Do you want to know how email marketing is better for your business? Here in this article, we shall discuss how email marketing through Mumara is beneficial to take your business to the next level!

One of the extremely interesting and the most intriguing things that marketers are into is the advent of Email Marketing Automation Software. This is where the techniques for online businesses are available to run email marketing campaigns through an efficient platform to use optimized content in a personalized manner to convert simple web page visitors into permanent purchasing consumers.

Marketing automation is fully capable of providing you with substantial revenues and profits for a relatively better return on investment. Using marketing automation applications permits you to step up a few notches through your current efforts in direct marketing. Instead of being a pendulum in the market in terms of profits and losses, it is recommended to put things in order, professionally target your market and turn the visitors into everlasting clients.

Email marketing automation is basically the use of an application such as Mumara to schedule targeted email campaigns at particular times.

We can see this clear like a bright day that the use of marketing automation is the most effective and beneficial way to boost your business, how? Keep reading!

Here are some of the reasons you need to know why your business should use marketing automation.

Enhance Your Profits With Transactional Emails

enhance your profit with transactional emails

Transactional emails are those messages that go to website visitors automatically after they take some action. For example, request for a password reset, purchase from your connected store, downloading an eBook, or subscribing to your newsletter. These emails usually include some information that the recipient looking for. Since the recipients interact more with transactional emails than they do with promotional.

Savvy sellers or marketers often use these email messages to encourage customers to step forward. For instance, an email for order confirmation could include a ‘Recommended Products” option at the bottom. Whereas another email sent to someone to ‘Thanks’ for subscribing to a newsletter could contain a coupon for the buyer to use on the first buying.

This marketing strategy is highly efficacious and a business can generate up to six times more profits from transactional emails. Mumara offers all the personalized features that you can think about to relay your transactional emails promptly to your audience.

Get Personal and Increase Your Revenues With Email Marketing

increase revenues with email marketing

Imagine yourself walking down in a crowded street and hearing someone says, “Hey, you!” or if he uses your name, you will be more attentive to the person who addresses you personally. The same is the rule that holds truth with email marketing. While using an email marketing automation platform, you can use custom variables that include personalized fields like the first name, salutations, or company name, etc.

The tailored emails to the recipients are responsible for the significant impact. According to stats, the marketing emails with personalized subject lines possess more than a 26% open rate as compared to those that don’t open it. The fact is understandable that personalized content always stands out and catches more eyeballs than generic ones.

Sync With the Purchase Cycle of Your Customers

synch with the purchase cycle

One of the prominent benefits of marketing automation with Mumara is that you stand capable to schedule an email campaign that reaches exactly ahead of time. For example, you own a company that sells cleaning products. Keeping in mind that your average consumers buy a bottle of your Dish Soap in a month. You can schedule a broadcast before the end of the fourth week that goes to the customers reminding them to restock the dish soap.

Not only this, you can send an email campaign about new stock to promote products related to daily use along with the repeat-purchase items. For instance, a knitting company might schedule a ‘Winters’ campaign offering discounts on jackets and sweaters before the weather starts getting colder.

Email Marketing Is a Cost-Effective Method

Although most people have established a view that social media is the cheapest mode of marketing as it is used with the least of the charges. That is not true! Marketing at social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is more expensive and complicated than you think.

On the contrary, email marketing through a well-recognized platform i.e., Mumara Campaigns is quite convenient. The cost is also fairly minimal. You can wipe out the barriers of communication between a sender and receiver coming to the most relevant platform cost-effectively. All the businesses specially startups and small businesses with limited resources vastly recognize this process.

Reach More Mobile Customers

reach more mobile customers

This is the age of smartphones, and mobile users are increasing with every passing day. The content for mobile users should be optimized and well-formed if you want to remain present in the digital market.

According to an estimate, people check more than 65% of the emails on phone. Therefore, this opportunity must not be underestimated. Brands can get more attention and attentive audience from it.

Measure Your Email Marketing Efforts

Mumara is exceedingly well equipped with the features of adding contacts, creating segments, scheduling broadcasts to keep a track record of the scheduled email broadcasts. Marketing metrics are easy to measure and trackable and get the insights of your broadcast. It authorizes the user to see the click-through rate and if the recipients took the desired action.

Not only this, but it is also identifiable if any user has unsubscribed after opening up your email. These stats are basecamp for planning the strategy and making changes in the broadcast if required.

Escalate Engagement Through Drip Campaigns

escalate engagement through drip campaigns

Engagement with your customer is the most important factor to make your business a success. If you neglected this part, there is no doubt that your consumer will get attached to those who are selling the products just like yours.

If there is a lack of planning in how to keep your customer intact and engaged, there are a lot of chances that your marketing campaigns can go all in vain. Mumara has made it stress-free through drip campaigns. The businesses that engage with the audience using drip email campaigns create an average of 75% more sales than others.

A drip campaign basically consists of a pre-designed message planned to send automatically based on user activity. For instance, managing clients’ concerns, answer to frequently asked questions, keeping the product warn until they show interest in purchasing, etc.


Email marketing automation has plenty of advantages. The email service providers has made marketing easy. And you are welcome to harvest the fruit of your struggles in the true sense. This is the simplest method to drive substantial traffic to your website. And use that traffic to sell your product in a better way. We recommend you to start it from today to overcome the hurdles you are facing in your growth.

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