Is social media killing business growth? Well, it very well is. Entrepreneurs everywhere need to ask themselves this question that is what is social media doing to their business?

Are you using Facebook to generate leads? Are you using ads to drive traffic to your Twitter account? Does your business rely on the power of viral marketing promoted across channels? Or is there more to it? What will you do when social media says no?

We already see the price of the ads raising across digital media. A lot more can go wrong if you rely on social media. In addition, it can cause pain for modern businesses. After all, it’s for the promotion, activation, and engagement of your business. And, these things are valuable.

What Is the Death of Business Growth?

Have you ever thought that the platforms that you are using to expand your followers, likes, reach and engagement can be a reason why you fail? Well, yes they can be. 

Social media is killing businesses boldly, and some softly. And you should not want to be one of them. Here’s what happens and the remedy for it. The digital world is not all that bad. 

There is no warmongering or trolling here. We mean it, social media is not the most reliable or effective way to expand your business or gain a following. People quit social media just as fast as they reach it. You need to swiftly move to the kind of deck that can hold you even when the sails are down. And, yes in the tough digital climates, it is still possible to stay still. 

Oh, Thy Boat, Please Don’t Fail, Just Sail ok? Okay.

You Are Paying to Show Ads to Customers Who Can Not See Them. Will You Still Deny That Social Media Killing Business Is an Avoidable Subject?

As a result, even when you are too responsive for your own good you are not responsive enough.

Social media is for socializing. All advertisements are accidental. While the prices of these ads keep going up by the minute, you are all stuck in a big ad bubble with your brand. What this means is that this ad bubble is bound to burst. It also means that your ads are likely to go south when it does.

Right now, SO many advertisers have made their way into social media platforms. Users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter know where the ads are at. And they also know how to get rid of the distraction of the ads and mentally block them out… You name it, people are at it.

This concept is banner blindness and we are all guilty of it. Let’s be honest, no ad is ever too pretty enough for us to leave our feeds. When do we ever continue watching the ad or visit their links? Like, never.

social media killing business
Yeap, you too! We are all GUILTY as charged.

How Is Social Media Killing Businesses?

In an effort to make advertisements effective, these platforms have made advertising complex. The purpose of advertising has become self-defeating in this run.

This leaves your business nowhere. Either you learn how to do it, or you learn how to hire people who know how to do it.

This is why advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any platform of the likes can be very restrictive. It is exclusive and unwelcoming to those who know how to advertise. Which is not for every modern business, only a few.

This cuts many new businesses in the pacifier modes, acting as a barrier to entry into the market. Not only that, social media platforms yield a lot of negative and failed advertising. This means chunks of your budgets are already going to waste and you do not even know how to fix it. So is your social media killing business growth? You tell us.

social media killing business
The ads are killing us all softly and we just can’t! 

The Second Death

The business on social media is taking its toll because people are shifty. This means that they are moving to new platforms on a daily basis. And the ones that you have been advertising on can become obsolete by the minute.

This is the way the creative means of destruction work. First, there was MySpace, then Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat, and then TikTok. Firstly, Millennials jump from one platform to the other in under minutes. If you want to attract these people you are going to find a new way to tap them. Turns out that it is not only Millennials that are shifty in terms of their social media preferences. It is everybody who has ever been to a world called online. Secondly, they are likely to get annoyed with your brand if they see your ad too many times.

Well, it is one thing when you have to cope with it as a person, but letting your business take a toll is unacceptable.

Whether the advertisement is on a new platform or an older one it should not be forcefully shown. Of course, it is 2020 and users want to exercise their consent every day they can.

Advertisement can work wonders if it is opted-for. If it is not forced upon them, it will be much less like a paid advertisement and much more impacting.

Showing advertisements to customers as if it is the price of using the platform is self-destructive. You are not only unwanted, but you are also pushing them away. You do not need to agonize over the target that you are rooting for. Annoying social media ads do just that.

This harbors an image of you being too pushy, unlikeable, and desperate. These feelings towards you will not go especially if you abuse your right to advertise. This also increases the chances of the user becoming immune to your brand message. So is your social media killing business growth? Yes, it is highly likely that it is killing it softly.

What Is Cool in Advertising?

There are still digital ways to send apt, fast, and instant messages to your customers. If your product is good and the message is effective, it will catch attention.

In fact, if you are selling precision chances are that more often than not, people will sign up for these updates or your ads. They will want to get them. This is a new model in the history of advertising and keeps the spam out.

This is why the stories you tell in this process matter. And, how often you choose to communicate these stories all plays a vital role as a strategy. Similarly, if you want the efficacy of the new advertising model, you need to be good at storytelling.

You need to add value to your content. Millennials crave content. It’s not them. Baby boomers, the silent generation, and the Gen-Xers all are aboard the content marketing bandwagon.

social media killing business
Are you cool yet?

Bloggers, referral videos, and product placements are all the highlights of the past decade.

The Need For Your Brand’s Own Place on the Internet

You are but, going to need a place to put it all together. This place has to be your own. Because Facebook pages and Instagram profiles are too chaotic to be referred to while the user is at their Zero moment of truth.

This should ideally be your website. Your own website. But, the question is, sure, you have placed your message on your website, but how does the website talk to the people? It does not. Yes, the answer is that it does not, your emails do.

How could no one think of that before?

How to Prevent Your Business From Debacle?

So, you need to decide if your social media killing business growth. Get rid of what is not working for your brand. Switch to smarter and after alternatives. You can communicate with your audiences freely. All you need is to hack into their likes. You just need to engage them on the level they are.

However, you need to do this without poking them. Thus, there is no need to probe them to open your site, shop, or whatever you are selling. Sell your content to sell your product. Therefore, your product will find a fitting audience in the digital global market of a few TBs.

Truth About Social Media Killing Business Growth

social media killing business
Yes, we know we are absolutely lovable. 

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