With increasing competition in email marketing, marketers are finding it difficult to drive their message to the inbox. Ever wonder how market giants often make it easier to the inbox of their customers? Well, that’s mainly because they always try to keep up with the best email marketing practices to increase email deliverability. Small businesses often suffer from low email deliverability rates because of non-compliance with email marketing best practices. 

You should want 100% of your emails delivered to your recipients. Email deliverability is a huge issue and the reality is that most email marketers don’t give it the attention it deserves. But if you want to build a successful email marketing campaign, you need to ensure that your emails are delivered and read. This blog will help marketers get more out of their email marketing campaigns by addressing 6 top email deliverability best practices.

Setup Mail Authentications

The most common reason for creating a verified domain is to become an Authorized Email Sender. This helps in increasing the email deliverability rate. Domain verification is a process in which you verify your ownership of a domain name. Similarly, this process is to be completed by the Registrant, who is the owner of the domain name. This verification process is done by creating an MX record in your DNS settings.

You can do this through your domain registrar or hosting provider. Also, if you do not create an MX record, then the domain is not considered verified. This will not prevent you from sending messages to your customers. But it will also not increase the email deliverability rate.

Keep Your Content in Check To Increase Email Deliverability

Content is considered to be the king in marketing and it’s definitely true. Despite many other factors, email deliverability still depends a lot on the content. If your content is not in check, you might find your emails being sent to the spam folder or worse, your entire domain being blacklisted.

Sometimes you have to get the content right. It’s not just about writing something. It’s about writing something that makes sense, is easy to read, and is relevant to the reader.

You can make your content relevant by using the Dynamic Content Tag feature of Mumara. Dynamic content allows you to create personalized experiences for your customers by using data stored & maintained in data fields for actionable insights. In Brief, you can use dynamic content tags to create separate content for a particular number of contacts. These contacts meet the present criteria in your marketing database. Which can represent any attribute like geographic location or demographic or buying patterns.

Use Multi Threads

Sending an email can be tricky – every time you send a message. Likewise, you have to wait for the recipient’s mail server to accept your request before your copy lands in their inbox (or wherever they prefer it lands…) It’s important not to subject yourself to long delays.

If you’re using a single thread when sending, missed emails may occur and this could result in slow delivery. So choosing the right threader is essential if you want to maintain a steady queue of messages being dispatched. Mumara makes this easy – just use the MultiThread feature of Mumara and enjoy unfailing delivery and fast response times!

Maintain Your IP Reputation

You probably send out thousands of emails every day to potential customers, existing customers, or even your own employees. And email senders like Mumara help you to stay on top of it. But the question is, how can you make sure that your email doesn’t get flagged as spam? The answer is simple: by maintaining your IP reputation. 

Maintaining your IP reputation means that you need to make sure that your IP address isn’t known for sending spam. If you send out unsolicited emails or more than the allowed number of emails per day, you can be blacklisted by all the major email service providers. And that’s why you need to maintain your IP reputation. Businesses that have maintained a good IP reputation attain a high email deliverability rate. 

Stay Afar from Quirky Subject Lines

As email marketing is becoming more complex and users are becoming savvier with each day passing. Email deliverability is becoming increasingly problematic. To maintain a healthy delivery rate, it’s important to stay current on email best practices, industry regulations, and technological advances. One of the most common causes of poor email deliverability is an inappropriate subject line.

When writing an email subject line, you should always keep in mind what YOU would do if you receive the email with the same subject line from some other business or brand. If you think that it would make you uncomfortable or compel you to mark it as spam then you shouldn’t use it for your own brand as well.

One of the ways you can keep your Subject Line catchy as well as non-spammy is that you can try to keep it in line with your brand image and according to the niche of your customers. If your brand is for professionals then you should abstain from sending emojis in the subject line or making it too cheeky. 

Always Maintain Cleanliness of List To Increase Email Deliverability

In order to increase email deliverability, you should always make sure that your email lists are clean and maintained properly and that the subscribers are really interested in receiving your emails. Further, a well-maintained list is a crucial factor in making sure your email marketing efforts are successful.

The cleanliness of the list is a key factor in determining email deliverability. When a list is not clean, any action taken on that list can cause deliverability issues. Cleaning up the list may involve removing addresses that are no longer valid or addresses that are no longer wanted. The list should be reviewed regularly.

Mumara helps you keep your list clean by helping you collect, categorize and process bounced and abuse complaint emails on time. Mumara helps save you time and stress by helping you collect all of your bounced and abuse complaint emails into one place, organize them and process them effectively in a timely manner. You’re free to automate your most tedious on-email workflows so that you can focus on more important things like growing your business and helping customers!

We hope you enjoyed learning about these 6 best practices for email deliverability. Surely, you can use these tips to help ensure that your Newsletter and Email Campaigns reach the inbox and not the spam folder.

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