Email deliverability is the delivery of emails in the subscribers’ inboxes instead of spam folder. Keep reading for the more details.

Email deliverability is the most important element in email marketing. The reason behind this is that email marketing is not about just keep sending messages without knowing the results whether they are delivering in mailboxes or landing in spam folders. Rather, your message needs to be placed in the inbox of the recipient to get the maximum out of it.

Table of Contents

  1. What is email deliverability?
  2. Email deliverability vs email delivery
  3. Why does email deliverability matter?
    • It halts you from becoming a spammer
    • It improves the conversion rate
  4. What is email bounce?
    • Soft bounce
    • Hard bounce
  5. How to improve email deliverability?
    • Keep your email list hygienic
    • Add an unsubscribe link
    • Use a double opt-in process
    • Write a catchy subject line
  6. Conclusion

If you are unable to deliver your messages rightly, you are wasting your time, effort, money, and energy. So, landing in the user’s inbox is the first goal of email campaigns, and that is called email deliverability. Here another important point you need to learn is that there is a difference between email delivery and email deliverability.

When you successfully reach the mailbox of the recipients, your open and click-through rates get increased ultimately. The users do not bother about the messages in the spam folder, they remain there for several days and get deleted without even getting opened.

No matter how important the information you send, if you are stuck in the spam folder, your email marketing strategy turned out to be a failure. 50% of the total emails are sent to the junk folder every year.

It means that too much effort and time are being wasted. When the email placement will be higher, it will increase email deliverability, otherwise, vice versa.

In this guide, we shall discuss email deliverability and all the other relevant things in detail that you need to learn. Keep reading.

What Is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is the delivery of emails in the subscribers’ inboxes instead of spam folders. The basic purpose of sending an email campaign is to get higher open and click-through rate.

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If your emails are being sent to the junk folder, it is due to the email’s reputation. Sending emails is a different thing, whereas, delivering the emails in the mailbox is another thing.

Let us discuss it in detail:

Email Deliverability Vs Email Delivery

As mentioned above, email deliverability is different than email delivery:

Email Delivery: It is when an email is delivered to the user and the receiving server.

Email Deliverability: it is when your email lands in the subscriber’s mailbox successfully.

It is easy to send an email to the user, but sending your email to the mailbox is an art as well as a science. You can have good email delivery but at the same time, you can have poor email deliverability.

If the sender has a high reputation score, the ESP will allow it to be placed in the mailbox. Otherwise, it will activate the spam filters which have become so much sophisticated over time. If the reputation score is lower, it will be just a dream to land in the mailbox.

Why Does Email Deliverability Matter?

The performance of the email marketing campaigns is determined by the fact that where they will end up. If you are unable to reach the customer’s inbox, the performance will be reduced.

It matters due to the below-mentioned reasons:

It Halts You from Becoming a Spammer

If your emails will be landing in the spam folder continuously, you will be marked as a spammer by the ESPs. All you need to understand and learn is the email marketing strategy become you plan to send your email marketing campaign.

It Improves the Conversion Rate

The email marketing campaign is sent to the users compelling them to take some action. It helps in improving the conversion rate. What is the benefit of your effort if the emails are going to the junk folder? No one will open it up and it will ultimately minimize the conversion rate.

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If the emails are in the mailbox, it means that the chances of conversions are higher. With the arrival of email marketing automation software such as Mumara, you can track your email performance.

It gives you an opportunity to see real-time statistics and get timely results. It will help you change your email marketing strategy if needed.

What Is Email Bounce?

Email bounce is when the email is unable to reach the user’s junk folder, mailbox, promotional or social tab. In simple words, your email will never be seen by your subscribers.

It is due to the following reasons:

Soft Bounce

The soft bounce of the email is a temporary issue that doesn’t allow your email to be delivered to the user. We call it temporary because it happens due to several reasons. For example, if the mailbox of the user is full.

When a person is in a company he creates an email account in order to receive relevant information from different sources. When that person leaves the company, the email account becomes nonoperational.

The companies he opts in to receive information will keep sending information to that person, ultimately, the mailbox will get full. Another reason for that could be a down server, or if the email file is too large.

Previously, it was so stressful because the mailboxes allowed a very small number of messages space. Now, it only happens when the sending volume increases suddenly.

Hard Bounces

A hard bounce is a permanent bounce. It happens when the email address does not exist. When you try to reach these email addresses, your email will get a hard bounce. The best practice to deal with this issue is that you need to keep your email list healthy.

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Just keep an eye on the performance of your email campaigns, and get information about the email deliverability and the bounced emails. If you will keep your email list clean, it will help decrease the bounce rate.

If you will not work on this and keep sending the emails to these email addresses, it will hurt the email sender’s reputation and will decrease email deliverability.

How to Improve Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is highly important in making your marketing plan effective and successful. It has several benefits but is a bit tricky.

Here are some tested practices that will help you land rightly in the mailbox of the subscribers:

Keep Your Email Hygienic

If you are not keeping your email list healthy and hygienic, you will be on the losing side. That is why you need to keep a check on your email list. This all can happen when you will use reliable email marketing automation software.

By using it, you will be able to see your email campaign’s performance, including email bounces, open, and click-through rates. If you find some users who are continuously not opening up the emails, you need to wash them out of the email list.

It is not mandatory to check it every day, rather, you can decide the days or months, i.e., check after every two months. It will not only help you improve your email deliverability but also bring a relevant audience for your brand.

Add an Unsubscribe Link

People subscribe to your email newsletters to receive some information. If they will find your content relevant, they will keep reading your emails. On the other hand, if you will not send the information they need, they will start ignoring your emails and even deleting them without opening them.

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But still, if you will keep sending the emails, they will report you as spam. To avoid this problem, you need to add an unsubscribe button or link in the email so that your email list gets cleaned automatically.

Use a Double Opt-in Process

The users that subscribe from the double opt-in process are the best users, helpful for your email campaign success. These are the users who take some pain to subscribe through a confirmation link. It gives a second chance to the users to think about if they really want to subscribe to the email list.

It further helps you maintain a hygienic list and the subscribers will really look forward to receiving content from you.

Write a Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing a user sees when he receives the email. If it is not compelling, they ignore it and go to the next one. You can use emojis in the email subject lines to make them attractive and stand out in the crowd.

We know that email marketing brings a lot of benefits, which is why many marketers use this method to get connected with users. Not only this but make your email personalized and customized to give it a human touch.


To conclude, we can say that email deliverability is highly important to land in the user’s mailbox. You need to master the art of email marketing in order to increase the deliverability rate.

Further, you will need an email marketing automation tool, that will help you design and send your emails right in the inbox instead of the junk folder. 

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