Restaurant email marketing is the finest way to get more diners in for your restaurant. The food business has become so popular and restaurant owners are facing great competition these days. All you need is to assure your customers that you are way better than the competitors and have some special to offer.

Virtual or cloud kitchens are playing a revolution in the industry in the post-pandemic scenario. People like to use different apps, or websites to order food online.

How can you bring the customers to the doorstep of your restaurant to visit you physically? That could be a million-dollar question, and maybe every restaurant business owner might be seeking the answer.

Let us amaze you with the answer; email marketing has all the potential to do that for you. If it still looks difficult to digest, stay tuned with this blog, it can be life-changing for your business.

Currently, more than half of the world’s population uses email. The figure is ever-growing and there are no chances it will come down lately or another day. It will be a massive blow to your food business if you don’t try restaurant email marketing.

In this guide, we shall discuss everything regarding restaurant email marketing, why it is important, and how to do it perfectly to win customers and retain old patrons. Keep reading!

Table of Contents

  • Is email marketing still alive?
  • Why email marketing is important for restaurants?
  • Restaurant email marketing benefits
    • Win more customers
    • Healthier customer relationships
    • Stand out in the competition
  • Restaurant email marketing best practices
    • Send welcome emails
    • Use pictures in the emails
    • Send special emails on customers’ birthday
    • Never ignore your loyal customers
    • Ask for the feedback
  • How to do restaurant email marketing perfectly
  • Final words

Is Email Marketing Still Alive?

Is email marketing still alive? Does email marketing still work? These are the questions that remain in discussion among marketers. A smaller chunk of marketers is of the view that email marketing is not helpful anymore.

is email marketing still alive

On the contrary, a major portion is convinced that it is worth it if you do it perfectly. They further argue in response that if someone says email marketing is not a suitable channel of marketing, it is to believe that they are unaware of how to do it.

The reality is that email marketing is still shining like a bright day, and will keep working in the future also. That is the reason, they suggest restaurant owners do restaurant email marketing to boost sales instantly.

The foremost cause of using email marketing is that it builds a permanent relationship with the clients. All you need is to sign up for a trustworthy email marketing automation tool for your email marketing needs.

Further, email marketing is a cost-effective method of marketing as compared to other channels such as social media, electronic, or print media. Email marketing is easy to do, and you can easily distribute your message. Also, it is a better way to engage users in a personalized way and boost your sales single-handedly.

Why Email Marketing Is Important for Restaurants?

Most food businesses trust social media only for advertisement purposes and completely ignore low-hanging fruit such as email marketing. Although, social media is a great method to show your message to users, still it is not the best due to certain flaws. Social media doesn’t allow you to share your message with certain users for relevance purposes.

Further, you cannot communicate with your followers personally, and you have to show a generic message made for all. Other than this, if you have to run social media campaigns, you have to spend a bundle of dollars to reach the relevant audience.

When it comes to email marketing, you can personalize the message, and customize the audience for more effectiveness. According to the available studies, 60% of customers make purchases from email marketing, whereas, only 13% of users hit the purchase button on social media.

Knowingly or unknowingly, many people go for email blasts – summing up it as email marketing, but it is not the case. Email marketing is more than that.

Certain factors count for email marketing, such as relevant email list building, list segmentation, writing a personalized email campaign, and sending it to the targeted audience. If you follow this sequence for your restaurant email marketing, we assure you, you will be standing on the winning side.

Restaurant Email Marketing Benefits

There are several benefits of email marketing for restaurants. When you deploy marketing through emails for your food business, you get easy-to-win customers on your email list.

The reason behind this is that the people who subscribe to your mailing list are the ones who know they will be receiving emails from you in the future. When you send emails to these users, there are many chances that they would like to visit your restaurant.

Other than this, you can harvest many benefits through restaurant email marketing which are as under:

Win More Customers

Through email marketing, you get a chance to reach more users –resulting in more brand awareness. This factor is highly essential to increase your dining table reservations and bringing more foodie customers to you.

email marketing wins more customers

It is not finished yet! When you start getting more customers, make sure that you serve them on the table what you promised in your restaurant email marketing. Whatever may come, never compromise quality. Do you want to know what will be the impact of this? Your food brand will become the talk of the town within no time.

Through sending email messages, you can offer deals, and coupons to the recipients with a limited-time offer to get more clients in your restaurant. Not only this, many other tactics can be adopted to increase customer loyalty.

You can give VIP passes to frequent visitors, and offer discounted meals to new clients who come through a referral. Other than this, the quality of your services is of much importance to increase return on investment.

Healthier Customer Relationship

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to build a healthier customer relationship. You can send transactional emails, brand promotions, a specific food item promotions and connect the users directly in their mailbox.

Further, sending targeted emails to the relevant users can also increase your value in the eyes of the customers. It is so annoying to receive irrelevant messages in the mailbox. If you keep sending it, users will start deleting it even without opening it up.

