COVID-19 has taken a toll on all conventional businesses. The toll has been a little more than too much resulting in some of the businesses shutting down. This way there has been a sudden surge in digital marketing needs and outreach. Here’s how to leverage Product Differentiation With Email Marketing. It will allow you to rise above the competition and do great wonders with your branding. Just get reading!

Now not only your products need to be available online so that the user can consume and enjoy them at the liberty of their house, but also have a digital presence that replicates the walk-in experience that the users enjoyed at your shop.

This is why product differentiation has become intrinsically important for business sustenance and growth. Users are being trained to enjoy digital experiences throughout this battle with COVID-19. Now they have more time, more money to spend. Sure many workforces have laid off their people to reduce costs. Incomes have faced a lot of turmoil during the first half of the pandemic. But, then a purge in online businesses and first time business owners emerged. If you were a boomer of that time then the chances are that your marketing efforts and product experience can use a little bit of tender love and care.

Mumara Business School brings you new and exciting ways to do just that so that you are able to rejuvenate your place in the marketplace and place yourself as a market thought leader.

Do you ask yourself these questions?

If yes, then this guide will help you battle and work through all of these. Give them a look and administer the best solution forward with our help.

  • How can I get a list of good prospects for our business? We need to start talking to more people.
  • This is possibly the worst CRM system known to man.
  • My sales guys don’t know how to sell big deals.
  • Everybody’s making money in this industry but for us.
  • Client projects are not getting done on time.
  • I don’t know whether we are making money or losing money.
  • We outsourced some things to another company and it’s not working out.
  • Shoot. It looks like we have to do a product recall.
  • There’s some new competition in town, and they look like they really know what they are doing.
  • We’ve been accused of patent infringement.

Hard facts

These are all valid and sometimes frustrating concerns. You are not the only business person or entrepreneur who faces some or all of these issues. The truth is that all enterprises face issues regarding marketing. When the time comes to address them, the very same innovative business people fail to devise the right strategy and rather go in circles. This is because the entire notion of marketing is made sound so incredibly complicated that it is broken. It seems like you need a team of jugular marketers who are able to help you out. There is a false pressure on businesses to conduct business research and marketing research. Business owners are told to hire social media managers, brand consultants and whatnot. But, it is really a game of product differentiation and outreach.

You do not need courses to do this. NO TRAINING OR SPENDING IS NEEDED TO MARKET RIGHT. That is the truth. Well if you want to get into advertising that is up to you but at the end of the day, it is about the ideas you put to work and not the dollars that you put in. This is a hard fact and not many first-time business owners will understand it.

The remedy: How to unlock growth

  • Outreach is your marketing strategy to capture clients and convert them.
  • Product differentiation is your strategy to make sure that the clients are coming back for more, referring other clients and satisfied with the purchases or the quality of your services.

Our guide allows you to do both hands in hand and for free. People will try to sell you ideas where you need to purchase a hack lot of products. But, not here. All we want is for you to grow your business. So that in the future together we can nurture your sales and make you enormously profitable. But, all of that is the after taste and the main gulp or the meatiest part that needs the most chewing is here.

The way forward: step-by-step product differentiation for email marketing:

In order to make your product stand out, you will need high-quality visuals and high-quality content to wrap up your product.


If you are a salon but COVID-19 keeps affecting your sales, then you need to bring out a take-home kit or delivery package that can help the users create the same level of service for them.

This could include a scented candle, some Potpurri, some DIY masks, pedicure kits and so on. You are going to need a lot of help from email marketing because no social media advertising does not work. If you want your product to stand out then you will need your brand to have a special relationship with the users.

Step 1: medium

In the case of a salon you will need to add value at an increasing rate to the users and you will need to do this in small chunks. Let that sink in. Sell your business later, sell them ideas that add value first. For this, you can start a self-glow drip campaign. In this campaign, you teach them ways to do all of the salon treatments or replacements at home. NO, THEY DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT. But, users always have time to read it because at times the reading will sound like really putting in the effort into your self-care too.

Step 2: visuals and content

So whatever your business is first you need a unique visual UI/UX kit, then you need an amazing series of emails laden with heavy content that is designed to add value into their lives. You can start selling a supporting range of products with these emails or you can wait right now. Then once the relationship strengthens you can send them more products and help them get to their desired goals using your products.

Step 3: Ideas and Implementation

This is a great way to become distinct. You need to target them on a personal platform. DMs and Facebook pages do not work well because they are not personal enough and not consented for!! Email will work wonders and your product will flourish gaining a unique identity. It needs work! So get on it!

Putting in the work:

Like this guide on how to leverage Product Differentiation With Email Marketing we will be bringing more, but right now to get the most out of this guide and implementing your strategy you need to go to Mumara One and start exploring the way ahead. For more information you can log on to Mumara One and see what’s in store for you, available for free!

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