Let’s discuss how you can improve your customer journey mapping with emails marketing strategies.

The customer base that your brand has is never going to be on the same page as you or as each other. They are always going to be on their own end of the customer journey map looking to explore your brand and struggle with the need to have your products or to ditch them.

Hence it becomes very important for any business to be able to use better techniques in terms of marketing policy that lead to improved results and effective branding for every customer at every stage of their journey. This is where you can leverage emails.

Customer journey mapping with emails

Emails can be set up on triggers that each represent a customer journey standpoint. From this strategy, you will be able to automate the marketing email campaigns that you want to send to your clients in a way that works best for them and you. The emails will be relevant because they will be sent based on the relevant trigger.

For example, Ben is looking at your website for the first time. He just signed up for your emails. You should send him an automated email upon 30 minutes of his time after the sign-up. This trigger can be customized. You can customize it for any amount of time for a varied range of activities via Mumara.

Similarly, if Zara wants to purchase an item and she has left it in her cart, then you should send her an abandoned cart email. You can do this before her cart expires or times out. Ben does not need to get the abandoned cart email as he is only working out the details and exploring the site so far. Whereas Zara does not need the informative first email. She may be a regular visitor.

You might want to look at this like this:

If you as a marketer were to send an email to each customer individually based on their reactions then it will take forever. There may be limited data crunching possibilities in the small time frame. Hence by the time, you will be able to send the email to the respective client it would be too stale and too late. If you do not want all your efforts to go in vain then it is essential to rely on email marketing or marketing automation through Mumara. This makes the job faster. It will be better and considered a great way for you to capture leads. These leads are the ones that otherwise would just slip out of your hands.

With Mumara here’s how you manage your Customer Journey Mapping:

  • You can firstly place triggers and prepare respective email sequences.
  • Then you must develop a way to sort clients into lists
  • You can then apply the triggers and email sequences to the contact lists
  • Lastly, you sit back and monitor

This way all your clients will be automatically in lists. You will be able to send them each email at a time that is suitable for them and relevant as well. For example, imagine that you have a subscriber email sequence in place. This is whereby in each email you tell the subscriber about the next step or the next thing they should know about your business. Think of it as an introductory email session.

Now, every client who signs up should get this session or introduction. But, not all clients will sign up right away or at the same time. Instead of manually welcoming each client, you can just simply do so automatically. You can do this with the help of the trigger-based email drip campaigns. A drip or an email sequence will slowly penetrate their mind. It helps you take them further along in the customer journey.

Sounds easy? So, let’s try and practice it for free.

Khunsha Javed

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