SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience. Here in this blog, we shall discuss SMS marketing, it's benefits, and top practices for best results.

SMS marketing is one of the most favored and favorite methods of marketing by marketers. They like it because SMS text marketing helps them to reach an audience at any time on mobile phones. Organizations consider SMS (short message service) messages the most effective way of marketing because the users open and read almost every message in the inbox.

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  4. Best SMS marketing software
  5. Does SMS marketing really work?
  6. Conclusion

According to psychological conditioning, people respond to the message tone that alerts them to check the inbox. From small businesses to medium and large companies, the use of SMS marketing brings huge results. They send various messages containing offers, information, and services from the company.

Today, people feel less interested to visit a brick-and-mortar location personally. They prefer to buy online and eat meals by googling the websites of various restaurants. These online stores, restaurants, and many other businesses are smarter enough to grab the attention of the public by sending them coupons. People use these coupons and offer to order different stuff online.

Smart devices have made it possible for the success of SMS advertising. The SMS that we receive, we find it more urgent to open it because it is most accessible. More than 6.5 billion people have smartphones so we can estimate the huge potential.

SMS Marketing Defined

SMS marketing is sending transactional or promotional messages to the audience using SMS (text messages) for advertisements. Many businesses send these messages to inform the readers about hot deals, and updates in a time-sensitive manner. They send these messages to all and sundry and those also who have actually shown consent to receive these messages.

This is a more important tool to send a message to marketers on an urgent basis. Many SMS automation platforms are available in the market to send your customized messages to the audience you have. These messages can be sent to the existing list as well as the new customers simultaneously.

Many purposes come under the umbrella of SMS marketing, i.e., personalized offers, reminders, sales generation, and announcement of new products. Another cause of the success of these messages is hidden in the abbreviation of the SMS. SMS means ‘Short Message Service”.

The organizations make sure to send a brief message of a shorter length to engage the customers. The customers, on the other hand, get the information with just a glance instead of spending too much time on the screen.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

benefits of SMS marketing

Businesses and organizations send promotional SMS messages in bulk with promotional content. For instance, a sale for Black Friday or Christmas. Here is another thing you must keep in mind no business provides sales and coupons around the year.

So, SMS marketing is not only for sales and promotions but it is an effective way to be connected with the customers.

Here are some benefits of SMS marketing you must learn;

It Is Direct and Fast

According to facts, more than 90% of people read texts messages within 3 minutes. A user receives a text message instantaneously and due to notification tone, people read these messages quickly.

Due to this phenomenon, SMS marketing is perfect for timely promotions. These messages are sent through intelligent software in the direct and fast method with immediate benefits.

It Grabs the Audience’s Attention

Is there any doubt in the fact that people check their phones often? We are sure that everyone checks the phone when there is a notification. People also use phones even without having any notification in their free time.

Let us be fair to tell that people respond to the messages immediately as compared to the emails. The reason behind it is that the SMS receives the pop-up notification and people try to clear it as soon as possible. As a result, a marketer grabs more attention through SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing Appeals to Everyone

SMS marketing appeals to everyone

Both smartphone users and regular cell phone users receive text messages. You do not need to have a special device to receive these messages. SMS is ready to use application on all cell phones.

When you receive a message, it alerts you with a notification tone. Having said that if a user does not hear the notification sound, he will see a pop-up message it will be enough for him to realize that he has received a message.

As we have mentioned in the above lines that more than 83% of the world’s population uses either a smartphone or a regular cell phone. The good news is that you do not need to have internet access to receive text messages.

Gain Valuable Insights

You can measure return on investment (ROI) and response rate from sending an SMS campaign. It becomes measurable from the insights of what kind of content is getting recognition and engagement from the receivers.

By getting the results and stats, you can improve the strategy where needed. These insights can be changed into productivity and make the messages personalized to get more value.

It Can Integrate with Other Channels

SMS can integrate with other channels

Almost all the marketing channels work while interlinking with each other, and SMS is one of them. SMS text messages can help you on both ends. It is the best stand alone channel of marketing on one hand and it has great abilities to integrate with the other channels on the other.

It supports other marketing channels such as email and social media. For instance, you can use SMS as a reminder to remind a customer to read an unread email lying in your mailbox. It can improve the email open rate up to 30%.


