Technology advancement has led to the creation of various platforms that marketers can use to advertise their products. Social media has become a popular destination of various brands as they look to engage with their consumers.

Depending Totally on Social Media Could Destroy Your Business

The popularity of social media among marketers is because this platform is considered to be the best way to communicate with customers easily. However, depending entirely on social media is an easy way to destroy your business. Spending too much on these platforms can lead to failure of the business as evidenced by the many companies that have ruined their reputations. Ignoring other marketing platforms such as email marketing creates plenty of risks and leaves your marketing strategy lacking in several areas.

1- Social Media is Personal

When individuals log in their social media account is usually because of personal reasons. Thus, consumers may not be expecting social media business. The purpose of social media is entertainment as well as connecting with friends and family. Unlike emails which are primarily business-oriented, customer conversion through social media is less likely.

The number of times that people open their social media account does not justify investing plenty of cash in this platform. Most markers are drawn by the number of users of these social media accounts, but they do not consider the drawbacks.

2- Reliability Factor

Trust is an important factor when attempting to achieve success in your business. Overreliance on social media challenges the credibility of the business because it is so difficult to know what to trust in social media. The rising number of fraudulent incidences and spammers will put the customers on watch, and this presents a challenge for small and new businesses.

Other marketing platforms, such as emails can build trust through the personalization of content. Replication of this kind of engagement in the social media platforms is difficult, and thus, customers will view the products of the business with caution. Social media does provide a great online presence, but this only serves to attract risks such as negative feedback and hacking. 

3- Inadequate Source of Information

One reason that email marketing is rising in popularity is because of its capability to capture accurate information of the customers. This data allows email marketers to send relevant content to customers. The problem with social media is that having a marketing strategy without clear goals makes the business to be in a vulnerable position.

To acquire any relevant information about the customers means the use of additional resources. Email marketing is an example of a marketing platform that is designed for business purposes. Analytic information about the customers is readily available, and this information is beneficial in creating deep relationships with the customers. Relying on social media means that there is no real connection to the customers, and the business reputation can be destroyed with just a single misplaced post.

4- Control of Who View your Campaigns

Overreliance on social media can doom your business because, in reality, you are in not full control of the distribution of your marketing campaigns. Social media will utilize algorithms to determine who sees your content. These algorithms may factor in what is trending or is popular at that time.

Thinking of social media as your only marketing channel can destroy your business. This is because while you may have great content, your targeted customers may not be at the receiving end of these messages. Channels such as emails ensure you have an email list that allows the marketer to dictate who sees what content due to the features that allow one to segment their lists.

The fluctuation of social trends creates a high level of inconsistency, and this makes it difficult to pinpoint what your customers want. A lack of control on the distribution of your marketing campaign can destroy your business as luck is a major factor in the outcome the business is experiencing.

5- Cons of Social Media

Choosing to use social media as the only marketing channel has several disadvantages. For instance, social media requires constant management of the brand as this is the breeding environment of trends. Ignorance of daily monitoring will expose the business to major risks.

Achieving automation by setting triggers in social media is a difficult task. Automation with a great marketing strategy plan will, without a doubt lead to the collapse of the business.


While social media is a popular marketing channel, it does have its disadvantages and overreliance on it can lead to the failure of a business. You should not abandon the use of social media as a marketing tool, but caution should be exercised when using it. This means that you should combine the social media platform with other marketing channels such as emails. Consistent monitoring of social media marketing platforms is necessary as the business begins to grow.   

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