Mumara has some major featured integrations with 3rd party applications. These integrations help you to connect Mumara with the most powerful business applications, with the primary aim of improving user experience by automating certain processes and minimizing manual labor.

Some of the integrations like PowerMTA server configuration have long been awaited by the email industry. Let’s take a look at what functionality these featured integrations have programmatically achieved.

PowerMTA Server Integration

PowerMTA is a widely acclaimed SMTP server application that several ESPs and Enterprise Mailing Solutions use for outbound email delivery. As a high-performance delivery solution, PMTA offers several configuration levels, server-level configuration, domain-level configuration, ISP configuration, and virtual MTA configuration. For centralized management and control, all of these configuration levels must be accurately tuned.

It’s the first time that some front-end email marketing software has programmed a detailed add-on to seamlessly work with the PowerMTA. With the help of this add-on, you can work to automatically create the appropriate configuration of the PowerMTA server. It doesn’t take any technical effort to configure your PowerMTA server anymore; the whole of the process is automated and will be completed by following a few well-knitted steps.

Mumara featured integrations - PowerMTA server integrations | Mumara

This includes all, configuration on IPs per specific domain, the configuration of the SMTP with the ability to configure IPs per specific SMTP, the configuration of sender reply to information and bounce accounts, and configuration of the important authentications like DKIM and other DNS records.

It also gives you the ability to process bounced emails remotely from the PowerMTA log file, which makes the bounce processing process more accurate and efficient. So without any manual effort, you can now automatically configure as many PowerMTA servers as you want.

 AdStation by AdKnowledge

AdStation is an email data monetization platform by one of the largest digital marketplaces AdKnowledge. Also, it has got some real big advertiser’s databases with some major clients like LG, Land Rover, and L’Oreal on their credit. AdStation carries benefits for both, advertisers, and publishers with email data.

AdStation is a vocal advocate of sending to generate clicks and not merely throwing away bulk emails. As a publisher account holder, the Mumara AdStation add-on can take you to the next level of sending.

AdStation by Adknowledge | Mumara

Besides this ability to easily integrate publisher accounts with separate ID/ CD domains and tools for bot behavior detection, you can make use of several utility-based Mumara’s features for selecting, segmenting, scheduling, and sending to achieve significantly improved CTR.

Dropbox for Auto Backups 

Preventing data loss amid fatal errors and unexpected failures is important for every business. Further, it is critical to have a fitting plan for data backup and recovery. Dropbox offers encrypted and secure storage of your files. And it certainly takes time and technical effort to mindfully implement a backup strategy.

Mumara add-on for Dropbox has almost automated the whole process of taking database backups. It gives freedom to schedule, when and how often your database should be backed up, daily, weekly, biweekly, or on monthly basis.

Moreover, you can set up a backup retention limit for your Dropbox account, once the retention limit is crossed, Mumara automatically deletes the old backup to replace it with the newer one. It helps to implement a completely automated, round-the-clock backup plan. Your database has fresh backups saved on a cloud storage device wherever you go.

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