Social media and other online interaction platforms have occupied the market, but still email marketing performs the best as a global medium of communication. Although email marketing comes up with the best return on investment, you need to deploy a successful email marketing strategy for better results.

When there are so many benefits, there are so many in the market that uses this platform for better connectivity, more sales, and improved brand recognition. In order to get all these aforementioned advantages, you need to make your marketing strategy a bit stronger than others.

Also, successful email marketing follows a comprehensive workflow. This type of marketing cannot be done without using an email marketing automation tool. A marketing automation tool enables you to build your email list, segment it according to the relevancy of your message, A/B test your message to search out the perfect version of your email copy, subject line, or CTA, and view the results and stats.

Email is nothing new to the world. It is one of the oldest means of communication for personal and business use. Over time, it has become a powerful tool of marketing, if done perfectly, it has all the potential to bring a better return on investment.

Table of Contents

  1. Build a genuine email list
  2. Give offers to the users to build an email list
  3. Keep your list clean
  4. Add engaging design elements for a better email marketing ROI
  5. Send personalized emails
  6. Categorize your email lists
  7. Give some time to the subject line and email copy
  8. Test your emails before sending
  9. Select the best-performing day
  10. Don’t forget mobile users
  11. Use email marketing tool

In this article, we shall discuss various ways to do successful email marketing for a better ROI, stay tuned.

1. Build a Genuine Email List

An email list is one of the determinant factors that says a lot about successful email marketing. If you purchase an email list, or you have irrelevant subscribers on your list, you will be on the losing side. A healthy, and strong list comprising interested users can do wonders for you. A successful email campaign is dependent on a hygienic email list.


Some vendors in the market offer you to buy an email list, never go for that. The reason behind this is that there is a possibility the list is already being used by the marketers. When you send your email campaign to that list, it could be annoying for the recipients to receive emails from you without getting subscribed to your email list.

Resultantly, they will not open the emails, or report you as spam. This practice not only damages your successful email marketing strategy but also damages your brand reputation. It will bring low open, clicks, and will prove itself to be harmful to IP reputation. If you build a vigorous, and genuine email list, it can bring a lot of benefits to you.

2. Give Offers to the Users to Build an Email List

A strong email list building is not an easy task. You need to go the extra mile to win subscribers for your mailing list. In this regard, you can give compelling offers, deals, coupons, and gift vouchers to the users to compel them to share their email addresses with you.

When you will get these users, there is a great chance that they will open up every email sent from you. This successful email marketing practice will improve the open and click-through rate of your email campaigns, and bring more return on investment as a result.

3. Keep Your List Clean

Some inexperienced email marketers are of the view that sending email newsletters to the maximum number of people can maximize the conversion rate. That is not true for a reason.

What if you send your email newsletter to a list comprising more uninterested users as compared to the interested ones? If you do, it will be enough to sabotage your brand and IP reputation.

An unsolicited email campaign will get the least open rate whereas most of the emails will go unopened. This poor email marketing practice will alert the email spam filters the next time and your email will find a place in the junk/spam folder.

In order to avoid such circumstances, keep your email list clean of unsubscribes, and spam complaints. To cut the long story short, send your email campaigns to interested users only no matter how minimum they are.

Never go for the long uninterested audience. Set a time to review your email list after 3, 6, or 12 months to remove the uninterested users. This email marketing practice can make your email campaigns successful for a better return on investment.

4. Add Engaging Design Elements for a Better Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing has become a challenging task with the brand-new inventions in responsive designs, the use of live content, gifs, etc. If someone opens your email, it is a good reason to be happy, but the journey doesn’t end here.


You need to add an engaging design for your email marketing campaign for a better ROI. Send an email to the audience that should stand different than other competitors in terms of content, design, and outlook, so that the recipients rush towards it as soon as they receive it in the mailbox. Adding live content or gifs can be an excellent idea to win customers.

  • Live Content: Adding live content to the email can be an excellent way to look at your email decently. You can add live polls, or times to show real-time content to the users.
  • Use Gifs: Although gifs consume a little bit more resources, they are one of the best ways for your successful email marketing strategy to attract more eyeballs.

5. Send Personalized Emails

Personalization is an integral part of email marketing. This practice has become mandatory and it cannot be taken as optional. An email user receives around 95 emails a day on average. Sending a generic or an email tailored “one-for-all” can be a damaging factor.

Subscribers of today like to receive personalized emails specially made for them. When you use a reputable email marketing automation tool such as Mumara, you will be able to send personalized emails by using dynamic content tags.