Small businesses can be successful with SMS marketing. If your budget is limited, SMS text marketing is for you. This is a cost-effective way to get in touch with your customer with a more open rate and return is equally significant.

Top SMS Marketing Practices for Best Results

Do you want to impress your audience through SMS marketing? Do you want to achieve the highest results? Here are some best SMS text marketing practices you need to follow;

Get Permission

get SMS permission

Spam is bad for your brand reputation and you can face legal trouble also. If you have your customers’ cell number, it does not mean you have all the rights to use it the way you want. You must be careful before you send a message to avoid any issues.

You should get permission from your customers to send them any marketing message. If they allow you, you can feed them the information. On the other hand, if they are not interested, do not send them any message otherwise you will be marked as spam.

Do you want to know how to take permission positively? Send your customers the messages and offer them coupons and discounts if they choose to opt-in. Along with the offers and coupons, keep your messages to the point and tell the receivers what type of messages they will receive from you in the future.

Use a Smart SMS Marketing Tool

Many SMS marketing tools like Mumara are available to provide you with SMS text marketing services within your budget. Through a smart tool, you can schedule and customize your SMS campaigns most professionally. Mumara provides you a facility to send a message campaign instantly or schedule it to be sent later.

Also, an intelligent tracking system makes you qualified to check the stats and improve your next campaign accordingly if required. Using such a tool will trigger an SMS with an activity. Let us assume that you make a purchase, it triggers an SMS with the purchase details and the delivery date. With proper results and a tracking system, it will be easier for you to see who has opened your SMS campaign.

Make Your Message Valuable

make your message valuable

SMS marketing is the most effective and easy way to penetrate the hearts of the users through the inboxes. A user must feed with the valuable content by simply asking yourself why this SMS is necessary for the user? Answer this question briefly in the limited characters to engage the customers.

Set a unique tone for your message that makes you identifiable when a user receives your message. Tell the user about your company briefly when you send a welcome message. Your message needs to be free from errors and grammatical mistakes.

Never use text slangs-do not use abbreviations that are un-understandable for a common user. Use call to action (CTA) in the message to give a hint to the users to take some action.

Monitor the Timings of Your SMS Marketing Campaign

The timing of the text messages is the most important factor. Unlike email messages, whenever we receive a text message, we receive it with a notification tone. It means that this pop-up and notification tone tells us that something important has been received which needs to be checked right now.

As far as emails are concerned, people spare some special time to check them out in specific hours. According to a hypothesis, people check the emails between 6 AM – 7 AM (it’s not applicable worldwide). If your message does not enter in their inbox before 7 AM, your email message will not be seen for the next 24 hours.

Therefore, do not send an SMS campaign when people enjoy their sleep or late at night. Also, avoid sending any special offer during office hours rather revisit your SMS timings and make sure that people are ready to ready them instantly to take some action.

Add Your Identity

add your identity

Mention your business information in the SMS marketing text. This information will make your reader familiar with your brand. Most of the established brands do not provide all the information in the messages because people know about them. But if you are a beginner, you must tell your reader every time who are you.

Telling them, again and again, will leave an impression on their mind. You can brief the reader about the complete information including the address of the company. This will make you reader realize that your brand actually exists and it is reliable to follow you, make purchases, and get connected with you.

The Best SMS Marketing Software

When you plan to send an SMS marketing campaign through software, always keep some important points in mind. First of all, this software needs to be so effective with all the features you will need from creating a beautiful message to getting the full insights.

Mumara has all the relevant features that will be helpful to make your campaign a success. You can send it with full confidence to get what you want. You can choose a plan to initiate SMS marketing within your budget.

Does SMS Marketing Really Work?

SMS marketing is highly effective because according to stats 98% of people read text messages. According to another estimate, 90% of the messages are read by the users within 3 minutes. It means that there is a huge potential in this type of marketing.

Moreover, it is highly cost-effective and you do not need to be extra technical to form a campaign. All you need to be tricky with is the content which needs to be mature and according to the expectations of the clients. Text messages are easy to send and the users read them usually, therefore, there are high chances that this type of strategy will be highly workable.


SMS marketing is one of the best marketing options with a high return on investment. You can get full advantage of it because almost all the people open the messages they find in their inboxes.

What you need is to take care of the above-mentioned practices to make your campaign a success. If you are looking for an SMS marketing platform, there is no comparison to Mumara.

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