Are you looking for quick ways to handle some of the most common problems that SMEs face? Then here are some basic solutions to small business problems.

Every small business operation gets affected during its initial stages, by external pressures, fragile economies, and a volatile business environment. Hereby we plan on solving these issues for you and helping you beat the competition and common business problems.

Here Is a Tonne of Solutions to Small Business Problems

You don’t need any additional resources in order to carry out these tips and tricks. We help you rise above these through free software and basic knowledge. So, let’s get into it, right away!

1. We Hired Somebody and We Don’t Know Where to Use Them

At times hiring seems like a good idea. Many entrepreneurs feel triggered by an influx of sales and new demand. When a product picks up or is considered as bound to pick up in the market, the owners usually hire exponentially fast. And at times this is not needed. But, once you hire, then you must keep your employees fully engaged or it will affect your work culture and the rest of the employees.

If you have recently hired someone and now there is not enough work for them then you can simply put them on the task to automate sales for you. You can not only bring your marketing online and digitize the process using Mumara for free but also manage your relationships with the customers in a personal and unique way through the software. The person can create campaigns for you with little or no understanding of it whatsoever. This is because Mumara is quick and easy to understand.

2. Our Prices Are Too Low

A common small business problem that creates more problems in the long run apart from affecting the cash flow, profitability, and owner’s faith in the business is pricing. If you have priced your products very low then you can simply automate your marketing processes to either make them buy more frequently or you can train them on buying expensive products in the future. Mumara is familiar with the problems of small businesses and therefore comes up with all the possible solutions to small business problems.

Email marketing can help you leverage urgency, customer intel, customer behavior, and more. You will be able to devise exceptional campaigns to suit your brand and bridge the revenue gap. You can also enhance the user experience using this technology and eventually allow yourself to increase the prices.

3. Our Products Are Growing Obsolete

If you feel like your products have hit the end of their life cycle then you need innovation for sure. Sometimes new ways to market using new ideas, packaging, branding, and messaging can extend the product’s life allowing you to work on another product as you go on enjoying the remaining extended life of the existing product mix.

The product life can be extended using marketing directly into the inboxes of your customers. You can also get fancy and revamp your website using the simple website builder in Mumara and shake things up even more. All of this would not cost a dime only your ideas will be needed to plan better and get the most out of your marketing.

4. Our Clients Are Unsatisfied

Losing clients is like losing hair, you will only figure it out after a lot has been lost. This is why it is essential for any business whether small or large to ensure the satisfaction of their customer base. The customers will leave if their concerns are left unattended. This is why a good customer feedback and communication system has to be in place.

This should be done as a preventative measure. Such as by sending them automated email campaigns on every order asking about how it was and what did they not like about it. You can also send them retrospective emails now to repair damage based on their last purchase. This can be automated or done manually, depending on the nature of the sales and your goals with these emails.

5. There’s No Work Ethic Here

If you are worried about the work ethic, work culture, and discipline on the floor then you can easily begin email threads with well-designed and well-curated policies to reinforce the culture and ethic you want to circulate around. Bulletins are not effective. Especially if half of your team is remote-based.

SMS is borderline spammy and stand-up meetings are best kept positive, sweet, and short. You can use the email service within your CRM to manage your key stakeholders: your workers. It is quick and easy.

6. I Don’t Have an Email List

If you want all your contacts to be in one place so that you do not lose them to an unfortunate accident then you must digitize them. You can do this with Mumara. The simplest way forward is by setting it up and allowing your customer records or email contacts to be updated every time a customer subscribes or fills our form data. This will be an automated process so you do not need to worry at all.

7. One of Our Customers Is Creating Problems

Sometimes customers do not like your products. At times they get too frustrated so much so that they threaten to cause negative publicity or punitive damage to your business. This is an easy-to-handle situation if you ask digital marketing and public relations, experts.

In order to do this, you will need a carefully drafted bold message addressing the problem directly. This will help you recover the lost faith among your customers and show that you are on top of the problem while you work to repair the core of it.

8. My Biggest Competitor Just Raised Venture Capital

If your competitor has had a breakthrough then don’t get disappointed. It is not the end just yet. They may be able to invest that money in resources, employees, tools, and research. You will be able to do all of that for free. How? You can be a one-man show, leverage your existing clients, and run varieties of campaigns with carefully created campaigns and unique value propositions based on your marketing funnels. Once you do, you will be way ahead in the game than your competitor who is only figuring out what to do with the money right now.


In a nutshell: No problem is a big problem for a small business. As long as your product is working and you have a basic understanding of how to market it, you are going to be just fine.

And remember, Mumara and the Mumara Business School is always there to help you save the day! Try these solutions to small business problems, and let us know how it went. Happy marketing!

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