An efficient and advanced email marketing application or software helps to automate email communication between you and existing as well as prospective customers.

An efficient and advanced email marketing application or software helps to automate email communication between you and existing as well as prospective customers. A robust email marketing automation platform typically helps towards increasing efficiency across email marketing efforts, management of mailing lists and real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of the email marketing campaigns.

A well-rounded package of email marketing application can assist in periodic and regular production of customer-focused newsletters, management of email templates for multiple marketing campaigns and continuous customer relationship management efforts of an organization.

Are you looking out for a marketing automation tool?

There are tons of email marketing automation software or applications available which can help in the management of email lists and blasting of high-volume email marketing campaigns. But it is highly difficult to pick out the best-suited one for your business from this crowded lot.

Mumara is one of the best email marketing automation tools available in the market which offers an advanced level of web-based email marketing solution that enables users to send high volume and high-speed bulk emails.

The market leading features of Mumara enables businesses in leveraging data-driven email marketing campaigns. Further, Mumara is known for its user-centric approaches such as its operational flexibility, easy automation features, detailed reporting and performance analysis capabilities. It rightly helps businesses in the efficient management of email data, marketing automation and turns ordinary email data into actionable workflow and insights.

Why You Should Opt for Mumara?

Mumara Campaigns Connect  is an efficient multipronged suite of software services and cloud-based solutions which is designed and developed keeping the evolving demands of customers in mind. Its industry-leading customer-centric features say it all.


Drips of Mumara is a super-efficient and a powerful automation application that helps businesses in strengthening the roots of relationship marketing. This is done via sending a sequence of powerful email content with the creation of autoresponders/drips group, event-based, triggers and specific market linked campaigns.

Marketing Automation:

Mumara enables businesses to research and design customized user experience by triggering a series of pre-set actions to be performed and automate the marketing flow. Such actions can be event-based campaigns, which can be pre-decided, scheduled and the application can run the campaign by itself during the specific engagement period to garner maximum customer mindshare.

Deep Segmentation:

It’s always important to stay relevant among the customers. Hence, deep segmentation is the key to sustainability in email marketing. Deep segmentation feature of Mumara efficiently helps businesses segment customer’s database from various perspectives such as geography, custom field, OS, recipient’s activity etc. This helps to trigger customized campaigns to ensure improved and better conversion rates.

Easy Optin Forms:

Web forms are the key and integral part of any email marketing campaign. It’s the key part for the campaigns where the collection of contact information is part of the campaign to capitalize on them. Mumara Campaigns Go has made it very easy for businesses to create and configure web opt-in forms which do not require any technical skills. It just needs a few clicks of your mouse. Further, it also offers the storage of collected data in the email marketing platform itself for convenience.

Personalization Options:

Mumara’s personalized options such as custom fields, dynamic contact tags allow businesses to create customized and personalized content in email marketing towards nurturing and strengthening relationships with customers. It also helps to understand predict purchase patterns and work on customized campaigns as well as the response channel of email towards customer retention and long-lasting customer relationships.


Tracking and monitoring of email marketing campaigns’ performance is the key to growth and sustainability. Mumara offers an eye to detail performance analysis of your email campaigns. The profound and precise performance analysis of email campaigns, drips, and triggers offered by Mumara helps businesses to overcome any shortcoming and perform course corrections for the next campaigns. The geo and domain-specific reporting and analysis offered by Mumara is an outstanding one. These two insights help businesses to gather various customer data points and insights domain-wise which can work as a game changer in the next campaigns.

In the email marketing and marketing automation segment, Mumara is known as easy to operate, efficient and performance driven application. It’s always wise to opt for such an application which promotes performance and reliability.

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