Mumara Business School brings you an exciting 10 Day business transformation challenge using Mumara. We are super excited to glow up your business, are you excited to do the same for yourself? Well, if yes, then let’s get into it!

10-Day Business Transformation Challenge

Why 10 you ask? Well, we have read in many places that the compound effect of new changes takes place in anywhere from 10-90 days. So since we are working on the project to boost your business up and give it a new look, we thought why not try and make this a resistance-free effort? Hence, we choose the lower range of 10 days.

This allows us to give you a plan that demands the least amount of effort while you are able to enjoy the maximum number of benefits. So without any further ado and having dealt with the basics, let’s get into it!

Business trasforamtion for your business in the most perfect way | Mumara

A Complete 10 Day Business Transformation Challenge for 2021.

Ladies and Gentlemen, or however you identify yourself, here we go!

Day 1:

Build a new list with a specific aim.

Day 2:

Start populating the list with relevant contacts.

Day 3:

Look for the most essential need that the list of contacts you have wanted.

Day 4:

Identify the eccentric ways you can pitch your products to the list to solve the pain points that you identified on day 4. Pro tip: Use Google to help you in making links. Or go to your email inbox and see what kind of messages people send you.

Day 5:

On day 5 of the business transformation challenge, list the possible messages in an email or email newsletter format. Research the types of emails you can send to your audience and weave out a campaign. Make sure that your campaign is designed to fit a certain niche. If you are sending the same email to 90% of your audience then you are making a BIG mistake. DON’T.

Day 6:

Sift through each message, newsletter, and email with fresh eyes, and get perspective from your team members and trusted business fellows. Find out the right one to go forward with. There are a thousand ways to say Happy birthday, you need to decipher which one works for you.

Day 7:

Plan and schedule the first few emails on your list. Make two variations of each email using A/B testing methods. You will be sending out variations of the email, for example, one can have dynamic content tags. The other can have a personalized name or some can have different graphics. There could be one with shorter text and only links, the other can be one link or longer text. You can mix and match, you get the idea right!

Day 8:

On day 8 of the business transformation challenge, track the response from your test emails and look at the results from each one. Understand what works and what does not. Once you have reviewed the analytics at greater length you can then select and edit your final email as you deem fit.

You need to make sure that there are no typos, no grammatical errors, no funky-looking sentences and you are good to go. This will be the first message in a series, you can set it out to be a recurring message in the form of an evergreen email. Or you can let it be a one-off message that you sent just to get the ball rolling.

  • It could be a time-specific sales offer
  • You can send a new product arrival message
  • Something related to the current events
  • The email can be about a realization
  • You can send it out as a message from the owner
  • Or you can make it about your target audience e.g. A mother is…

Whatever your chosen category and style is just go for it. You will now be finalizing the best message from all the themes. This will allow you to then build up on it using more emails.

Day 9:

In order to build on top of the existing message you sent yesterday, you can create follow-ups. Create drip campaigns to follow up with the messages or different themes that you are running with. This means two things, you can use triggers and automate them. And two you can make sure that in case users forget to buy from you based on the first email, there are more and more chances for them to learn your name and use your content to buy from you.

You can now create streams, this means if the customer does not open your email you can send them a reminder saying: ‘Are you okay…’

If your customer opens your email and does nothing, you can create an email saying ‘so you are seeing it but not believing it. Or something of the sort that says that we know you read it, and it’s okay to trust us. Just don’t spook them out with your stalking/analytic skills.

Day 10:

On day 10 of the business transformation challenge, get to work with the rest of the emails and schedule them in advance using triggers and events. This way you will be able to scale your operation without looking spammy to your audience. They need to feel like they are in charge. As if they take action and then you personally send them an email.

Business tranformation leading to success | Mumara
Business Transformation Challenge Using Mumara

Making It Easier and Simpler

The reason why each day becomes progressively harder is that we don’t want you to freak out. We know that like many entrepreneurs you are pressed for time. You have limited energy and limited effort that you can spend on doing something new that needs time to settle in. So we have simplified the process for you and gotten you an amazing way to work within your comfort zone. Just a little bit extra every day.

Automating the message on the 10th day of the business transformation challenge really kicks in that compound effect factor making the results bigger than ever. You are simply making sure that the journey you traveled the past couple of days now bears fruit every single day of your business. This is what email marketing is really about.

The happy transformation you all!

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