Anyone who has personally handled an email program understands how difficult it is to be in front of all of the associated responsibilities, such as maintaining contact details and organizing. Therefore, set aside the time & expense today to include email automation into your marketing framework, and you’ll save time, dollars, and patience in the long term.

In respect of conversion performance, email marketing automation remains one of the most important aspects of online marketing. In this situation, choosing the best email marketing platform may be challenging for beginners.

What Is Email Automation?

It is the act of sending out emails automatically to your customers in response to a specified event or a set length of time. Once someone properly signs up to your mailing list, you may get a greeting message set up to regularly contact that user, avoiding the requirement to handle it personally every time.

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In short, email automation allows organizations to automate routine operations and save resources while sending important emails to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time. According to recent email marketing data, 51% of organizations now use email management as a component of their sales activities, and more than 50% of B2B enterprises (58%) aim to utilize it in the future.

As a result, it’s obvious that email marketing automation is valuable to both B2B and B2C businesses. Let us just look more closely at why email automation is so crucial.

How Does Email Marketing Automation Work?

Your company can produce effective automated emails that use these three components.

  • Workflows: Workflows are used to map out the numerous pathways that your email marketing automation initiatives will take. Somebody who gets a marketing message and opens on an item link but does not buy the item, for instance, may be included in a process designed to nurture such users.
  • Triggers: Triggers are used to specify whenever an automated message may be sent. When someone subscribes to your weekly, for example, you might send them a greeting email that expresses gratitude and explains what they can anticipate from it.
  • Subscriber data: You may tailor messages using user information. In automated emails, you can identify a user by their initial name. You may also utilize a user’s previous transactions to produce product suggestions automatically.

Who Can Use Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation may be used by anybody, such as:

  • Bloggers
  • Publishing companies
  • B2B businesses
  • B2C businesses
  • And there’s more.

You may build automated processes and events to provide a tailored solution for your users regardless of your sector. Whether you want to generate leads, improve visitors, enhance interaction, or boost revenue, automated emails may assist you to accomplish your objectives.

Reasons Why Email Automation Matters To Your Marketing

  • Email Is A Crucial Part Of Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Email is still an efficient way to nurture leads. Although blasting emails are a fantastic way to get a promotion started, drip emails foster long-term connections by sending the appropriate information to the appropriate individuals at the right moment.

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Treat them as a newborn!

Drip email programs not only streamline the procedure of delivering messages, saving you time by eliminating the need for continuous planning, but they also enable you to deliver emails personalized to consumers at various phases of the Purchasing journey.

This guarantees that each prospect receives the content through email marketing automation that is most valuable to them, resulting in a more successful lead nurturing procedure. And the greatest thing is that you can leave it alone after setting it up.

  • Numerous Customization Options 

Whenever some marketers use the word “automation,” they think of robotic-sounding, very generic communications that end up in the spam box, yet email marketing automation offers numerous customization options, but on a bigger scale.

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A crew sending out lots of emails manually, for instance, obviously does not have the opportunity or enthusiasm to put each recipient’s surname on the message header! However, as long as the information is in your Database, the email automation system enables you to integrate specific elements like [initial name], [business name], [category], and even the last item they ended up eating, into messages.

  • Assists With Branding

Companies may use automated email programs to create regular brand messages. Although automated email marketing would not be a substitute for traditional email newsletters, it is indeed a great addition.

These automatic advertisements are sent to customers once they initiate these with an activity they performed, and they help them become more acquainted with your business. Furthermore, if performed effectively, automated emails improve brand awareness and are therefore variable-impacting purchases.

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Let them know about your services!

In general, email automation creates a new medium of direct engagement with your customers that does not need user involvement.

Email marketing automation makes it possible to scale your marketing plan. Growth is impossible without the capability of automation. Whenever new customers perform any activity that activates your automation after you’ve established your automated programs, they’ll be immediately integrated into your platform.

You can basically sketch the full consumer experience using email automation, from the moment that a person initially pays attention to your email list to the moment where they become regular buyers.

  • Enhances Your Responsiveness

As per Microsoft, 69 % of consumers in the United States consider customer support to be “very essential.” This comes as no wonder to companies that seek to be more reactive to their consumers’ demands, inquiries, complaints, and activities.

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Based on the procedure you set up, you may be able to answer queries before the consumer is compelled to contact you. A Greetings 101 message, for example, might congratulate a new internet consumer for opening an account with you while also instructing him or her about how to access the service.

  • Increases Client Loyalty And Retention

The ability to work on the consumers’ user experience is a problem for all organizations. Consider how you’ve dealt with automated email messages in the past. Possibly you received a “Thank You” message after signing up for a newsletter. Did it help you feel important or as if they were concerned about you?

