Do you want to create a bulk email marketing campaign? Read 7 most effective ways and the benefits in this blog.

Sending bulk email marketing campaigns is highly challenging and time-consuming when you plan them without an effective strategy. It can be made easy with some best practices chosen by smart marketers. By using these practices, you can maximize your return on investment without facing the risks of being marked as spam by the receivers.

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Bulk email marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies without any doubt. Powerful and intelligent email marketing tools like Mumara have made it easy to send campaigns with various features. These features include segmentation, personalization, email scheduling, A/B testing, custom email templates, user-friendly email campaign builder, detailed stats, and much more. A bulk email campaign is a type of internet marketing that aims to strengthen customer relationships while also generating sales.

This marketing strategy entails sending emails to a large number of recipients and segmented groups at once. Marketers may make the most of their marketing efforts with the help of a customized email service. A marketer doesn’t need to take stress to spend hours on tedious things like mailing list management, email template, sending campaigns during non-working hours, etc.

All you need is to rely on the professional services that take care of the technical side. And you make your mark in the market.

What Is Bulk Email?

what is bulk email

Bulk email is sending an email to a larger list at the same time through an email campaign. It is specifically used for newsletters, marketing messages, coupons and discounts, information, and updates from an organization or business. Bulk emails specifically contain special sales promotions where you can tell your buyers what is new on the racks and how many discounts you are offering on these products.

Likewise, updates about the upcoming products and webinars can be sent directly to the inboxes of the clients. We all can see our email inboxes flooded with the email messages from the various businesses we have subscribed.

These businesses send emails at appropriate intervals, for example, you bought some flowers from an online shop in the past. It is expected that you will receive an email reminder for Valentine’s day from this shop, which is a bulk email.

How to Create a Successful Bulk Email Campaign?

successful bulk email campaign

One thing everyone must keep in mind is that a bulk email campaign cannot be relayed without email marketing software. It has a lot of benefits for all types of businesses. First of all, email marketing software saves money. You need not spend a lot on the advertisement to grab the attention of the audience.

Rather, you have to focus on the services and make a decent content strategy and synchronization between your message and services. A marketer can send an email campaign to a targeted audience in an effective way with easy follow-up. Whereas, keep in mind that poor bulk email campaign practices can lead to spam boxes.

If you want to avoid these violations, use professional bulk email services providers. The benefit of using these email providers is that you can send thousands of emails without breaking the laws.

Follow these steps to create a successful bulk email marketing campaign;

Build a List of Interested Subscribers Who Have Opted-in

Every email campaign can be made successful through the subscribers who want to receive the email. Building a contact list with opt-in subscribers is the law and foundation of email marketing strategy. Nowadays we call it spamming which we used to do in the past simply buying a contact database and sending bulk email marketing campaigns without consent.

In email marketing, ‘opt-in’ means that the contact has given explicit consent to the emails by submitting their information. Mumara always stresses the importance of consent and gives you an option to send emails to the subscribed and unsubscribed audience differently.

Decide the Goal of Your Email Campaign

goal of email campaign

Do not waste your audience’s time if you do not have a clear purpose in your mind. It means that send an email campaign with a proper strategy and tenacity. Once you have created a fine-tuned list with the subscribers who want to hear from you. Now is the time to plan your message and what your readers must learn from you.

Start thinking about the message before you send an email campaign. Decide your goal, for instance, send a promotional email campaign to the receivers and tell them about the launching of a new product if any. Inform the users about the discount you are offering to the loyal customers. Also, update your subscribers and tell them the news about your business.

The goals can vary from business to business and are as broad as you think. The point to ponder is that you need to feed your audience with relevant content. Once the goal is decided, you can figure out how to send your bulk email to the contact database.

Target the Right Contacts

If you select the right audience, it is a big achievement that will make you successful. For instance, if you are intended to send a bulk email campaign to the younger group and send it to the old age group, what will be the impact? Disastrous! The reason is that the receivers will not take any interest in the message because it is not designed for them.

Therefore, the message should not be sent to every single contact of your contact. The era of mass email marketing is replaced by personalized and targeted content that is appropriate to the receivers. The campaign that is sent to contacts indiscriminately, there are many chances that you will land in the inboxes of contacts who are less interested in the message.

This will ultimately reduce the open and click-through rate with the spike of unsubscribes and spam complaints. To maximize the content targeting potential, use the list segmentation feature and send the right message to the right people.

