Do you want to know why people subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletters? Here in this blog, we shall discuss the reasons!

Do you think email marketing is dead? Stats suggest you think again because more than 80% of marketers claim that their brand engagement is increased after using email marketing. The researches also show that the return on investment is comparatively higher as compared to the other methods of marketing. On average, you can get $42 for every dollar you spend on email marketing. In this blog, we shall discuss in detail why do people subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletters.

Table of Contents

  1. Why do customers subscribe to marketing emails?
    • Discounts, deal, and coupons
    • Get valuable content from brand
    • Announcement from the company
  2. Why do people unsubscribe to newsletters? Too many emails
    • Inappropriate content
    • Spammy content
    • You always try to sell something
  3. Tips for keeping subscribers
    • Create valuable content
    • Do not overemphasize your product
  4. Conclusion

Email marketing is still the best choice for marketers because they widely use it and harvest the unmatchable benefits. It increases web traffic, and brand awareness, delight your audience, and serves the audience through information and updates. Although email marketing is nothing new in the market, still a lot of people face difficulty in growing the list of subscribers.

 This is a great matter of discussion that many people subscribe to your email list in order to get more information from your side. With the passage of time, you feel that the list is getting shrinking and the subscribers are going away from you. This is all happened due to a poor email marketing strategy that we shall discuss in this blog later on.

Being a professional marketer, you need to understand the mindset of your audience if you want smooth sailing. Elsewise, it will all be the same that new users will get connected with you, and will leave you soon when you will not cater to them well.

Why Do Customers Subscribe to Marketing Emails?

customers subscribe to marketing emails

Consumers subscribe to the newsletter due to multiple reasons. They want to hear more from your company to get notified about promotions, sales, and coupons. Also, if you have established a good brand reputation and feed effective and knowledgeable content, they will look forward to receiving blogs, graphics, and videos from you.

Discounts, Deals, and Coupons

According to a survey, about 30% of the consumers say that they subscribe to get information about promotions, coupons, and sales from a company. There is nothing to be surprised by because a business is run solely on the needs of the customers. They are the reasons why companies make a product.

So, as the products are made for the consumers, why not discounted? Therefore, the users look for coupons, sales, and discounts. Many of us have subscribed to many brands to get the emails where they break the news of discounts. Although the subscribers are subscribed to hear the announcement direct from you.

You can mention the coupons at the top of the email or at the bottom that is not the problem. The only thing is that you have to mention something that your clients look for. Just keep in mind that your consumers have subscribed for a reason, and you have to accommodate that. A marketer can use Mumara to relay these emails frequently to the customers.

Get Valuable Content from a Brand

Although discounts and coupons are a good omen, some of the audience subscribe to get information also. According to the data, one-third of the subscribers subscribed to the rand to get the brand’s content on the regular basis such as blogs, graphics, and videos.

You may think that people who are interested more in your blogs and infographics do not bring a good return on investment, for their information, we can say that these subscribers bring a lot of benefits. For instance, when people are looking forward to reading content from your brand it means that they find you reliable to get the information.

Likewise, when they plan to buy something, they will already be having your brand in their mind and they will prefer to buy from you. Moreover, these people will act as brand ambassadors and will guide other people to buy from you.

Announcements from the Company

announcements from the company

When a customer subscribed to your newsletter, it means that they are interested to know everything from you. Either it is about the deals and sales or it is about the news about your company. They are interested to know about the inner news of the company and if it is going to organize an event.

This type of information is sent in press release-type emails to keep the audience informed. More than 15% of the users claim that they subscribed to the brand to get information about the company and want to get company-specific content in their inboxes.

Why Do People Unsubscribe to the Newsletters?

When people are getting subscribed to your newsletters, there are many who unsubscribed as well. These people may subscribe due to the poor content strategy. That is why getting disturbed by these people is not a solution rather you need to start finding the actual problem and upgrade your content.

