E-commerce email marketing is slightly different from general email marketing. It means that in general email marketing, you send promotional emails to the users. Whereas, in e-commerce email marketing, you have to take care of transactional email marketing along with promotional email marketing such as order confirmation, purchase invoices, delivery ETAs, etc.

For your e-commerce business strategy, email marketing should be the primary weapon in your marketing arsenal. Sending email campaigns will help you get connected with the audience continuously and directly.

By sending emails regularly, you will be able to keep your users updated about existing and upcoming products. Email marketing for an e-commerce business is highly effective and enables you to increase your sales.

Some people are of the view that email marketing will see a downfall in the upcoming years which is totally against the trends graphically. According to the available stats, there are 4.2 billion email users are there in the world.

The number of users will be increased to 4.6 billion in 2025. This is a huge market that should not be ignored to get the maximum reach. The benefit of email marketing is that you can reach a global audience while sitting anywhere in the world in a one-on-one method.

Marketing through email solidifies the bond between the brand and the user where they appreciate each other or give suggestions for improvements. Through email marketing, you can send personalized promotions to the targeted audience in order to get more clicks.

In this article, we shall discuss what is e-commerce email marketing, and why it is important. There you go!

Table of Contents

  1. What is e-commerce email marketing?
  2. Why email marketing is important in e-commerce?
    • It is more effective than social media
    • Great return on investment
    • Helps in check-out completion
    • More conversions
  3. Types of e-commerce emails
    • Welcome emails
    • Re-engagement emails
    • Promotional emails
    • Feedback request emails
    • Post-purchase emails
  4. Conclusion

What Is E-commerce Email Marketing?

e-commerce email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your users through email. It is one of the best ways to promote your products and services right in the mailboxes of your audience. Letting your users know about the sales promotions well in time increase engagement, trust, and sales instantaneously.

what is e-commerce email marketing | Mumara

E-commerce email marketing is slightly different from general email marketing. It means that in general email marketing, you send promotional emails to the users. Whereas, in e-commerce email marketing, you have to take care of transactional email marketing along with promotional email marketing such as order confirmation, purchase invoices, delivery ETAs, etc.

Email is the most popular among the other marketing channels that help you link with your users efficiently and cost-effectively. As an e-commerce business owner, you can send abandoned cart emails by tracking the users through Mumara Tracking Pixels.

Sending emails for abandoned carts work wonders for building relationship and trust. Many businesses send emails to their users, you also need to improve your email marketing strategy to hold your users otherwise, other businesses will take them away.

Why Email Marketing Is Important in E-commerce?

If anyone feels that email marketing is obsolete, he needs to think twice due to the above-mentioned reasons. Email is one of the most trusted means to increase sales figures and users’ trust at the same time.

Several facts make e-commerce email marketing important, here are some of them, read them one by one:

It Is More Effective Than Social Media

According to market experts, email is 40 times more effective than social media channels such as Twitter, and Facebook. In email marketing, you can directly communicate with your users and send a customized message which is not available on social media platforms.

Although you can show the message to potential customers on social media, still there are many other distracting things available to divert users’ attention. On the contrary, when you send an email, it helps to engage users towards a single message and move them forward by clicking the call to action.

Great Return on Investment

Email marketing brings tremendous returns on investment as compared to other mediums. According to the available studies, email marketing enables you to generate 4200% ROI.

This huge return on investment is unmatchable that outperforms other marketing channels. The reason behind this is that you can segment your email list, and target your audience specifically.

Helps in Check-Out Completion

After sending a series of emails, you can convince your audience to make their way toward the checkout process. Constant communication process enables you to be at the top of the users’ minds. As an advantage, they think about you as a priority when they need a product you sell.

checkout completion | Mumara

For example, when someone adds an item to the cart, you can send follow-up emails to ask them to complete the checkout process. Here, we suggest you do not send too many emails as it annoys the recipients and the results turn negative.

Make sure you go with the balanced approach that converts leads into sales instead of forcing users to mark your emails as spam or unsubscribe.

More Conversions

Email marketing is responsible for more conversions because it is one of the best ways to connect with the audience. By sending your message frequently, you can build a relationship with your audience gradually that makes them your permanent fans. Once you establish trust in the eyes of the users, it will be helpful for you to influence the users which will result in increased conversions.

Types of E-commerce Emails

Here are the types of emails that you can send for your e-commerce business:

Welcome Emails

A welcome email is the first step to kick-start the communication process. This is a making or breaking moment because you will establish a relationship with your users. According to the stats, around 64% of the users expect a welcome email as soon as they subscribe to your email list or services.

This email acts as a confirmation that the user is added to the list. In this email, you can tell them about your business in brief and what you actually do.

Re-Engagement Emails

There is nothing to surprise to find the disengaged subscribers. It is quite obvious that some of the users do not engage with your emails as you want even though they know your brand.

re-engagement ecommerce email marketing | Mumara

In order to deal with such customers, you can send re-engagement emails so that they should not miss out on any updates from you. If you want to engage them immediately, send special offers and discounts with personalized emails to make them feel special.

Promotional Emails

We frequently receive promotional emails right in our mailboxes every day. While sending these emails to the users, craft your email subject line, and email body in the finest form so that it should stand out from the competition.

We would suggest you use emojis in the subject line so that the users get your attention as soon as your email lands in the mailbox. These emails narrow the sales process and inspire the users to take the step to purchase. Promotional emails for e-commerce build trust in the eyes of the audience and pave the way to make them brand advocates.

Feedback Request Emails

Feedback is the best way to improve the services. Always ask for reviews about your services. Never mind if the customers give negative reviews, rather, try to fulfill their requirements and improve your products or services.

Post-purchase Emails

post-purchase email marketing | Mumara

Making your visitor your permanent client is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to hold your audience, and it happens when you give them some importance. In this regard, post-purchase emails are necessary to give your users a sense of satisfaction that the purchase process has been successfully completed.


Email marketing brings a lot of fruit for e-commerce businesses. All you need to build your own email list and segment it according to the users’ personas. Keep an eye on the users’ movement, and send frequent email campaigns. We suggest you use Mumara for your email marketing process.

Make your emails crispy and attractive to increase engagement. Retain your users by giving them a special place, and making them feel at home. That is all about the success of your e-commerce email marketing.

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