Build Your Email Campaign with Responsive Design

The email that looks great on-screen gives you more subscribers and an open rate. Do you know why? When you send an appealing message with excellent delivery, people will wait for your message. As soon as they receive your message, they will open it up instantaneously to get the information. Mumara gives you a chance to use HTML or drag & drop features where you can create a beautiful customized design.

By using the drag and drop tool, you can insert an already created email campaign content and send it to the audience. Simply, we can say that by using these features you can easily build a pro-grade bulk email campaign without technical skills. Here, you can create a customized email campaign where you can send your company logo, strong call to action, social media profiles links, and unsubscribe links.

Not only this, you can customize the subject lines from simply sending a generic message to a user-centric email campaign.

Content Optimization for Conversion

Standing out in the inbox is an essential step in getting attention. Today, many businesses are sending email campaigns and everyone wants to get clicked and attention. In this cut-throat competition, you need to be fairly outstanding to get clicked. If you want the attention of the recipients, first of all, focus on the email subject line. A customized subject line within the characters’ length (50).

Without a doubt, a subject line is the most important element in an email campaign. It is the determining factor that tells if your email is enough worthy to be opened or not. Further, use a clearly identifiable sender’s name and address. The opening of an email is just like the opening of your front door.

If you are recognizable to the visitor, it will be so comfortable for him or vice versa. Thanks to the Mumara which has kept this point in mind and set a feature where you can set the sender name and address. In simple words, use your brand or site in the sender’s name to make it familiar and impeccable.

Test Your Email Campaign Before You Send It

test email before send

Testing a bulk email campaign before you send it to the audience allows you to identify any mistake that you may have committed while creating the campaign. The mistakes in email marketing campaigns are intolerable and have devastating impacts on the product image.

Usually, marketers commit the mistakes such as typos, incorrect links (sometimes forgotten links), and format and text errors. One might ignore it or do not consider it a big deal, these mistakes are enough to mar your brand. That is why you need to catch those mistakes before you send a bulk email marketing campaign to the recipients.

Schedule an Email Campaign for the Right Time and Analyze the Results

The knowledge about the audience is mandatory so that you may understand what is the best time and day to send an email campaign. That is why, when you design a campaign, you can send it instantly or schedule it to send it later on Mumara. Choosing a random date and time can harm your email campaign.

Think strategically when you send it to the readers, an email sent at the right day and time brings fruitful results. Logically, people check their emails when they go to work and then again when they return from lunch. Therefore, the email campaigns perform better around 9:00 AM or in the afternoons around 2:00 PM.

Not only sending an email campaign at the right time is fruitful, rather it is highly valuable when you send it and analyze the performance. The indicators that you get from the statistics will teach you how is your performance.

Keeping an eye on these stats will make your bulk email campaign successful for sure. Through the results, you will allow to form a perfect email marketing strategy that works rightly for your brand.

Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing

benefits of bulk email marketing

Bulk email marketing is the best way to connect with your existing and new customers. These emails you send instantly to a larger audience and provide immediate results.

Here are some of the benefits of this marketing strategy:

Real-Time Messaging

These email campaigns are created fast and marketers send day-of emails for timely promotions. Bulk emails help a lot in notifying the receivers about the stock that they need. The marketers are enabled to use this marketing strategy to send real-time messages to the clients, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Send Personalized Messages

This is not easy for a marketer to reach out to every client to get personal via print or electronic ways of marketing. The reason behind it is that most marketing campaigns you often done in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. You can send bulk emails to the clients bearing their names.

Advertisement through other mediums of marketing is done for all the recipients whether that is relevant for them or not. On the other hand, you can send customized emails to everyone who is already in the contact with you.

A Bulk Email Campaign Leads to Increased Conversion

you send bulk emails to the recipients through email marketing software. This marketing software allows you to segment your lists. To improve the conversion rate, these emails are sent to the targeted audience which is beneficial to mature the leads. A marketer sends appealing emails to particular customers and gets a favorable response from them.

Offers Information Sharing

bulk email information sharing

A marketer can share all the information with the clients that are in his mind. He can update the user about the new product launch. People forward an email containing a piece of information and in this way you can also get new clients. You can send the clients a message that contains discounts information. No doubt, people share these messages with family members and friends. In return, you get more sales.


To conclude, bulk email marketing is highly beneficial when you send it via the right email marketing software. All you need is to get your subscribers and send them the right message. by continuously getting the true information, the receivers will become your permanent and loyal clients. Mumara allows you to send a customized email campaign that is able enough to win the market.

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