Here is a complete email marketing checklist that you can use to drive traffic to your website, and reach more people. This guide has been designed to help you with your email marketing strategy. To begin with, ensure better emails are being sent from your platform. We have put together this guide to help newbies, feel free to use it even if you have a lot of experience in the field of marketing because a lot of people make these mistakes even when they are well seasoned and super experience.

So without further ado, let’s get into the complete and holistic email marketing checklist brought to you by team Mumara Business School.

Purpose of the Email Marketing and Content

The purpose of email marketing can be engagement, getting more traffic for your site, reaching more businesses, and working on your overall relationships with the customers. These are not the only use cases. Before you get into the email creation and drafting phase you first need to understand the reason and the purpose of the email. This can be done with ease when you jot down your goals and objectives pertaining to this specific email campaign.

Step 1 of the Email Marketing Objectives: Here Are the Top Objectives.

  • Get more clients through reach
  • Reach more people for awareness
  • Get more clients to upgrade their package or deal
  • Send recommendations to products existing customers may be interested in
  • Announcing new products and introducing new promotions
  • Offering new sales, discounts, and promos
  • Allowing the recipient to know your brand better
  • Gain engagement and feedback from the customers
  • Get more clients through persuasion
  • Share social proof or benefits of your product
  • Update the mailing list regarding a launch or an event
  • Share your take on social or controversial issues concerning your brand

Once your objectives are narrowed down and well defined you can then get into the content of the email marketing campaign.

Step 2 Checking Your Content

The content can be further broken down into two parts, one is textual and the other is graphic. Your creatives or design elements will have to shine through these emails. For this purpose, you need to make sure that the creatives that you are going to choose are suited for your needs. Emails are supposed to deliver high-quality text. You can not afford any mistakes.

Elements of Email Content

Here are the main things you need to check before sending the email:

  • The subject line (Must convert)
  • The description of the email (Add a good sneak peek)
  • Body text (Check for grammatical errors, impact, and concision)
  • Links (Check whether they are working)
  • Length of the email (If the reading time is longer than 1 minute, no one will read it)
  • Spam filters (A lot of words are filtered and marked as spam. Make sure to avoid spammy language that is pushing the readers to sell.)
Email marekting is the best way to reach your audience | Mumara

Here Is a Complete Checklist for Spam Messages and Words

Act nowActionAdditional income
AffordableAll natural/newAmazed
Apply nowAvoidBe amazed/your own boss
Call free/nowCancelCash
Click hereClearanceCollect
Compare ratesCongratulationsCredit card/check/offers
CuresDealDear friend/somebody
DebtDiscountDirect email
Don’t delete/hesitateDouble your income/cashEarn
Free access/money/giftFreedomFriend
Get it now/started/paidGreatGuarantee
HelloIncomeIncrease sales/traffic
LimitedLoseLowest price
LuxuryMake $/moneyMedicine
MoneyNameNo credit check/experience
OnlyOpenOrder now
SuccessSuppliesTake action
While supplies lastWinWinner

Sure you may want to use some or many of these. But, if you do find yourself in a position to add these to your email marketing campaigns try using synonyms and reduced combinations of these. This will allow you to send the email with ease without being marked down entirely unless people have very strict inbox settings. An email that is primarily a constituent of these words will obviously be flagged and perhaps your campaign down as a result.

Step 3 Improving Your Message and Offers

Your promotions and offers are entirely based on your business logic and objectives. However, we are here to help you maximize the result of your marketing efforts. For this purpose, we mention some ways to decipher which promotional policy can work better for you. So, here you go.


A buy one gets one free offer can help you upsell if your profit margin is huge but you want to boost sales. Rather than selling the items at 50% off, you can sell them at half price in a bundle of 2. This is a good way to get rid of deadweight stock that you have accumulated or for stock clearance.


If your products are sensitive to price changes then you can sell more and collect greater revenue with the help of discounts. The discount will not work if the customers do not want to buy your product at all. This means that you need to make sure that more people are willing to buy your product at a lower price before you count on this promotional email marketing strategy.

Customer Feedback

If you ask customers for feedback and their recommendations you are encouraging them to think well about your product. You can reward them with a small perk like a gift coupon for later redemption with a minimum purchase or a gift from your products that comes with their order.

This allows people who are not even thinking to buy your product to not only buy from you but also give you good feedback. You can use this real feedback as social proof.

Social Proof Urgency

Telling your customers that you are sold out or restocking soon and to be patient is a great way to make them impatient. If you want them to desire your product you need to tell them that it is limited in number. The scarcity will make them want it more.

We hope that this helped you a tonne!

So for more information visit Mumara One. We are always here for you and we know that this guide on spam words and email marketing checklist mentioning the do’s and don’ts can come in handy so bookmark it! Cheers and happy marketing!

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