Having Issues in Running Mumara API’s?

mumara api's
mumara api's

Mumara API’s help you in improving your email marketing strategies. Learn more about the Mumara API’s. Sometimes Mumara API’s don’t work and you get frustrated in debugging the issue.

Debug the Issues in Mumara API’s:

There are several methods e.g POST, PUT, GET and DELETE etc. which API’s use during the execution process but due to some restrictions at your hosting provider they get failed to perform and you end up having no sufficient information in fetching the correct reason behind the issue. If your Mumara domain is registered with Cloudflare then Cloudflare CDN might cause some conflicts. Its actually gets activated when you click on the orange icon shown on right side of the DNS records.

This includes:
– Masking your IP
– Caching
– An HTTPS certificate on the edge servers (a separate certificate on your server is still necessary)

A,AAAA and CNAME are the only records that can have this iconMumara APIsenabled. However, not all A, AAAA, and CNAME records are appropriate to proxy through Cloudflare. An orange-cloud icon proxies traffic for the subdomain through Cloudflare. Further, traffic proxied to Cloudflare utilizes various Cloudflare security which is the actual reason behind this issue. So you just have to disable the Cloudflare CDN by clicking on the orange icon and then the gray-cloud icondoes not proxy traffic for that subdomain through Cloudflare.

Mumara Api's


If there is still any issue and you feel even a tiny bit stuck, you can write to us and contact support. We will be here for you right away as we always are. Always stay in touch and keep growing your brand with Mumara. We bring you unique and interesting ways to help you achieve more. Let us know what works well for you! We are always listening.

Read more at Mumara Business School. You can check it out at Mumara.

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