contacts.

In the current digital era, it’s pretty much impossible to not come across paid advertising. Whether you are driving or scrolling through your phone, you will likely find ads on TV, social media, radio, paid display, billboards, and so on. While that’s just some of the few advertising channels you come across regularly, there is actually another viable advertising avenue that might have been right under your nose – email & newsletter campaigns.

While there are some quirks to it, running paid campaigns via email marketing can lead to a massive ROI. Keep reading to find out how to create email ads in a way that will attract your subscribers.

The Copy And Design Should Be Your Focus

When designing email ads for email marketing or laying standards for affiliates, a lot of people tend to commit the error of applying web advertising standards. But, email subscribers focus more on the text as compared to the imagery. To match with the flow of your email, it’s important to prioritize the copy rather than creating an intricate design that will only be a distraction for the subscriber.

While the placement, font size, and color of the email ad still need attention, you need to ensure that it feels like an element of email design rather than an advertisement. Within your EPS, try to experiment with multiple email campaign templates. Doing this will help you determine the right balance.

Ensure That Your Message Is Relevant

For creating an excellent user experience that entices your subscribers, you must consider what type of content your subscribers like and dislike. Do they prefer learning about the latest product updates or reading useful how-to guides? Featured benefits or Coupons? Try to learn more about the successful open & click-through rates in the past. This will provide you with a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, thereby helping you serve quality content to your audience. 

You must understand your subscribers’ pain points so that you can deliver email ads that are relevant and personal. Furthermore, your ads need to spark enough interest for your subscriber that it gains a click and your partners earn a conversion. While writing messages, it is critical to offer relevant content, avoid subject lines with upper case, and so on. The point here is to serve relevant ads. For instance, if your target prospects are car mechanics, you shouldn’t serve an email ad about kitchen appliances.

Pick The Right Placement

Another best practice concerning email ads is to avoid adding too many ads in your email. The reason subscribers even agreed to your email subscriptions is that they are interested in your brand. It is also because your content is relevant to them. If you suddenly began to push sales copy from a different enterprise that they aren’t familiar with, you’ll create distrust and confusion. This is why your email advertisements should be placed within your email naturally. 

To make sure your subscribers get a seamless experience, balance your ad space with authentic content. If the first thing your subscriber sees in your email is the ad, consider opting for a less intrusive design. Email ads, display or native, are generally bulky and shouldn’t be used frequently within your email campaign templates.

Be Transparent

While scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed, have you ever come across a social media affiliate ad that had #sponsored or #ad? Similarly, the email ads you serve should be transparent and clear if the messaging payment is taken care of by someone else. While most advertisers use the term “sponsored” in their email, it’s in your best interest to ensure that the design of your ad is different from all your content. Perhaps, you might want to consider creating a different label, background color, or special icon. This way your subscribers will be able to easily differentiate between organic and paid content.

Work With Reliable Partners

When you work with the wrong partners, they can undermine your credibility. They can also make the audience wary of your content. Furthermore, your brand’s reputation is at risk if your subscriber didn’t have a good experience while buying from your partner. This is why it’s so important that you only team up with partners you trust and one that offers value in their products or services, which will benefit your subscribers.

Don’t just partner with anyone that produces a good deal. You have to vent them out, learn about their target audience, and their value proposition. This way, you’ll not only be doing good for your subscribers but also your brand.

Bonus Tip: Ensure Easy Subscription Process & Utilize Double Opt-In

This is another great email ad practice to consider. As a marketer, you need to ensure that the process of signing up is enticing and straightforward as it’ll make it easier for your prospects to subscribe. For instance, you can curate more personalized ads featuring the following data: the place of residence, age, gender, name, occupation, etc.

It’s recommended that you make use of double opt-in as it ensures that prospects give their unfaltering consent to receive email ads from a specific brand. Emails with double opt-in needs to be sweet, short, and prioritize the confirmation button.


If you have been looking for the next great advertising channel, you won’t have to do that anymore. While email isn’t exactly the newest and hottest trend in the digital marketing world, it’s the only channel that has been performing well consistently regardless of the industry segments and audiences. 

Email allows you to serve highly personalized content to the right prospects at the right time. Thanks to its conversion opportunities and success rates, it is the perfect platform for advertising. With email ads, your brands have a better chance of turning thousands of targeted and engaged subscribers into loyal clients. Follow the tips mentioned in this blog post and you’ll have no problem curating email ads that your subscribers enjoy.

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