It is this interaction that not only retains consumers but also builds brand engagement. The possibilities with email marketing automation are endless, but consider every phase of your consumer lifecycle with you as a beginning place for discovering all the potential to automate.

  • Assists You in the Struggle against Junk box Syndrome

Email delivery seems to be a problem for everyone these days. The longer someone stays on your mailing list, the frigid they become. If you’re creating a mailing list and not distributing messages (since you’ve become too occupied, as with most company managers), your list may stagnate and your reliability would suffer.

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Let’s focus on making sure you’re aware of the consequences of bad delivery — If you begin contacting unengaged individuals all of a sudden, your website would be designated as trash, your sender-health score may drop, and all of your messages will be trapped in spam-traps.

Because Email Marketing Automation saves you energy each week, you’ll be much more inclined to deliver messages to your audience that keeps them interested.

  • Sales Are Improved By Email Automation

Email automation allows for customized engagements, which is crucial for maximizing ROI. Email automation may be utilized for a variety of purposes throughout the client purchasing cycle, such as;

  1. Demonstrating your awesomeness to your current subscribers with case reports and accomplishments they can connect to.
  2. After consumers have bought your items or solutions, encourage them to provide evaluations that you may utilize in future communications. You may also encourage them to give comments on reputable review websites which can boost your total exchange rate since more individuals will discover you while looking online!
  3. Prospects that are still looking for an answer to their difficulties and haven’t comprised their thoughts should be nurtured.

The excellent thing is that Email Marketing Automation integrates with other advertising networks, enabling you to contact a wider audience and boost revenues much more. Email Automation may be used with a range of marketing platforms, such as:

Social Media: Through providing automatic follow-up emails that express “gratitude” after good connections have been established digitally, email automation may be utilized to build fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Content Marketing: Email automation may be leveraged to encourage customers to interact with a blog article they’ve previously reviewed. For example, if a consumer has viewed a few pages regarding Email Marketing but hasn’t signed up for your Mailing List or downloaded your Internet Getting started guide, you may drop them an email as a special deal!

Examples Of Email Automation

  • Auto-responder for email newsletters

Upon joining your database, each new subscriber receives an email containing a collection of recommendations that are related to what they subscribed for. Let’s imagine you’re a videographer and you’re working on a ceremony for a newly married couple.

If I were you, I’d provide material that is pertinent to their bridal planning process (not simply photos!). Let’s pretend you’ve created a ‘How and where to Organize a Marriage’ checklist. When a couple joins the list, you have the following choices:

  • Deliver it by hand
  • You can either automate it
  • Keep them dangling and risk losing a client

When somebody joins that list, the system assures that they receive the appropriate email to the downloaded material or personal blog they asked for.

Don’t stop here anyway: develop an “opt-in series,” a 4-5 piece emailing chain in which you convey a narrative about yourself as well as how you can assist this marriage. Don’t presume they’ve previously seen your blog or followed you on social networking sites; be engaged and enlighten them about why you’re the top photographer around.

This isn’t all: Once that series finishes, you might set up a “drip series” that delivers them messages every week with tips on how to arrange a great wedding, clothing to choose from for their wedding pictures, and so on. Get them enthusiastic while giving them something useful.

Once they’ve become a customer, what do you do with them? That’s an entirely new series of messages. It may appear to be a lot of effort, but we believe you will realize the advantages of doing so upfront.

You could use this Email Marketing Automation to send out messages to notify users of dropped carts or to inform them about recent blog articles that they are interested in.

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  • Transactional

Email Services Providers employ this automation method to deliver a message when a consumer adds products to their basket, completes the final stage of the checkout process, and so on. As people purchase online, you could utilize this to monitor your purchases and shipment progress, but it may also be utilized for service-related communications.

You may try to send a congratulations message to a new customer when they pay their initial invoice. You will not need your assistant to waste time contacting them; automation can take care of it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’re ROI-obsessed. You could A/B test your communications in the same way you can analyze your pages. You should monitor your click-through statistics, and experimenting with email content, call-to-actions, and images is a wonderful method to do so.

Although open rates are essential, they are really a superficial statistic. The click is where the actual money is made.


Email marketing automation allows you to communicate with your customers, advertise your business, and increase revenue. But, since not all email marketing initiatives are the same, it’s critical to understand how to get the most out of yours. By sending appropriate messages in real-time depending on your user’s behavior, the appropriate email automation system may boost the success of your initiatives.

Email marketing platforms like Mumara enhances user satisfaction, boost loyalty, and improve corporate results. You can send customized and pertinent messages on a large scale – and expedite your commercial ideas without compromising that special touch.

Speak with our email marketing consultants today and let us help you create a customized and personalized email marketing initiative for your business.

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