We bring you another guide on solving major marketing challenges that hamper the success of your business. These can be in the form of sad customers, angry customers, unwanted negativity, or a lack of effort. Whatever your marketing challenge is find a way to resolve it with this guide right away.

Please note that this guide is designed to help you solve marketing challenges for free. You will not have to purchase Mumara or any other tool to make any of this happen. It is all organic and effective.

So, Let’s Solve Marketing Challenges for Free

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This Is a Commodity Business. How Can We Differentiate Ourselves on Anything but the Price?

Price-based competition is a recipe for disaster. If you want to get into battles with predatory competitive pricing then you will find yourself dead at the end of the price war. However, if you are to deliver exceptional products at higher or unique prices you will be able to rise above the local competition and this will allow you enormous benefits in terms of gaining user trust and gaining high perceived value.

If you are communicating regularly and adding value to the lives of your buyers through your communication, then you are winning over the competitors. And, that is all you need to succeed.

I Have No Clue Why We Just Lost That Big Sale

If you were expecting a huge deal and it did not convert then it is time to reinforce your marketing plan. You need to go back to the whiteboard and plan again. Look into your incentives and the value you are delivering to all members of the supply chain to the end user.

If you are not doing your bit right then there is a high chance that clear communication will allow you to make amends. You do not need multi-million investments to regain market trust. You can do that with just a series of communication efforts.

Automate your marketing process to increase your outreach. Reach a greater chunk of the target market, and stay on top of the industry trends. Come out as a market authority and start expanding your influence beyond your product. Dominate the trends, the market, and the key influencers through your newsletters, emails, and communication.

There’s a lot of Conflict Within My Brand Message

If the branding of the business is not as well defined as you would like it to be then you can fix that. Poor branding often has no or little impact rather than a very strong bad impact on businesses. People are unimpressed by poor branding. Whether this is your UI/UX, your message, your tonality, or your values. Whatever it is that lacks luster, it can not adversely affect you unless it is rather immoral, unethical, or inherently problematic.

If your brand message is confusing and it does not help your business define its identity then you are in trouble, but nothing can not be fixed. On the contrary, if your brand message says that you are an ordinary product, just another one in the market while you are trying to market yourself as an industry leader or a brand that works differently, then you are in deeper trouble. The conflict will require greater attention and that could mean a need to rebrand and rethink.

If you are ready for an effort on that then you need a new UI/UX styling, new tag lines, and maybe even newer ideas to make you look the part. Again email marketing campaigns here can help you communicate the updated message or tonality to all of your customers rather than only those active on social media or on your website.

Our Distribution Partners Don’t Seem to Be Motivated to Sell Our Stuff

If your distributors are not interested then chances are that the end user of your product is also not interested. You need better bonds with the end user and the distributors. This means that it is time for a shakedown. Shakedown the marketing challenges and revamp it with a clear loyalty reward program for smaller distributors.

The best part is that you don’t have to reward them with profits, you can simply promise them prominence and the wildfire response that they want from your goods and then ultimately redeem their goodwill points in the future by getting exclusive offers or unique products solely for their vendors.

You are simply asking them to trade their faith in you for a reward at a later stage of exclusivity. While you go ahead and amp your marketing up and take things up a notch for the end users. This way you are working on your brand backward-forward.

Customer Complaints Are Up

More complaints mean more apologies. Send out an empathetic email campaign. Deal with the angry customers who speak up and those who remain silent during this process. Handle the negativity and ensure improved care and handling for the future. Your message will have an impact that enables your customers to become loyal and stick with you rather than leaving you behind.

I’m Able to Pay My Employees but I’m Not Pulling Enough Money Out of the Business

Is it time to increase the prices? Well, hold on. If you are going to take that step then you must also reconsider your profit equation. So, you can increase the revenue through sales and that would help you too. You can also cut down on your expenses, but well, who has been able to, ever?

Then your business can increase your revenue by increasing your outreach and you can simply do this with a little help from the sales funnel. A lot of customers are sitting at the edge of the sales funnel they are ready to be converted and every month they stop and don’t take that final step. All they need is a final push. Do that and you will be able to solve marketing challenges for free one more time.

Foreign Competition Is Killing Us

Local is king. Everyone wants to buy local but people will only buy your local product if they know what they are buying. In order to make sure that you are selling the local goods better than the foreign goods are being sold you need to attach yourself to the notion of being local and being praised for being so.

You need to sing it out loud for the customers through your email marketing campaigns and ensure that the message is dripping into their brains like a slow soothing trance. Mumara normalizes everything for you including solving your marketing challenges.

Sales Are Down 30% From Last Year

It has been more than a year since COVID-19 has taken over the world. If your sales are still down or going down then it is time to retract. Pull out your best-performing products, look for the most active users, redefine the need for your products in the public and then push content out to reinforce the message.

How to solve marketing challenges? 
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Your message will be heard if you are intelligently leveraging sales data and marketing automation analytics. As you do make sure that you are sending out genuine messages containing high-value deals that actually add value to the lives of your customers. Mumara is always here to address your all marketing challenges.

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