There are a few of the things about email marketing that should be looked into while sending emails. A few of the points one should remember while sending an email are as follows. Make sure that you are not committing any of these Email marketing mistakes that drive everybody crazy!

Email marketing mistakes to avoid | Mumara

Major Email Marketing Mistakes

One of the most annoying things, when your inbox is filled with emails, is because of some retailers. It’s okay to get mail once in a blue moon but getting updates every day is not what I am always looking for. I think they should be only sending mail for the important update rather than ending mail every day about things I don’t care about. 

Things That Retailers Need to Do Is

Customers should have the option of setting the preference to choose how often they need the update. Companies need to test out the frequency of sending the emails and need to check how often they should send to see what appeals to their subscribers. If they notice a drop-off in engagement you surely need to change the schedule of emails.

Email marketing mistakes to avoid | Mumara

Lack of Responsive Design

There is a problem with single-column mail that you can’t read it on phone, you need to use a laptop for that which has no use because the majority of people check their emails on phone and it should be responsive. To avoid this email marketers should use a responsive design so that it would adjust according to which device you are using making it easy for the client to open your email campaign. They should increase the font size or take tables and images that are easy to preview. 

Bad Preheader Text

It is quite irritating when you receive an email with a bad preheader test. If the marketer makes sure to have an eye-catching preheader text it would grab most of the market. Engaging preheader text is one of the easiest campaigns; besides if it is done in the right way then it would not matter how the email is displayed when opened.

An intriguing text is all you need for grabbing most of the market, it would cover up most of the things that you lack. It should be comprehensive and interesting.

Lack of Accessibility

Usually, the developers and designers tend to make emails inaccessible because they make them so complex with heavily designed HTML emails that it is not accessible to everyone. Sometimes people don’t have phones that would support HTML design. So it should be designed and developed in a way that it is accessible by every device; so more people have to view it.

For your customer, you don’t have to make it complicated because they would never bother viewing it but if it’s accessible then a major part o market can be captured. By making small code and design, you can make a huge difference. 

Too Much Content

Nobody today has time to read lengthy stuff, it’s better to be precise and effective than boring with long content. Always prefer writing content that is to the point and that’s interesting. Short content can do what long cannot!

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