FBLs are a way of managing spam by routing the spam reports on your emails to an email address that you control. And with Mumara's FBL Processor you can automate spam management!

In the field of email marketing, there is a tool that often goes unnoticed and most marketers fail to realize how important it can be. We are talking about FBLs, which is an acronym for Feedback Loops. What are FBLs? Why are they important? We’ll tell you! When someone flags one of the emails you sent as spam, you only get partial information about it. This means that you did not get information on who spammed your email! FBLs are a way of managing spam by routing the spam reports on your emails to an email address that you control. And with Mumara’s FBL Processor you can automate spam management!

FBLs are a means to get exactly this input. When an FBL is set up with a domain, the spam report is also routed to the email ID you provide. This will let you know the email ID which reported the spam and the email that they reported.

Mumara goes one step further and processes these reports sent by FBLs to you. This feature is called the Feedback Loop Processor (FBL Processor). To put it simply, with this feature Mumara will automate your Spam Management process!

How to set up FBLs and Automate Spam Management

Let’s quickly walk through how you can set up the FBL Processor to function on Mumara. Start by opening the “Setup” in the Main Menu and select “Feedback Loops”. Click on the “Add New” option and proceed to the next page.

The FBL Email field is just the username of the account you intend to use as the mailbox for spam reports. Likewise, the Server Host is the domain on which the account exists (e.g. @gmail.com). Note that you need to have an account already created so you can enter all the details here. You should also ensure with your email service provider gives you the Port information.

You can set the mailbox username and password according to your preference. The folder refers to which mail folder you expect the spam reports to go into. The default value we have set for you is the “Inbox”.

After deciding the Connection Method and if you want to Delete Emails after Processing, make sure you set the Status to active (if you want to start receiving reports on this mailbox). 

How FBLs help in collecting data

There are multiple spam trackers that operate around the clock to flag and catch any spamming activity on the internet.  A lot of the spamming activity on the internet consists of people sending spam emails. Whether these are new email addresses with high volumes of emails, or many emails with repetitive and non-unique content, spam trackers will flag them and remove them from inboxes.

This is why you should design your emails smartly in order to avoid these spam trackers which automatically block your emails. If your emails end up in spam even after following these steps, then you need to be able to take some action here as well. For this reason, Mumara has created the Feedback Loop Processor.

All information is essential, and statistics that add to email tracking metrics are able to reflect the performance of email marketers. This is why good email marketers should set up our FBL Processor in order to collect another important part of data which is the spam reports.

Knowing who is reporting your emails as spam can be additional information to report. It helps assess what types of contacts or what niche of clients is not interested in a particular campaign. Using this information, email marketers can design future campaigns to appeal to the lot of interested contacts or can target their customers better depending on the product/service and the strategy.

Importance of FBL Processor in avoiding negative engagement

FBLs enable every marketer to perform one crucial function. You need to stop the spam reports so it is always best to suppress the culprits! Avoiding negative engagement can hinge upon having an FBL for this reason.

Once you have the email IDs which have reported you spam, Mumara steps in to make your life even easier. The Mumara FBL processor is automated to perform the essential function; suppressing or deleting the email addresses which report your emails. This way, Mumara can automate spam management and make sure to not send emails to people who do not want to hear from you. You can decide to suppress them so that no more emails are sent to them. Or if you feel that they might be interested in a different product then you can also remove them from a certain campaign.

Not all SMTPs provide the option of a feedback loop. Out of the available options on Mumara, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL provide FBLs. 

Add this weapon to your arsenal of email marketing tools and improve your email campaigns’ chance of success with Mumara, the master of Email Marketing Automation!

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