The registration system is one of the crucial considerations in the lead conversion process. It acts like the starting point of your marketing funnel when a random visitor becomes your list subscriber. When a user enters your email list after signing up for the registration form, now you have to deal with it carefully to improve the conversion rate.

Although the online subscription form is not that effective due to various debatable reasons, still you can make it useful with several techniques. When you see less engagement from the users with your registration sign-up form, it is an obvious symptom of the vague and ineffective registration system.

Some of the companies do not pass through this process and they rely upon buying the data from a third party, consequently they do not get what they expect. On the other hand, intelligent brands put a subscription form on their websites to get loyal and interested users, and that is the true method actually.

Getting into direct contact with the clients is not as easy as it seems, you have to go the extra mile to build a rapport. Whenever we visit a website, most of the time we a popup for registration to the email list, how many of us pay heed to it?

As soon as there is nothing special in the subscription forms, we do not subscribe. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best practices to improve the sign-up conversion rate.

Table of Contents

  1. Offer a reason to register
  2. Simplify registration process
  3. Use an eye-catching subscription form
  4. Provide a live chat facility to the website
  5. Provide social login buttons
  6. Do not be so pushy
  7. Give a free trial experience
  8. Make your registration forms responsive
  9. Run an online giveaway
  10. Use the striking signup CTAs
  11. Conclusion

Offer a Reason to Register

People visit different forums and websites to find the solution to their pains and seek the pursuit when they see the registration or subscription form. From the brand’s perspective, the subscription form says that this is the beginning of the relationship and you will get many other solutions over time.

offer a reason for the sign up | Mumara

But on the other hand, the visitor will find a valid reason to subscribe because he doesn’t want to fill up his mailbox with irrelevant content. That is why you need to come up with a high-value reason so that your visitor gets registered to the email list for further communication.

According to various research and studies, people always feel reluctant to share their information with others. They need something highly favorable and valuable in return to share their personal details for further communication.

Therefore, promise the users exclusive opportunities, and high-value content experience to retain them to take them closer to the sales funnel.

Simplify Registration Process

If you want to improve your sign-up conversion rate, the simplifying registration process is one of the basic steps in this system. Making the registration form difficult to understand with more irrelevant information will take your subscription process nowhere.

Asking too many questions is enough to annoy your users and they will not take any pain to complete the subscription process. Make the registration process as much simpler as you can such as a QR code, or barcode for mobile devices. Long forms with many fields will prove themselves to be a bar for completing the registration.

Use an Eye-Catching Subscription Form

Make your subscription form eye-catching and attention-grabbing so that the visitor may feel attracted to it as soon as he watches it. Make it colorful according to the special event if any with all the details. Provide a short description of the event or the reason why a user will get from you if he subscribes.

use subscription forms for sign-up conversion | Mumara

Here an important thing you need to keep in mind is that if a user subscribes for an event, and due to some reason you change the date, or venue, do not wait even for a moment to let him know. Otherwise, the subscriber will get annoyed and will unsubscribe from your email list.

Along with using bright pictures of the event, you need to make attendance as easy as possible without getting into the deep and unrelated details. Ask for the related data, personalize your email campaign according to the available data and send it to the targeted audience.

Provide a Live Chat Facility on the Website

Sometimes users get confused with some of the features, and they do not get into the long process of sending an email and then waiting for a reply. Instead of this, they move to another website to find the solution to their problem. Now the question arises that how to tackle this problem.

To handle this issue, you need to provide a live chat facility on your website so that users may find a quick answers to their queries. Customers like to have some respect and attention. It is your responsibility to please your users through an instant conversation facility.

Provide Social Login Buttons

Allow the user to use social media logins for the registration process. According to research, 92% of users leave the website when they feel difficulties login in with a username or password.

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Also, 54% of the users do not return back to the website if they are continuously asked by the website to log in. 75% of the users say that they should be allowed to log in with the social login.

There are many benefits of giving social login options such as the users will be out of trouble remembering usernames or passwords. Permit users to fill up fields manually with multiple options for social logins.

Do Not Be So Pushy

Showing the registration form popup, again and again, will frustrate the users and they will rush away from your website out of anger and rage. The reason behind this is that a user comes to your website to find a solution to his problem.

It can be your goal to get the user on your email list but not the user’s purpose to visit your website to subscribe to your email list. Ask the user to sign up form when he spends a considerable time on the website.

If doesn’t pay attention to the registration form, do not show the form again until he plans to exit your website. Being so pushy will not increase your email list, rather, you will lose your valuable traffic on the website out of annoyance.

Give a Free Trial Experience

Offering free trials is one of the best strategies to convert your users. First of all, users feel reluctant to sign up for your product. Then if you do not give them a free trial experience, there are many chances that they will not try their hands at the paid version straightaway.

The first step is to bring your user to the sign-up process. After that, you can pitch him to upgrade the plan for more features and options. It also looks too much particle that a user signs up for the free trial, understands the usability, and importance, and then moves towards the paid plans.

When you do not give the free trial option to the users, the majority will not sign up for the paid version in the first go. Giving a free trial will increase the conversion rate over time when you give a reliable experience to the users.

Make Your Registration Forms Responsive

As we know that people use a different kinds of devices to visit your website such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. You have to make your forms responsive which must show equally good performance on all devices.

make your registration form responsive for sign-up conversion | Mumara

In recent years, the percentage of mobile users is increased which has increased complexity for the designers to make websites and forms responsive with a mobile-friendly approach. Forms play difficult for mobile screens and users do not like to scroll too much on the form to provide their personal information.

Run an Online Giveaway

Competition makes people excited and they participate in it. A competition with special giveaways is always a winning combination to get more and more subscribers. Understanding this mindset, you can set up a small quiz competition and announce prizes for the winners.

These giveaways could be discounted offers, coupons, free tickets, etc. The process will not only help you get more subscribers but also your existing subscribers will have a kind of trust in you.

Use the Striking Sign-up CTAs

The CTA button is one of the most important elements in a form. It should be capable enough to grab the attention of the users immediately. For that, that reason, use vivid color contrast to make it ultimately attractive. While crafting a sign-up button, be conscious of the content.

use striking CTA | Mumara

It means that instead of mentioning sign up only, you should mention “start your free trial”, or “download eBook” etc. It will tell the real benefits after signing up, instead of giving no clue to the user.


The sales process starts with the subscription to the email list by the users. In order to optimize your subscription form, you need to follow above mentioned tested techniques to get more of your efforts.

After building your email list, you will be needing an intelligent email automation tool like Mumara, where you can design and send your email campaigns to the targeted audience more professionally. Sign up to Mumara, and take your business to new heights of success with email marketing.

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