Artificial intelligence has taken all the technologies by storm, and the same is the case with email marketing. In this blog, we have discussed how AI is reshaping the email marketing game. Keep reading for the detailed discussion!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized digital marketing and email marketing simultaneously. Over time, it has proved itself to be exceedingly relevant to enhance and upgrade email marketing strategies. The results that we harvest from email marketing using artificial intelligence are remarkably well.

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  1. Artificial intelligence in email marketing: why should you use it?
  2. State of email marketing today
  3. Artificial intelligence is changing the email marketing game, how?
    • Boost your automation process
    • Ultimate personalization
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) optimized email subject lines
    • Send email campaign at the best time via analytical analysis
    • AI provides analytics to understand the results better
    • Better engagement
  4. Conclusion

That is why we can say that AI is reshaping email marketing. Around 87% of the artificial intelligence users are using it for email marketing enhancement and sales generation. AI is no more alien to us rather it is being using for a long time. If we talk about today, more than 90 percent of the organizations are using it for business requirements.

This is an open secret that AI impacts positively on the world of email marketing. It is a rule of thumb that if you do not go with the flow of new technologies, you will be left miles behind in the market. If we think sensibly, the new technologies always make it easy peasy to take your message to more customers in the best possible manner.

Previously, we used to send our letters in paper form that were delivered through a postman and it used to be a hectic and delayed method of communication. With the advent of electronic mail, the table was turned and things became easy. Now, AI is doing a great favor in sending email campaigns in a personalized method and helping businesses at a large.

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing: Why Should You Use It?

AI in email marketing is where the behavior of the consumers and statistics are together analyzed to shape email campaigns. While designing email campaigns you can sway email subject lines and design your content in a way that looks specifically tailored for every customer. These emails that we send like this are designed as we have a standby copywriter when you build an email marketing campaign.

AI technology keeps an eye on the users’ subscription history and uses this data you send your email campaign more accurately. An email campaign sent through email automation tools like Mumara use AI technology where you can monitor stats and data to analyze the present and future of your email campaign.

Along with it, you can conduct A/B testing in order to find the best version of your email before you relay it to the customers. This automated and personalized data that you send to the readers provide you with more sales and engagement.

State of Email Marketing Today

email marketing today

As we have hinted above that more than 80 percent of the marketers are of the view that email marketing through AI provides you the required results in the best possible way. This method is exceedingly proficient in both the email methods, i.e., B2B email marketing and B2C email marketing.

Email is being used largely within the organization for communication purposes and the message they prefer to get connected with the outer world via this method of communication. Statistically, 73% of the businesses prefer to get connected by using email. When we look at these stats closely, we see that email is among the major methods of communication one can have.

As far as digital marketing is concerned, your strategy is not completed without using AI. Optimized subject lines and segmentation provide a more open and click-through rate when you send your email marketing campaign by using artificial intelligence.

Here also when we see the stats, we see that 82 percent of the market experts say that if you use personalized techniques, your campaign opening results will be increased. Likewise, around 75 percent of the marketers say that using AI tremendously increases CTR (click-through rate).

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Email Marketing Game, How?

To add to the above discussion, AI has been an essential factor in providing the best results in your email marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies. If a marketer uses this technology, there are more chances that he will get the customer’s attention as compared to the other methods.

Think for a while you send an email campaign without knowing the outcomes and the information about how your email campaign is being treated by the users. On the other hand, if you send an email campaign that is sent through the best email marketing automation tool like Mumara, you can trace all the data in the best possible way.

These email campaigns give you all the information regarding who has unsubscribed from your newsletter, who has opened your email, and who has taken some action via the call to action provided in the email. Most important you need to keep in mind and adhere to it that artificial intelligence does not do anything in a vacuum, rather, it needs a marketer who uses this technology in the best possible critical thinking.

AI is unaware of the emotional feelings of your users, rather they provide you the data and you plan accordingly. The use of artificial intelligence makes your work easy, and it empowers you to work in the most efficient way.

Here are some of the ways where AI is helping a lot and changing the email marketing game:

Boost Your Automation Process

AI boosts automation process

AI is providing all the ease a marketer can imagine while planning to send an email marketing campaign. Email automation is now a staple in the email marketing world. It has decreased the efforts of the email marketing stresses and facilitated the teams to boost the automated process.

