If you are looking to enhance your email marketing strategies then it is time to improve your tool kit. Start using email marketing and fall in love. 

Using a simple tool to puts things in place can free up a lot of your time. We have already covered the massive utility and benefits of such a tool in our previous posts. You can check them out here. 

Today we will be talking about how to automate your marketing campaigns in a versatile range of ways. These can help you streamline various strategies that can be implemented together for different people. Or for different people over different periods of time.

So here we go. 

A broadcast campaign is a planned set of activities that happen over a period of time in order to achieve a marketing goal. You can schedule one right away once you register with Mumara.

Broadcast Types

Before you begin you must understand the answer to a basic question: What is a broadcast?

The answer to this is that broadcast is the body of the email that you are about to send. This will carry the content, design, and structure of your campaign. Each broadcast contains the content of a single email. You can create multiple simple emails in several broadcasts and then send them as a series. 

For the context of this blog on the kinds of broadcast and email marketing strategies you can have, we limit the meaning of the term ‘broadcast’ to a single email that has been drafted or is ready to be sent.

So there are three broad categories of an email broadcasts that you can send. This means your email is inherently going to be an evergreen campaign, a regular one-off campaign, or an event-based drip broadcast. These are rather dependent on the nature of the sending of the campaign than on the content of the broadcast.

Essentially there are a few main types of broadcasts that can be used. These are

  • Regular Broadcast Campaign: Regular refers to the general one-time send email broadcast, this can be trigger-based or sent right away
  • Evergreen Campaign: Unlike the regular version of the broadcast, the Evergreen campaign has the tendency to repeat the sending process on a preset frequency
  • Event-based Trigger Broadcast Drip Campaign: you can use this to send a series of emails on a drip basis, step by step based on a trigger or multiple triggers.
  • Cyclical Rotation to send the first broadcast in the sequence to the first contact, second to the second, third to the third contact in the list, and then repeating the process from the first broadcast

Broadcasts in a Nutshell

So essentially in a trigger-based email campaign, you can choose it to be a one-off email or a multiple series of emails. You can also choose to send a permanent email at a certain date or upon a given recurring event with a periodic interval through an Evergreen Campaign. 

Regular broadcasts split tests and segmented broadcasts. Send it now, send it later.

Email Marketing Strategies: Segmentation 

Here are some of the most popular ways to make your automated marketing campaign a much more personalized experience for the recipient. 


  • Dynamic content tags
    • Custom Field
    • Additional Field 
  • Variable messages
    • Custom Field
    • Additional Field 

Deep Segmentation

  • Further Subject line personalization
  • Further Body Content Personalization

Email Marketing Strategies: Creating Value for the Recipient

This brief introduction to the main types of broadcasts and dynamic personalization possibilities may help you to add greater value to the recipient and your campaign’s inner message or purpose. 

Whether you choose Mumara Campaigns, MumaraOne, or any other one of our creative apps, you must make your marketing content valuable for the end recipient for it to work wonders for your brand. Fairly enough all that you have to do is acquire for yourself an account on Mumara. 

  • Drip Campaigns function needs collaboration with event-based Triggers to execute on predefined criteria.
  • Sequence Emails 
  • Having a Drip Campaign Group setup is the prerequisite for adding a series of follow-up emails/drip emails.


  • Instantly
  • After the event


Add ons: 

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Emojis 


  • Single (One-time Email Broadcasts)
  • Sequential Series (Event-Based Triggered Drips)
  • Newsletters and Updates (Recurring, Varying Emails)
  • Evergreen


Here are 7 ways to implement a creative and meaningful strategy that converts:

  1. Set up dynamic fields
  2. Set up welcome sequences
  3. Newsletters 
  4. Transactional
  5. Marketing Updates
  6. CRM
  7. Public Relations 

A high-quality email will engage. It will make the recipient click on the links you have provided. And then off to your website or link, which will complete and seal the deal-making a successful conversion.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies and Ideas

The only tip you need for an effective brand strategy is: Add value to the customer’s time. If we were to define the value we would define it as adding time to someone instead of taking it away. Or adding money to the recipient without cutting on. When you take less and enable the other person to get more that is value. Sending useful content to your clients can add value to them. It can also make your clients find the products they are looking for on your website with greater ease. 

Giving clients a discount on things that they actually want can help in adding value to their lives. Similarly, giving clients special and precise recommendations of things that they would actually be interested in can add immense value to their life by saving their time and giving them better navigation on your site. This helps in enhancing their experience. It also improves their perception of you. This essentially means that they will think of your insights as your care or affection for them. 

The very nature of personalized marketing allows businesses to prosper with clients who wouldn’t have been converted otherwise. It allows you to structurally grow and adapt to the modern lifestyles of clients through the rules you define. It is easier to automate personalized this because through this you can really tap into the client’s DNA and that can help you converge well as compared to greedy and out-for-blood competitors.

Here’s How:

Email Marketing Strategies

Emails are sneaky. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, emails allow you to keep things steamy and private. It is a unique way to engage your client in a hot activity making them your brand. This can help you strategize and market without actually revealing your marketing strategy on a mass level. You can simply get into the other person’s inbox and begin communicating one on one. You show them good products and great promotions, and they respond by showing you the way into their accounts and paying for your brilliant services.

No two people are the same. Neither should the strategy be the same for two unidentical and even remotely identical people. Although it seems that personalizing content and your marketing strategy for every person is a tough job and may require a lot of money, it is highly possible. This is why we have a great tool. Mumara keeps the personalization level high and the level of costs at bay. This can help the user in staying engaged. Needless to mention that personalized emails get a lot more open than non-personalized ones.

Email Marketing Strategies

Why send one introductory email when you can send small ones, a lot of them? Sending someone a lot of emails at once can be pretty useless and can cause an opposite effect on the recipient than wanted. Welcome emails

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