An email copy is a written message that is sent to the users through email. Email marketers design this copy to persuade the users to take some action in the shape of making a purchase, requesting a demo, visiting a product, or service, etc.

Crafting an email engaging email copy is one of the most daunting tasks in email marketing. You have to sit for hours to design an engaging subject line, a relevant preheader, and an email body that catches the attention instantaneously.

Earnest Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” This statement expresses everything about writing something and email marketers feel it very well. It is one of the most difficult things to get someone’s attention through written material, mostly when you have to sell them something.

You have to go through a lot of measures beforehand to make things work for you, otherwise, you will lose your customers, and potential revenue at the same time. Every day, we receive many emails in the mailbox, and only some of them get our attention. Others go to the delete folder even without clicking.

Your email gets attention only when you put some extra hours into writing an engaging email copy. So, the question arises how do you write an email copy that brings your users close to your product? This all happens when you actually know the best practices that make your email engaging.

In this article, we shall discuss what is an email copy, and how can you make it engaging by implementing some minor tweaks. Keep reading!

Table of Contents

  • What is an email copy?
  • 8 tips to write an engaging email copy
    • Write a clickable subject line
    • Play personally with the subject line
    • Deploy the preheader as a powerful weapon
    • Write a breathtaking email copy
    • Convey your message in a few words
    • Mention a clear CTA
    • Communicate in your audience’s language
    • Proofread the email copy
  • Final words

What Is an Email Copy?

An email copy is a written message that is sent to the users through email. Email marketers design this copy to persuade the users to take some action in the shape of making a purchase, requesting a demo, visiting a product, or service, etc.

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These milestones cannot be achieved unless you know the art of writing compelling, clear, and engaging email copy. Email copy is part of a larger program because it is designed to send to a larger audience through an email campaign, therefore, it must not be confused with an email that you send as a reply to some query-related emails.

80 percent of SMBs are of the view that email marketing helps in boosting business growth. That is the reason, writing an engaging email copy is a must in today’s marketing scenario.

8 Tips to Write an Engaging Email Copy

Email marketing is an art as well as a science. All you need is to pay some extra attention to the copy of the email that converts. Email copywriting is one of the basic components having the full potential to make your email campaigns successful. Email marketing is nothing but powerful content.

Can you design a convincing email without adding the important content ingredients to make it spicy? That would be a little joke with the recipients. Now, you have reached to place you will be looking for tips to write an engaging email copy. There we go!

Here are some of the much-needed tips and tricks you must read to overpower the thoughts of your users. Read them one by one:

Write a Clickable Subject Line

The email subject line is one of the most important ingredients to make your email campaign successful. Don’t you believe this statement? Let us make it worthy with some facts. According to the available stats, 48% of email recipients decide to open up an email purely based on the subject line.

There are certain things that need to be kept in consideration while crafting a subject line. First of all, make sure that the length of your subject line should be appropriate and follow the standard length. The standard length of an email subject line needs to be 50 or fewer characters so that it can be seen properly in the mailbox.

You can master conveying your message in fewer words with consistent practice. Along with the length, attractiveness, and engagement are also other factors. A boring subject line gets no attention. What if you design a beautiful email but no one opens it up due to an ill-crafted email subject line?

In order to make your subject line attractive, you can ask a question to increase curiosity, or hit the pain point of the clients and ask them open to read the solution. Further, you can mention an event, add some humor, or add emojis in the subject line to get instant attention.

Play Personally with the Subject Line

Let us talk something more about the subject line. Other than the above-mentioned factors, there is another important feature that needs your attention which is personalization. Look, email marketing is something personal, and you need to play with it personally.

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We know professionalism is something necessary to get the audience. But if you always want to sell your users something, they will become fed up with this attitude. Resultantly, you will get a less open rate, and it will lower sales. What is the solution then?

 It is quite simple, before hitting the send button, read it and answer the question of this subject line can be sent to friends or family. If the answer is ‘YES’, go ahead with the ‘SEND’ button. Otherwise, revise the email subject line to make it personal.

Further, choose suitable words in the subject line that increase the sense of urgency, i.e., “act now’, ‘Don’t miss out’, etc. These types of words instantaneously grab the attention of the user and rush toward the email body to look more into it.

Deploy the Preheader as a Powerful Weapon

An email preheader can be your primary weapon. All you need is to use the preheader portion wisely to show what exactly you are going to say in the actual email. Email preheader works like the extension of the subject line, and forerunner of the actual email copy.

According to the available stats, around 26 percent of email recipients see the email preheader and decide whether to open the email or not. There are many marketers who ignore this important tool. The good news for you is that you can design your email preheader while using Mumara for your email campaigns.

Write a Breathtaking Email Copy

It is your email copy that guides a recipient to take necessary action. Your email marketing strategy runs around the message you write to grab the attention of the users. If you successfully design the engaging email copy, it will be enough to increase your sales, otherwise, vice versa.

While writing a copy for the email, make sure the message is according to the essence. For example, if you are sending a welcome email, do not try to sell anything. Rather, a welcome email is sent to the users as an onboarding email, and here you can briefly introduce your company.

A welcome email is an important aspect of starting a communication workflow. From this point, you can start the conversion journey by frequently sending emails and narrowing down the sales funnel. Your email copy must follow a story format where you need to give a proper start, mention importance in the next paragraphs, and show a call to action (CTA) to the users to take some action as an outcome.

Along with it, use personalization in the email so that your recipient doesn’t feel himself an alien while receiving it.

Convey Your Message in a Few Words

Although email marketing is a powerful channel of marketing, at the same time many marketers use this way. To this factor, an average user receives around 100 emails a day in the mailbox. Being a marketer, you need to keep this aspect in mind to make your email attractive in terms of design and words.

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For that reason, make sure that you convey a long message in limited words. Don’t get surprised if you don’t know how to do that. You can learn this art by writing the email copy over and over again to find the right one – perfectly designed. A good size email is a copy having around 170-200 words.

Mention a Clear CTA

A CTA is greatly necessary for your email and an important ingredient in the recipe to make an engaging email copy. A call to action is something that shows a way forward to the user. For example, if you want to sell something, and write an excellent copy, but don’t tell your user what to do next, or where to go, what would be the outcome of this email?

The efforts will go in vain without any doubt. Also, don’t use more than one CTA in your email, the reason behind this is that your user will get confused. Make your message powerful, and at the end, mention a call to action so that your user follows that link for the further process.

Communicate in Your Audience’s Language

When you write an email copy, ensure that you know the audience and their behavior. Upon knowing the behavior and intentions of your users, you will be able to communicate in their language. The audience is the most important factor in your business’ success. Your accomplishments depend on how you treat the users.

Therefore, while writing an email, use the language your audience easily understands. If you use jargon and difficult language, the recipients will find it difficult to understand, hence the goal will not be achieved.

Proofread the Email Copy

Before you hit the “SEND” button, proofread the email again and again. If you will send a copy with typos, and grammatical mistakes, it will not get attention. While writing, advance in a step-by-step manner by starting from the draft, and purifying it by reading it over and over again. Use some tools for the correction of grammatical mistakes.

Final Words

To conclude, we can say that writing a better email copy for the end users can increase your engagement and sales. All you need is to give proper value to the audience. If you will not focus on the above-mentioned aspects, you will not get anything out of your email marketing efforts.

From writing a good subject line to proofreading the copy, everything is equally important, and everything is interlinked. If you ignore one thing, the email campaign process will be disturbed.

For your email marketing campaigns, you will need an email marketing automation channel. We suggest you use Mumara with the fully loaded features. Get started today!

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