As consequence, when you send the relevant message, they will not open it up any further. Today, everyone is busy. You have to go precisely with your intended audience to build a stronger bond with customers.

Stand Out in the Competition

Many in the market are selling the same food items as you are. You have to stand out from the competition to give something special to your audience. For that reason, restaurant email marketing could be the best choice.

Do not ignore the modus operandi of your competitors that how they target their users. After analyzing their marketing strategy, you need to go the extra mile to provide something special to your users.

stand out in the competition

A perfect email marketing strategy for restaurants can win the competition for you straightforwardly. If you are looking for a perfect email marketing tool for your restaurant, Mumara can do everything for you which we shall discuss later in this article.

Always trying to sell something can be annoying for the users. Build a strong brand and fan relationship other than a common buyer or seller. Many things can be discussed in your email campaigns, for example, changing of ambiance, new food items on the menu, nearby concerts, and events, expected celebrity visits to your restaurant, deals, delivery information, etc.

Restaurant Email Marketing Best Practices

Send Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the milestone of your restaurant email marketing. Sending a welcome email to the users is highly important because here you can introduce your restaurant and food items briefly to the subscribers.

More of it, when you send a welcome email, it acts like a confirmation message that the subscriber is now on the mailing list, and will receive email campaigns in the future. Every major brand follows this email marketing strategy to thank newcomers.

For a quick response, you can add a discounted coupon or special offer in the maiden email for a better and quick reaction.

Use Pictures in the Emails

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Sending food pictures in your email is enough to make the recipients’ mouths watery and hungry. Make sure when you take the picture, use a high-quality camera, or it is better to hire a professional for this task.

use pictures in the email

A photo can make your message powerful, at the same time, when you use a badly taken photo in your message, it can spoil the effort.

Do not hesitate to add real photos, rather, this activity can increase the level of trust. If you are offering online ordering of the food, make the procedure less difficult, and it is better to make it a click away.

Send Special Emails on Customers’ Birthday

Never forget to celebrate your customers’ birthdays. Send a “happy birthday” message with special discounts to make their special time memorable. It is a common practice that on a birthday eve, people mostly dine out.

Your business should send them an offer so that they visit you without thinking about the second choice. Otherwise, they will find some restaurant that gives special discounts on their birthday. Also, serving free dessert or champagne can make their time more special and unforgettable for them.

Other than this, you can increase curiosity by leaving the users with two options. Ask them whether to choose a discounted meal or receive a surprise gift at the end of their dinner. We are very hopeful that this trick will do the job perfectly.

Never Ignore Your Loyal Customers

Believe it or not, but is true that everyone likes to be treated specially at a place or an event. Owing to that instinct, you should never ignore giving a special place to your loyal customers. Do not let any occasion go out of your hand to make them feel special.

never ignore your loyal customers

How can you make your loyal customers feel special? Simply, treat them well when they are in your restaurant physically by offering them a special sitting place, less serving time, and some discounts.

If you are already doing restaurant email marketing and have some customers who order online food, offer them reduced delivery fees, and fast delivery. These factors can increase your sales, and customers at the same time.

Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback is one of the best ways to improve your service quality. Whether the feedback is positive, or negative, serves the best of your restaurant. For example, if the feedback is positive, you can go on with the current level of service.

On the contrary, if the feedback is negative, you can ask the users for suggestions and try to implement them if actionable. To collect feedback, you can also use restaurant email marketing to conduct surveys.

How to Do Restaurant Email Marketing Perfectly?

From the above discussion, we are sure that you are ready to implement restaurant email marketing for your food business. Now, the question arises, how does email marketing for restaurants perfectly? You need to use email marketing automation too for that purpose.

We suggest you use Mumara for the restaurant email marketing process. Mumara helps you build your email list by putting a sign-up form on your website. Once you build a website, the next part is to design an email campaign for the users.

Mumara offers you use readymade and responsive email marketing templates. Whether you use pre-made email templates or design your own using Drag & Drop Builder, or HTML Editor, it’s up to you.

You can also segment your email list to send your emails to a specific audience. Also, A/B test or split test your email campaign to find the right version that gives you more open and click-through rates.

Mumara goes a mile ahead of it, it offers you use advanced tracking system in form of Tracking Pixels. You can add tracking pixels on your web application or website to monitor the activity of your visitors. It means you can send your specific email campaigns to the specific visitor.

Hence, Mumara can be a true partner for your restaurant email marketing without any doubt.

Final Words

If you want to connect with your users directly, want to remain at the top of the users’ minds, want to get more diners for your restaurant, or want to boost your sales, restaurant email marketing is for you.

All you need is to follow the above-mentioned best practices to harvest all the benefits discussed here in this blog and others within no time.

Last but least, never forget to give Mumara a try for a perfect companion in your email marketing for a restaurant. Get started now!

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