SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an email protocol that is used to send emails to one or more email addresses from one email account. An SMTP basically is the standard to send emails to users using the internet.

If you are looking for the finest SMTP service provider, this blog is for you. An SMTP service provider helps you improve your email deliverability. Sending an email faster with reliability is not as easy as one thinks.

Several hurdles can be faced to land securely in the recipient’s mailbox. That is the reason many e-commerce websites, and content management platforms e.g., WordPress take the extra mile and depend on SMTPs to send transactional emails well in time to the users.

Numerous email marketing automation tools such as Mumara are working to make it easy for you to connect an SMTP to send your emails with confidence. As we have discussed earlier that content management websites send many emails to the user including lost passwords, new account creation, signups, etc.

Although receiving and sending emails through an email client may look simple, several things are working behind the scene – invisible to the sender and receiver.

In this article, we shall discuss what SMTP service is, what you need, and what makes Mumara stands out in the market. Let’s dive deep!

Table of Contents

  • What is SMTP
  • Why do you need an SMTP service?
  • How does SMTP work?
  • What to consider when selecting an SMTP service provider?
    • Easy to setup
    • Email deliverability
    • Tracking capabilities and data retention
    • Documentation
    • Price
    • Customer support
  • Which is the best SMTP service provider?

What Is SMTP?

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an email protocol that is used to send emails to one or more email addresses from one email account. An SMTP basically is the standard to send emails to users using the internet.

What is an SMTP | Mumara

This process follows an authentication that helps increase successful email delivery to the recipient’s mailbox. Along with it, an SMTP makes communication faster between the sender and the receiver.

That is the reason, that e-commerce websites rely on it to deliver information more urgently. WordPress and e-commerce websites use SMTP services for the following transaction emails:

  • Password recovery
  • New account registration
  • Password change notifications
  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Shipping notifications, etc.

For the above, and other email-sending businesses, you need to choose an SMTP service provider that works the way you desire. We suggest you choose Mumara – famous for its high-quality SMTP services.

Why Do You Need an SMTP Service?

Email marketing has emerged as one of the most successful mediums of marketing. Previously, electronic and print media was the game changer for branding and product promotion.

Today, email marketing has turned the tables with the facility to direct communication with users. It opens up the two-way communication workflow resulting in more engagement, more awareness, and more sales at the same time.

If you are running your business online, keeping your customers engaged is one of the essential elements to keep it running smoothly. Imagine for a while, your user signs up for your service and after a few days he forgets the password.

How would you convey the timely information to that user? Can you do it yourself one by one with the users? That is humanly not possible. Here come the email marketing automation tools that help you set the triggers that automatically send emails to the users based on certain actions by them.

To kick-start this process, and run it smoothly, you need an SMTP service. WordPress is configured to send emails through the PHP mail function by default. This system doesn’t prove itself worthy for various reasons.

First of all, some hosting providers don’t have this function configured properly, others completely disable this function in order to save their servers from abuse. Moreover, let’s say, if the hosting providers provide this function, there is no guarantee that your emails will land in the mailbox.

What comes as a savior? You need to use an SMTP server for your WordPress emails.

How Does SMTP Work?

SMTP can be a complex protocol to learn, but here we shall make it simpler for you to understand it quickly that how it works. SMTPs are dedicated servers that provide scaling and can be used over common email providers.

How Simple Mail Tranfer Protocol Works | Mumara

When you are all set, the first thing you need to do it to set up the SMTP server. This SMTP server will enable email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Spark, Mailbird, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. to communicate with your server.

As soon as the communication stream gets opened, you will be able to send emails to the users. After setting up an SMTP, when you will send an email, an SMTP connection will be opened to your server by the email client.

Then the SMTP server locates the DNS (Domain Name Server) by using the internet. After locating the domain name server, it will provide the server information that will be helpful for the email to reach the targeted users. In this case, the DNS and mail server work together in order to locate information, such as email content, the user’s email address, and the sender’s email address.

Further, the emails will be sent immediately if the sender and receiver have the same domains. On the other hand, if they don’t use the same domains, for example, when you are sending an email from a Spark account to a Gmail account, the DNS will identify the user’s domain in order to make sure that it is sent to the right server.

