There is no second opinion in the fact that marketing automation plays a primary role in your business’s success. Smelling a rat? We’ve facts to prove it. Marketing automation increases by 15% sales, and at the same time, it reduces 13% efforts.

We are living in the digital era. People like to see everything on the screen. They are out of time with several tasks. Things skip out of their mind, automation workflow is the best solution to keep your products and services alive in their heads.

According to a study conducted by Annuitas Group, marketing automation increases qualified leads by 451%. These leads are responsible to increase sales by up to 47% as compared to the competitors. Initially, when marketing through automation was invented, it served larger businesses only.

Over time, third-party tools were introduced and automation systems penetrated the small businesses also to play equally in the market grounds. This facility has made things tremendously easy in a cost-effective manner with a better return on investment.

Today, all successful businesses, be they small, or large, use marketing automation to keep on growing. If you want to learn about what marketing automation is, and what benefits can you harvest by deploying this process in your business, you are at the right place.

Here you will find all the information you require to make a decision in this regard. Keep reading.

Table of Contents

  • What is marketing automation?
  • Benefits of marketing automation
    • It is time-saving
    • Lead generation
    • Increase conversion rate
    • Marketing automation is a cost-effective solution
    • Customer journey personalization
    • Marketing automation is scalable
    • Reduces staff and other expenses
  • Use Mumara as your email marketing automation tool
  • Final words

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a process where software is used to send particular information to the users based on a predefined trigger, or auto-responder conditions. It has made the marketing process easier, where you can send emails, and newsletters, and automate social media posts, making the practice stress-free, and less time-consuming.

what is marketing automation | Mumara

For example, when you want to send an email broadcast, you don’t need to do it manually by sending emails to the clients one by one. Rather, use an email marketing automation tool such as Mumara, where you will be able to add your list, design an email campaign, and to all or segmented audiences.

This method decreases a lot of stress and makes it possible for you to connect with your users in a one-on-one method. When you use an automated system for your marketing needs, it enables you to send specific information to specific users, at a specific time.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is highly beneficial for all types of businesses when you implement it with a perfect marketing strategy. It is responsible to boost ROI and overall growth of your business.

Here are some of the top-notch benefits you can get from marketing through automation.

Read them one by one:

1. It Is Time-Saving

In this busy era, everyone wants to get instant results within a limited time frame. Previously, it was not possible to set a criterion for the marketing workflow and let the results come automatically.

Today, the paradigm has been shifted with the emergence of marketing automation tools with artificial intelligence that help businesses achieve targets. The days are gone when you need a team comprised of various people working hard on content creation, and defining strategies.

marketing automation is time-saving | Mumara

Nowadays, the time has shrunk to the minutes which was supposed to be done in several weeks. Organizations find it feasible to hand over the marketing tasks to the marketing automation tools and spend that precious time on other matters of business development.

Marketing through automation has dramatically changed the lives of marketers by increasing sales and reducing stress.

2. Lead Generation

If you want to increase your sales, lead generation is one of the most important steps in this regard. When you implement marketing automation, you can get leads, and your team can work on converting them into sales.

Through this process, you can get the right output of the behaviors of your audience that what they need. Today, competition has increased in every way. It is not possible to find the mark too easily. You have to hit hard the users to make them your permanent clients.

For example, if you use Mumara, you will be able to track the users’ activity on your website. It enables you to see what products or services they are taking interest in, or adding items to the carts. It means you will be able to send targeted emails or showcase the product using a landing page. S

ending emails through email automation software will make it possible for you to run the marketing process automatically.

3. Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion of leads into sales is one of the foremost intentions of businesses. Marketing automation makes your teams capable of spending more time on conversions rather than generating leads. Let us make it more clear; when you used landing pages, and tracking pixels, you will already get mature leads.

Now is the time to target those leads by sending them automated emails according to the specific time frame. When the marketing efforts will be reduced, your team will find some more time to work on the marketing strategy to find the perfect ways to increase the conversion rate.

4. Marketing Automation Is a Cost-Effective Solution

Marketing agencies charge too much for marketing and advertisement. Let us take television as an example, everyone can’t get marketed by television. Moreover, marketing through these kinds of channels does not provide the luxury that email marketing automation provides.

For instance, if you want to show an ad to an age group ranging between 30 years to 40 years of age, can you do that on television? That will not be possible in any case because on television just have to show the ad to all and sundry.

On the other hand, in email marketing, you can target the users of your choice. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. You can create segments in your email lists based on certain criteria. For example, do you want to send an email campaign to the CEOs of the companies? It is possible.

All you need is to create a segment of the CEOs of the companies by profession and send them the message you want to deliver. Marketing automation is not only the time saving, easy to handle but also cost-effective. By spending a few dollars on the subscription, you can use the email automation software the way you envisioned.

5. Customer Journey Personalization

According to the reports available on Google, especially from Pardot, around 77% of the users want to receive personalized content. When you add personalization to your message, your users feel a special connection with your brand.

In this way, instead of being common customers, they act like true fans, and this goes to a great extent undoubtedly. Marketing automation tools solidify the relationships between customers and brands. These tools go along throughout the customers’ journey by feeding them personalized content.

Many brands depend on the users’ behavior to boost sales. They keep an eye on the users’ intentions, and according to their behavior and intentions, the brands send marketing automation emails in a personalized way. According to the available reports, personalized emails can boost your sales dramatically from 70% to 300%.

6. Marketing Automation Is Scalable

marketing automation is scalable | Mumara

When you send email marketing campaigns through an automation tool, you get an opportunity to have all the results. These results might include open and click-through rates, spam reports, unsubscribes, etc. Through these scalable results, you can change or improve the strategy if needed.

7. Reduces Staff and Other Expenses

We have learned in the above lines that marketing automation is time-saving and cost-effective. Let us think of a situation if you have to recruit a massive team to design an email campaign, and send it to a larger list one by one, will that be easy? We are not sure about that.

It will be hectic as well as a full-time job to create a broadcast and send it manually. This practice is not suitable for small as well as large businesses. All you need is to select an email automation tool, in the end, to get send your email campaigns to the right people well in time.

This software has reduced costs by minimizing the teams and efforts. We are not suggesting you fire your teams, rather, use those employees in some other tasks where needed.

Since email marketing automation tools can handle the process of your marketing, you can save money.

Use Mumara as Your Email Marketing Automation Tool

From the above discussion, it is understood that email marketing automation is the present and future of your business. By using Mumara, you will be able to create your email lists, design email broadcasts, list segmentation, and send your broadcast instantly or schedule it for a particular time to come.

You can use triggers according to the criteria of your choice. Hold on, not only this, but Mumara also facilitates you to choose a beautiful pre-designed email template, and edit it using an HTML editor. If you want to use an already prepared email campaign, use Drag & Drop Builder without any hassle.

Further, you can use Mumara tracking pixels to monitor the behavior of your visitors, and use a landing page to showcase the products they take interest in.

After sending the email, you can analyze the results in real-time, and make improvements where needed. Other than that, there are much more features ready to serve your purpose on Mumara, sign up now.

Final Words

Marketing automation means a lot for your business in terms of benefits. That is the reason, all successful businesses take advantage of this channel to increase their sales. If you are facing a deadlock on your business growth, don’t worry, email marketing covers you up.

All you need is to select your email automation tool wisely with all the features and options you need for designing and sending your email campaigns. Mumara is just a click away from you, and ready to take your business to new heights of success.

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