Now, the marketers do not need to spend hours and hours sending emails individually. When we mix up our email marketing process with artificial intelligence, it takes automation to an entirely new level. Information about the interests, likes, and dislikes is so much important to analyze the behavior of the customers.

Ultimate Personalization

As of today, email marketing has emerged as one of the best ways to penetrate the lives of customers. This is a two-way process. When you send an email campaign, your user gets information about your product while sitting at home, and you get the customers in return. But we see that there are many marketers who are using the email marketing method.

This becomes so messy when there are many in the race. So what to do to grab all the attention of the customer? Do you need to create a product that no one else can create? NO! You have to remain in the market while being different from the others. This is possible when you give your customer some space and make them feel special.

It is just thinkable when sending a personalized message. By using AI, you can make an analysis of the interests and behavior of the users. All you need is to send the right AI to make your email campaign personalized.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimized Email Subject Lines

AI is reshaping email marketing campaigns by optimizing subject lines. Subject lines are of great importance because according to the stats, 47 percent of the email campaign recipients decide to open the email or not based on the subject line. Almost all the marketers are agreed upon the fact that when you design an email campaign, give as much time to the subject line as you give to the email message.

 By using AI, your software will tell you which is the better subject line. You can do A/B testing in this regard to make things more in line. It is always recommended to test your email subject line before you send the actual email campaign. For that purpose, design two different subject lines and send the email marketing campaign to the selected users.

While doing this process, keep an eye on the stats. You will get the results through the testing process and will be able to send the best version for more engagement.

Send Email Campaign at the Best Time via Analytical Analysis

email campaigns at the best time

The perfect time to send an email is when your recipient is interested to read it. As we know that everyone has different plans and schedules to perform the day-to-day activities. It is very difficult to find the best time to send the email campaign when the situation is likewise. How to find the best time for your email campaign? This is where you need AI.

Advancement in the AI has taken to email marketing to the next generation. It is always there to provide you with timely, and cost-effective help to make your campaign run smoothly. You can watch closely in real-time who has opened your email at what time of the day and what day of the week.

AI helps to design your email marketing strategy by providing an analytical analysis of the previous activities of the users. By observing the data, you can easily conclude which time is best for which clients. On the basis of engagement timings, you can segment your list and send the campaign accordingly.

AI Provides Analytics to Understand the Results Better

When we talk about email marketing, several factors are there to analyze the results. Artificial intelligence helps you with the most precise analytics to design your email marketing campaign in a better way to harvest more results. Big guns of the world like Amazon, Facebook, and Google invest a huge budget in AI technology research.

By using this technology these companies design their algorithm to make the decision smarter. Artificial intelligence helps in designing personalized emails that are highly helpful in terms of email deliverability. As the AI is helping in enhancing the design and deliverability of the emails right in the inbox, the spam filters are also getting stronger and they do not allow any spam content to land in the inbox.

If this type of content does not land in the inbox, where does it goes? It goes right in the spam folder where no action will be taken on that message whatsoever. Before you invest in AI technology, you need to focus on the matter that how to use this technology. And how this helps you out in your business.

Better Engagement

better engagement

What is the reason to send an email campaign? The simple answer to this question is that it is sent for better engagement. When the customers are engaged, it becomes easy to increase sales which leads to high revenues. When you send an email, it needs to look human, and feel real.

The reason behind it is that if you send an email otherwise (leaving everything to the AI), it will not work. Rather you have to do some effort to comply with AI to achieve this goal. You need not be shy and ask about the preferences of your clients directly.

By knowing their preferences, you can easily get to know how and when your customer wants to hear from you. By using AI, you can boost engagement in a handpicked way. 


To conclude, we can say that email marketing is an undeniable fact and one of the biggest truths of today. AI technology has empowered email marketing to the great extent and made it the best channel of communication with your customers. AI enhances user engagement that leads to more sales.

We hope we have provided enough information that will help you to understand the value of AI before your next email marketing campaign. We suggest you use the best email marketing automation tool Mumara to increase your email performance in terms of engagement. You can increase the open and click-through rate of your email marketing campaign.

Our team is always ready to help you out whenever you need it. We focus on the needs of our clients and design our email marketing automation platform accordingly with all the latest and easy-to-use interface that does not break your bank.

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