Here are some of the reasons why people unsubscribe from the newsletters;

Too Many Emails

Sending too many emails is enough to annoy your reader. People do not have enough time to read all the emails they find in their inboxes. Relatively, they are interested in getting the right email at the right time. You, being a marketer, must focus on the point before you send an email campaign that why you are sending this.

This question will give you enough knowledge to know if this campaign is good for them or not. Some marketers think that getting in touch with the audience is the best way to increase sales. They are right! But the problem is that feeding too much content will not take your brand anywhere rather you will lose the audience.

By getting a lot of emails, they will start unsubscribing from your newsletter which will prove to be devastating for your contact list. Therefore, make a clear strategy and send the emails daily, weekly, or monthly, but there should be some sense and planning in it.

Inappropriate Content

people unsubscribe from the newsletters

As we have discussed that too many emails will cut short your email list. Similarly, feeding irrelevant content is also a great reason for unsubscribing. Whatever the business you own, it is your responsibility to keep your audience updated with the right content. Relevant content builds an atmosphere of trust while inappropriate content diminishes it.

We suggest you send applicable content to the clients they value. Sending tailored and customized content makes the reader alert that they have received something that is worth opening. If you focus on the sales only without keeping the audience’s interest in mind, you will lose a significant portion of subscribers.

Every email has some purpose, it may be sent to inform the reader, educate them, or build relationships. If none of the causes is being met, you should not send any email.

Spammy Content

If you want your email gets a more open rate, avoid using spammy words. The words or phrases like “100% free” or “earn money” can trigger the filters and there are a lot of chances that your message will be landed in the spam folder.

The SEO optimized content is better to be sent because it increases engagement of your email newsletters, which means that use the relevant keywords in your content so that your message might be landed in the inboxes of your audience. Have a balance between image and text.

According to the rule of thumb, your content must be consisting of a 50/50 or 60/40 text to image ratio. Too much or too little content is harmful to the email campaign. Some of the subscribers do not find enough content and relevant links to learn more about the email you have just sent.

There is also an issue when you send too much content. Too much content makes the reader bore and they plan to move on.

You Always Try to Sell Them Something

you always try to sell them something

Focusing on sales is a good strategy but focusing too much on the sales without keeping the readers’ demand in mind is harmful. You must share a friendly gesture with your clients so that when they receive your email, they feel happy to have them.

If you will always focus on sales and production, the users will not take any interest in what you have to sell. Some marketers commit a mistake in that they start sending sales emails from day one. The market experts suggest that they do not make such mistakes. You must send a welcome message and then gradually turn your new customers into potential buyers.

Tips for Keeping Email Subscribers

Email marketing is one of the best methods of marketing as we have discussed in the above line. But, it is not all the same for all the brands. You have to plan your strategy by keeping your brand in mind. If you do not understand your recipients and their choice you do not have any right to blame the failure of email marketing.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind and grow your list;

Create Valuable Content

keeping email subscribers

What do you send to your subscribers? You must answer that you send emails that contain content. If this is the answer, you must send some valuable content that your user likes. If he does not like the content, you must revisit your strategy.

Valuable and less promotional content is highly recommended to get in the subscribers’ minds. Create an email with a mix of information, discounts, sales, and promotions. It must work all in one. If you are sending the same type of emails, they can be a problem for you.

Segment your audience on the basis of interest to create a separate and fine list of more interested and less interested.

Do Not Overemphasize Your Product

If you are a marketer, do not hesitate to talk about other brands just like yours. Rather, say something about them and tell them about your product and how is different from others.

When you send a promotional email, do not ignore to send blogs and videos of your product that are created to give some information. If you are providing valuable content, that is the key that your customer will get in touch with you forever.

According to an expert “Only the companies and brands that create human connection are going to succeed. This is extremely true with email. You might get short-term benefits from very promotional content, but honest, human, and personalized content creates a following for the long term,”.


To conclude, we can say that subscribers are the soul of your brand. You can increase your sales by keeping in touch with them. Email marketing is the best option in this regard. Here is a pro tip for you is that email marketing through perfect email marketing software can be vital to making your brand a success. If you are looking for the best marketing automation software, Mumara should be your destination.

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