Statista's report in 2020 has told that for each $1 you spend on email marketing, you get an average return of $42! And if that spectacular ROI isn't enough, Mumara has some great features for you.

Mumara Campaigns works tirelessly to improve your email marketing experience. With billions of emails being sent daily, the field of email marketing is on a fiery growth path. Our latest feature, which is available to all users, is called Live Events. This is yet another eye-catching and impactful addition to your Mumara’s dashboard. With ‘Live Events‘, you will be able to view the real-time engagements of your recipients.

Here’s what the Mumara Live Events feature can show you instantly!

Real time Engagements demonstration of Live Events

New Contacts!

In the Live Events section, one of the things you’ll notice popping up frequently is new contacts. Each time you manually add a contact to a list, or if you have a sign-up via any web form that you have attached to your Mumara account, you will get to see their name in the Live events section.

Additionally, if you have set up triggers to add contacts to specific lists based on the actions of the readers, you’ll also see those contacts in the Live Events section.

We also went one step further. Since no one hates spam more than us, we thought how thousands of collectively imported contacts would look pointless and drown the important information. So, we decided to leave that bit out! Live Events will help you keep an eye on the new subscribers to your emails. A nice encouragement for you to keep on sending!

Every Time an Email is Opened

Updates on Frequent messages through Drips

Automation of emails is such a process that it has virtually no drawbacks! However, if you really try hard (and we mean really hard) you may feel when you automate and schedule your emails via drip campaigns, you might forget about it after a while.

This is where you need real-time engagement updates for the best email marketing experience. The Live Events tab shows you in real-time who has opened your emails. These emails may be a one-time broadcast, a drip campaign you’ve set up, or a trigger-based email for new sign-ups to your newsletter. You can always look at the statistics and performance summary of each drip separately. But, the regular reminder of your drips being viewed is helpful in more than one way.

Who’s clicking the links?

Along with the email opens, Live Events will give you an update for every person who clicks on the attached links in your campaigns and drips. You could also know from this quick look what sort of people are taking an interest in the material you’ve sent. ‘Live Events’ isn’t just a gimmick, but a powerful tool if you start using it to its fullest.

Graphic of Person viewing Live Events

Triggers that Generate Real-Time Engagements

So far all your automated actions have been performing silently. Now it is time for the Triggers, your hardest workers, to shine. Triggers will also share the limelight as all your actions that take place through them will appear in “Live Events”. Here are some great examples of what Trigger-based engagements the ‘Live Events’ window will show.

A Recipient Unsubscribes

You’ll get to see which people are unsubscribing and you’ll also know what campaign/drip they’re unsubscribing from. This can be so useful when you’re trying to determine your best and worst performing emails. Now you could get a good idea of this right from your dashboard. If more people unsubscribe, you probably need to fix a problem there!

You get a spam report

Sometimes you have to react to spam in a timely manner. But until now there was no way of knowing immediately if you were getting spam reports. With ‘Live Events’, you will even see the negative engagements in real-time, and you could save your reputation from being ruined.

Similarly, any other action that you have set triggers for will be shown with the relevant details in “Live Events”. We are thrilled to be bringing this feature to you! As it will literally showcase the powerful automation Mumara can perform. Triggers perform some crucial functions which we didn’t know of. You can now note how your email marketing experience is perfected and how every action is optimized.

Mumara has also given you the option to view Live Events particular to each admin or each user. This can help monitor individual performance or browse for a certain event. All this, you can experience without any additional cost in the latest update of Mumara Campaigns. We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are about bringing it to you! Check it out for yourself now and let us know what you think in the comments!

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