When you refer your users by name, they feel the received email has something special for them, and they will go for it instantly.

According to the stats, the brands that use dynamic content to make the emails personalized avail $42 return on investment of $1. On the contrary, those brands who don’t use it often get only $12 for every $1 as ROI.

6. Categorize Your Email Lists

An email list can have subscribers of different age groups, different hobbies, interests, and preferences. That is why it will be a successful email marketing practice to divide your audience into different virtual groups to send the right emails to the right users.

Keep oranges, and apples in different baskets so that you may not get confused while sending the email campaigns.

You can segment or categorize your email list according to the following criteria:

  • Age group
  • Interests
  • Purchase history
  • Location and demographics
  • Genders
  • Profession
  • Designation
  • And whatever you want.

According to the experts, when you send your emails to the segmented email lists, it will increase by more than 750% in ROI surprisingly. If you send the right emails to the right people, it will be a successful email marketing practice.

After categorizing your lists, don’t send generic emails. As mentioned in the above lines, use dynamic content to send you emails by name instead of “hey there!”.

7. Give Some Time to Subject Lines and Email Copy

The email subject line works like a gateway to your email. It has all the potential to increase your opens and clicks dramatically. When a recipient receives your emails, the first thing that he sees is the subject line.


No matter how beautifully you design your email copy, if you don’t give your subject line any value, it will not be opened. Make the subject line as engaging as possible. Other than this, add a sense of urgency and fear of missing out so that the users take instant action.  

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Other than an engaging subject line, and email design, email copy is an equally important factor. While writing your email copy, do not beat about the bush, instead of it, come to the point and feed the users what is relevant.

Discussing extra and unnecessary details can play havoc with your successful email marketing strategy.

To make your email copy more engaging, follow the below-mentioned roadmap:

  • Keep your email copy short and precise
  • Don’t add any invaluable phrase
  • Try to keep yourself tied to a single idea, if you use more, it will confuse the readers.
  • A/B test your email
  • Add a clear CTA
  • Go with the bullet points where possible
  • Check and recheck grammatical mistakes or typos, and rectify them before hitting the sent button
  • Use a sense of urgency
  • Follow your brand tone across the email
  • Personalize content and adopt a conversational tone
  • Bold the most important items for a quick attraction
  • Add videos, and use colors in the design to make it more attractive

8. Test Your Emails Before Sending

An email consists of several elements. It is not only the text that comprises an email. instead of it, several other fundamentals are essential for an email to make a successful email marketing campaign such as subject line, preheader, images, CTAs, responsiveness, design, videos, alt text, links, image load time, unsubscribe links, etc.

All these things need to be attentively tested before you send your email. Also, you need to run A/B testing or split testing to find the best version of your email for more ROI.

If you want to achieve the set targets and more return on investment, check the following elements before you send an email campaign:

  • Check if you are sending an email campaign to the right email list
  • Check the date and time according to the demographics of the audience
  • Read the text again and eliminate extra/irrelevant information
  • Check subject line
  • Test links mentioned in the email
  • Play videos to make sure they are working
  • Test mobile and desktop preview
  • Check the unsubscribe link to make sure it should be working

Little details can make a huge difference, so don’t ignore them before you send your emails for a better ROI.

9. Select the Best-Performing Day

It is not a good idea to send your email campaigns as soon as you finish designing them. Send it on the best performing day, and time to reap more fruit of success. If you don’t know what is the best day to send the emails, design your campaigns and try every day at different times.


During this time keep an eye on the stats and results. When you get more opens, and clicks, that will be the best day to send your email campaigns. If you have international customers, send you an email according to their time zone.

Timing is an equally important factor. For example, if most of your users work in a 9-5 jo environment, your email sending in the late hours of the night will be enough to bury your emails deep down in their mailbox.

10. Don’t Forget Mobile Users

What do you think everyone on your email list will open up your email on your desktop? That is not the case. Today, people use mobile phones for the communication process more than desktops.

According to the available data, over 6.2 billion people use smartphones. Most of them use it to read and respond the emails. If you forget these users, you will not be able to make all out of your email campaign.

In order to make your email marketing successful, it is better for you to make your emails mobile responsive. For that reason, use templates made responsive for desktop and mobile phones alike.

Write short sentences so that they get readable on mobile phones. Use calls to action that are easy to get noticed, and use buttons instead of links for better engagement.

Use images, but don’t write the main message on the image so everyone may see it including those who hide the images to save the data. Test your emails both on mobile phones and desktops before sending them to the users.

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