Getting started with your Mumara ONE account is pretty simple and easy if you know what you are doing!

First of all, I would like to thank you for being a part of the Mumara Family. I’ll explain below the quickest way to get started with your Mumara ONE account and send your first email out.

Few things to keep in mind

  1. Sending out an email successfully isn’t that important but placement into inbox matters most
  2. You have to be properly authenticated before you start sending
  3. Carry important IP warmup procedures to give your account a green signal
  4. Before sending mass/bulk email, make sure your account reputation is good enough
  5. You are not using any spammy content

Follow the required steps below to get started with your first broadcast.

Let’s Start

1: Add Your Sending Domain & Authenticate Keys


Brand your email by adding your own sending domain to be appeared in email headers and tracking links.


A contact list is where you can store your leads and their important information. Add a contact list and add/import your clients/subscribers into it.


Design your creative broadcast using our advanced and friendly drag & drop email designing tool or upload your own HTML.


Your basic required steps are done and now you can start your first broadcast. While scheduling the broadcast, select the correct criteria that comply with your needs.

Resources & Documentation

– Add Contact List
– Contact Lists
– Custom Fields
– Segments
– Suppression
– Add a Contact
– Bulk Update Contacts
– Import Contacts
– View/Search Contacts
– Broadcasts
– Drip Campaigns
– Split Test
– Spintags
– Dynamic Content Tags
– View Scheduled Broadcasts
– Campaign Scheduling
– Triggers
– Sending Domains
– Web Forms
– Global Headers
– Broadcast Stats
– Trigger Stats

– Introduction to Mumara!
– Trigger Based Email Marketing Automation
– Behavior Marketing Triggers that Actually Make You More Money
– Is Social Media Killing Business Growth?
– 3 Drip Marketing Systems For Mumara Users
– 19 Ways to Grow Business With Email Marketing
– All you need to know about an IP Warm Up
– 5 Tips to Enhance Email Marketing Results
– Depending Totally on Social Media Could Destroy Your Business
– How Marketing Automation Can Help You Get Back an Extra Day A Week
– Why You Should Choose Mumara for Your Marketing Automation?
– Never Underestimate the Power of A Good Newsletter
– Importance of IP Warmup
– Why You Are Losing Email Subscribers?
– 8 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is the Holy Grail for the Contemporary Entrepreneur
– Reasons why you should Choose Mumara for your Amazon SES
Helpful Links
– Developers API
– Community Forum
– Mumara Business School
Links taken from Mumara Knowledge base and Mumara Business School

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