Create and send high-value emails to gain the most traction for your business. Mumara Business School allows you to stay on top of your marketing game. If you are a new startup and looking to grow then this guide will help you step by step outlining the process for you.

Why Is Momentum Necessary?

Your business values are the key factor that influences growth. If you want to indulge in a passion project with little or no profits then you really do not need any momentum and the passion itself will let you work consistently until it becomes resource-wise ineffective and undesirable. If you are in the business for the business gains, growth, acceleration, and speed then you need momentum stemming from your external market and the internal workforce.

Momentum allows your product, workforce, and audience to align, grow at a steady pace and remove any hurdles that choke your growth rate through sending high-value emails. Frictionless growth is really the keyword here. If you want excellent sharp growth without hurdles then you need to work on your communication. The first communication effort or the first tier here is the tier of internal communication with the whole team. Your initial communication will have to be spot on. This will result in the development of a product that is true to your values and concept.

How Can Emails Help You Build Momentum?

In order to gain market traction and sales momentum, and reach your marketing goals at the right pace you will need consistent dissemination of information and send high-value emails about your product. A slow drip of knowledge and insights on what your product is and how to go forward with the utilization of the product allows businesses to awareness of the product and build on the need for it.

Your product is not going to sell if you are the only one that knows its benefits. Everything good about your product including every possible application needs to be public awareness. Emails allow you to strategize and plan out this communication to help you achieve your desired goals. Here’s how to make it work for you.

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To Send High-Value Emails You Need to Ensure

There are a lot of ways to ensure that the message you are spreading works for you. The most important way is to ensure that your message is delivered properly in the right area. For that, you need to send high-value emails.

  • The email is delivered to your audience in their inbox at a time that they are likely to read it. This can be early morning or late at the night.
  • The time can be a weekend for people working 9-5 and it can be lunch breaks as well.
  • The email is delivered in the right folder. In order to make sure that the email is opened you need to make sure that it is delivered to the right mailbox. For this purpose, you need to make sure that it is free from promotional language.
  • You can mention promotional messages such as “50% off” in the banners or on the landing page that the email is taking you to. It will pop out without looking spammy as long as your branding is premium looking.
  • The email is not marked as spam by the inbox/email service they use. Inboxes mark many messages as spam. They do this through automatic intelligent filters that are built-in in popular email inboxes.
  • Mumara ensures that no spam words are sent. Likewise, it prevents the markdown of your emails. For this purpose, there are many built-in tools to help.
  • It does not look fishy or of low value to the user. If the user sees poor quality graphics, grammatical errors, design faults, or error messages when opening the links then you are doing something wrong.
  • Your email marketing effort will be worth nil if you are sending out half-baked goods. Also, end yourself with a test mail along with the rest of the team to make sure there is nothing faulty or fishy going on.

Other Things to Check Before You Hit Send

  • The links within the email are operational
  • Image and Text both versions work
  • The subject is written to get you a good open rate
  • The preview text of the email matches the inner text

For Value, You Must Ensure

  • The email contains an offer that is likely to convert (Limited-time and Desirable offers)
  • The offer is clear (Content)
  • The path from the email to getting/purchasing the offer is clear within the email (Call to Actions)
  • There is no clutter in the email or in the message (Design)
  • Your offer is exclusively made for the email list not sent at random (Personalization)
  • There is relevance between the email and the user (Triggers, Actions, and Events)

Having all of these components paired well and in cohesion with your overall brand message will promote your business. Moreover, you need the same harmony in the inboxes of your email contact lists harmoniously. Good luck and happy emailing!

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You can let us know if you need any help, assistance, or solutions to your everyday email marketing needs. We are always here for you! We keep our readers in touch with the latest marketing ideas, strategies, and top-of-the-line tools at the Mumara Business School, head on there to see more. Further, join Mumara Business School for Free and learn how to get the maximum out of your Marketing.

We are all in for high-value emails! If this guide on high-value emails helped you then stay in touch because we have a lot more rolling in for you to skyrocket your business. For more information visit Mumara One.

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