Why You Are Losing Email Subscribers?

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The content of the emails is a significant thing to consider as this is the reason why most people subscribe to your emails. However, how this content is presented to the email subscribers is significant and is why most companies are losing their email subscribers.

The business world has undergone significant changes in all sectors most notably how products are being marketed. One of the trending methods in marketing is email lists. The significance of email subscribers cannot be underrated as it is a powerful communication channel that holds great potential for success. Emails are personal, purposeful, and many people are using it, which makes it possible to turn the subscribers into paying customers. However, the one big problem about this channel of communication is retaining email subscribers. Many individuals, as well as companies, do not know what they do wrong that they keep losing email subscribers. Thus, this article will illustrate why you are losing email subscribers.

1. Unrelated Content

Each individual that subscribes to your email has reasons for doing so. Hence, your subscribers have an idea of what they are expecting from subscribing to your email. Failure to recognize the expectations of the subscribers is one of the main reasons why you are losing email subscribers. If the content you are providing in the emails is different from the needs of the subscribers most will not hesitate to unsubscribe. For instance, you could promise the emails subscribers that you help them make money online platform by sending tips to them.

However, if you take that opportunity to market other products that will make you profits and in no way assist your subscribers, you will end up most of your subscribers while others will just archive your emails. Once you promise your subscribers a particular content, any emails you send them should be associated or related to the content in one way or another. Keeping track of the reasons for building up email subscriptions can allow you to create emails that are related to the content you promised the subscribers. In the digital age, your subscribers will have little patience for email subscriptions that do not benefit them in any way.

2. Too Many Emails

Emails provide a useful channel of communication to reach customers. The ease in which one can promote their products provides a temptation to utilize the email on any given time. Thus, this creates a problem since there is a thin line between over-promotion and under-promotion. Over-promotion is quite frustrating and is a huge reason why so many individuals and company lose their subscribers.

Even though what you are promoting is of high-quality and beneficial to the customers, the email subscribers will have problems keeping up with all the emails that you are sending. In the age of technology, individuals are easily distracted, and this small span of attention should be capitalized if you are to keep your subscribers interested in your content. There is no standard for the appropriate number of emails that you should send to your subscribers.

However, sending a little as 2-3 emails on a weekly basis should suffice for most subscribers. If you want to send emails on a daily basis, then this should be indicated such that the customers are informed before they can subscribe. If subscribers are informed of the frequency of the emails they receive, they will expect that you deliver on it. Otherwise, this could be yet another reason why you lose email subscribers.

3. The Visual Appeal of Emails

Email subscribers need to be enticed by your emails such that they look forward to receiving them. If you have been losing your email subscribers, it means that you have been sending your subscribers a non-appealing wall of text. The email you send may be quite appealing on some platforms and browsers, but if you have not optimized them to look good on all platforms, you may end up losing your customers.

Graphic designers are not necessary as there are plenty of email templates that can allow you to style up your emails as well as automatic marketing. If email subscribers have problems reading your emails on various devices, then they will instantly hit the unsubscribed button.

You should realize that most of your customers will use mobile devices to view your content. If you have not tested the appeal of your emails on various devices, there is a good chance this is why you are losing subscribers. The visual appeal of emails can lure email subscribers to continue reading your emails. If this is one area you have ignored, this could be the reason why you are losing your subscribers.

4. Other Reasons Why You Are Losing Email Subscribers

There are plenty of other reasons why you could be losing email subscribers. One of these reasons is how you are addressing the email subscribers. If your emails are not engaging the subscribers, there is a good chance that this is directly responsible for the high numbers of subscriptions you are facing. Emails need to feel personalized which is a brilliant way to ensure that the customers are tuned to what you are promoting.

Personalization of emails refers to creating emails that feel as if they are designed for the specific individuals in your email lists. If you are making errors in your emails, this can be a huge, and it is very tempting for the customers to unsubscribe. Also, buying email marketing lists is another reason why most subscribers might not be interested in what you are promoting.


It is essential to acknowledge that despite how much you attempt to prevent losing email subscribers, it is impossible to eradicate the chance of this occurrence completely. However, the identification of the missteps you have been taking will allow you to engage appropriately with your subscribers and form a bond with them. Hence, the individuals that will unsubscribe from your emails will be no concern as they will most likely have no impact as they offer no value to your company. Emails are a great tool to use and thus paying attention to how to use this will increase the benefits you get.

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