After getting all the information done with the server on the receiver’s end, it will send the message to the user’s mailbox.

What to Consider When Selecting an SMTP Service Provider?

A great SMTP service is what gives you maximum peace of mind and more email deliverability. It is one of the biggest nightmares for email marketers to get their emails stuck in their spam folders.

Using an SMTP increases the chances of ending up in the inbox and increases your brand’s reputation, customer retention, increased sales, and reliability. But what you need to keep in mind is that all this can get when you choose a dependable SMTP service provider.

Now, what to consider while choosing a reliable SMTP service? Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind:

Easy to Setup

Easy setup of Mumara SMTP | Mumara

The SMTP service that you choose must come with easy setup options. If it will be complex, there are possibilities it might be creating some hurdles for you in the future. That is why, while selecting an SMTP service provider, ask the question that how quickly it will allow you to send emails. It needs to be set in and forget the kind of setup that could be used by tech-savvy users.

Email Deliverability

It is always frustrating for marketers to see emails landing in the spam folder. That is the reason, you need to look into the service provider history and what is the deliverability percentage they can show.

SMTPs are used to increase deliverability as well as quick sending of emails. If the deliverability score is low, do not go for it as it will make you frustrated. We suggest you use Mumara as it helps you achieve 99% of email deliverability results. Before finalizing your choice, see what others say about it.

Tracking Capabilities and Data Retention

Sending your emails without an awareness of how many users are opening and clicking your emails is just like hitting the target in the dark. It is highly important to have data insights of opened and clicked links you have inserted in your email as a call to action, or how many emails have bounced.

Email tracking | Mumara

Mumara offers you real-time insights into your email campaigns where you can see how many users are opening or clicking your emails. Other than reporting, data retention is also an important factor.

Make sure the SMTP service provider keeps the history of your insights. If there is no proper data retention mechanism available with the vendor, you will be facing trouble in the future.


The friendly SMTP service providers come up with 24/7 customer support and easy-to-understand documentation. This documentation will be needed for future use, and during the setup process without any headache.


Budget is one of the most important aspects to consider when you go for an SMTP. It needs to be economical, and allow you to send the volume of emails you need to send.

Some service providers combine the features with different sending volumes and plans. All you need to be aware of your sending needs. Estimate your current and future sending requirements and then see the different SMTP service providers in the market to find the most suitable.

Beware of the plans when you try the free trials. By this, we mean that sometimes, vendors offer a free trial period that you feel is enough for your email-sending requirements. When the free trial expires, things get expensive for future endeavors.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the fundamentals of a reliable SMTP service provider. It is so nerve-wracking when you find a problem, that needs customer support and finds it irresponsive from the vendor.

What you need to check is what modes of communication they offer to provide customer support, i.e., email, chat, or phone. Also, make sure that the support they provide should be included in your current plan because some vendors charge extra for the premium support.

Never forget to have a look at the existing customer. If they are happy with the service that is being provided to them, go with it, otherwise, revisit your selection.

Which Is the Best SMTP Service Provider?

There are dozens of SMTP providers in the market. All you need to find the best one that exactly matches your requirements. In this regard, we suggest you choose Mumara SMTP for several reasons.

best SMTP service provider | Mumara

What is a most important factor that you need to keep in mind is the pricing, deliverability, and scalability. Mumara makes you feel at home in every way where you will be able to get the plans that suit your budget, maximum deliverability, and accurate reporting of your email campaigns.

Other than the above-mentioned factors, here are some other most important feature that you will avail if you use Mumara SMTP that makes it different than others:

  • Split testing
  • Real-time reporting and tracking mechanism
  • Ready to use email templates
  • Trigger-based email sending
  • SMTP bridges
  • Dedicated and shared pools
  • Drip marketing
  • Hourly sending rate limits
  • Webhooks for the info sharing between two web apps for real-time notifications
  • And much more

Summing up in the nutshell, you can use Mumara SMTPs for your WordPress, and e-commerce websites for transactional emails. Along with it, you can integrate it with your mailbox to send emails for maximum deliverability. Sign up today.

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