Here’s how COVID-19 Emails Help Brands Stay Top of Customer Minds, the Business, and the industry.

COVID-19 according to some analysts towards the start of the lockdown was indicated as the worst thing that happened to the global economy. It was one of the worst pandemics to have ever stricken down on the face of the earth. The looming danger of economic slums globally is millions of deaths slowing down the economic process. This felt like an unreal doom’s day for businesses. The world was at a halt for several moments. 

Thankfully in the past two decades has been an internet boom period and the world went from paper to virtual. Telecommunication has never been easier than it is now. Everything is a click away from meeting your friends through a video call to order things online because of this digital shift mail was taken over by email. Email became highly appreciated and all formal forms of communication took place through it. 

COVID-19 Emails | Mumara

COVID-19 Emails & Communication Strategies

The email strategies changed widely in these circumstances. The only way a company could communicate to its customers and keep them posted was through email. There wasn’t any other way. More so than that there was a shift in the tone of the emails from being strictly professional to showing compassion. Showing empathy to customers in these times became a necessity for every company. 

The service industry such as law firms, financial services, and healthcare only had email campaigns as their way to communicate with their customers. The companies initially focused on information updates such as what is happening, what is about to happen, their way to tackle it, and what’s new. This didn’t seem to work out for them so they shifted from informational updates to friendly forms. 

The bricked stores were closed lights went out, but retail stores still managed to run behind the closed doors online. This shift in online shopping shifted the overheads that were once spent on store maintenance to free shipping. The stores focused on making it convenient for their customers to carry on purchases from the ease of their homes safely. 

COVID-19 Emails | Mumara

Accelerating the Digital Transformation in Marketing

The pandemic caused a shift in digital marketing; it transformed and accelerated the digital marketing platform. More businesses began seeing the shift and pounced on the opportunity of this recent shift. Food delivery business, online grocery shopping, and shopping for everyday essentials online became a way of life. 

It wasn’t the same for every business the investment varied for some it was as easy as developing a website or an application whereas for some it meant starting from scratch to adopt this new shift. But this shift had great benefits due to its track-ability and getting an acceptable ROI. Email marketer’s stats became key essentials research shows that 83% of successful marketers planned to invest in email in 2020. 

Virtual Remains The Norm … for Now

The future, for now, favors this change. Try Mumara to improve even this expectation. Emails are the new norm for reaching customers, especially during a crisis. What is to see how the holiday season will be taken by this shift? However, teams are already in action and developing strategies to capture their audiences. We are still trying to figure out the new normal but the world has adjusted to its pace for now.

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