An email template is a ready-to-use, editable template that a person can use to give a professional look to his email. A perfect email template is one that should match the tone and outlook of your business.

Email marketing is outperforming other channels of marketing for decades because it has become one of the best means of one-on-one communication. The reason behind this is that email marketing has improved excellently by introducing several innovations – email templates are one of them.

The email copies and designs are responsible for making or breaking your relationship with the users. People take more interest in content that is beautifully designed rather than a simple plain layout. Email marketing has become so popular that almost every successful business uses it to get benefits.

For that reason, you find more emails in your mailbox than ever before. According to the stats, around eight percent of recipients delete the email instantly if it is not appealing or responsive. This is something serious to worry about because if we talk in digits, 8 out of 10 people delete your email due to that reason.

If you pay some extra time to the email design before you send it, or choose a readymade email template from the email marketing automation platform such as Mumara you use, you get the results.

Interestingly, when you use an email template, it will save you time to design one, and it increases engagement at the same time. You should not take your email marketing campaigns casually, rather think of it like a project that needs attention.

In this article, we shall discuss what is an email template, how can you create it, and what are the benefits.

Table of Contents

  1. What is an email template?
  2. Benefits of using email templates

• It saves time
•Personalized experience
•Reduce error margin
•It Boosts ROI

3. Choose templates on Mumara, give a professional look to your email

What Is an Email Template?

In simple words, an email template is a ready-to-use, editable template that a person can use to give a professional look to his email. A perfect email template is one that should match the tone and outlook of your business.

What is email templates | Mumara

If not, then it will be enough to shatter customers’ trust in your business, and overall reputation. When you choose a template for your email campaigns, it reduces your exertions and increases engagement in the full swing.

Otherwise, if you are not using a template, you will have to add some extra hours to your watch to design your campaign making it responsive. On the contrary, when you choose an email template, you need not worry about the aforementioned things because those aspects will already be settled.

These templates are generally designed by professionals who already knew how to use the best images, fonts, and colors to attract more eyeballs.

Benefits of Using Email Templates

Email templates give you the experience of sending an email campaign without sitting before the screen and starting from scratch. Rather, all you need is to choose a template that suits your requirements and edit it according to the users.

Here are some of the benefits that can be taken when you use email marketing templates:

It Saves Time

When you use an email template, you do not need to create email campaigns from the scratch. This method saves a lot of precious hours that can be spent on marketing strategy to find more ways of making it successful.

templates save your time because they are readymade

As we find these templates editable, it becomes easy for you to change the content, and upload relevant pictures to make it all yours. Along with it, you do not need to design different places and find the parts where to put the text. All you need is to click the picture where text is already available and write your own that represents your brand or business.

Personalized Experience

Personalization is one of the biggest truths of today. Around 90 percent of businesses are of the view that their success is due to sending personalized content to the users. But here a question arises how can an email template make you successful when it is used by many? The answer is that the ready-to-use templates can be modified.

You can use your logo, pictures of your product or service can be used, and you can edit the text also. Along with it, more personalization factors can also be added such as the recipient’s name. Selecting a template, and making it yours with the necessary amendments can make your email campaign successful to the fullest.


Email templates increase efficiency by giving you support in managing your time. When you use a template, it enables you to produce the campaigns faster, as the design and code are already written, so you don’t have to worry about it. Writing a perfect email is not an easy task.

Selecting a template will put you in a situation to just select it, and copy-paste the content where required. Templates for email marketing are used by mature organizations because they spend the other hours on strategy-making that keeps those organizations ahead of the competition.

Reduce Error Margin

When you type an email copy manually for every email campaign, it increases the error margin. On the other hand, readymade templates give you the idea to just select and edit them with the appropriate information.

email templates reduce error margin | Mumara

When there are typos and errors in your email, it will give an unprofessional look, resultantly, your users will stop taking you seriously anymore. We suggest you avoid these mistakes so you keep your reputation get going.

It Boosts ROI

The only science behind increasing the return on investment (ROI) is to make them as engaging as possible. A well-designed email template is made to attract the users’ attention instantly. There are many factors that are counted to gauge the ROI, such as open and click-through rate, clicking on the CTA present in the email, etc.

These all factors lead to an increase in the return on investment. When there are more clicks, there are more chances of sales that result in your business growth.

Choose Templates on Mumara, Give a Professional Look to Your Emails

From the above discussion, we are sure that you have learned about email templates, and their benefits in detail. Now is the time to show you a way forward from where you can select those professional templates we discussed earlier.

email templates in Mumara

For that reason, we suggest you choose the email templates available with Mumara. Mumara always tries to give an all-in-one marketing solution to increase your sales and business. Mumara comes up with dozens of ready-to-use email templates to meet your business and professional needs.

To get those templates, all you need is to log in to your Mumara account, and navigate to Setup>Templates>Templates Gallery. Here you will see multiple templates that you can make all yours according to your subscription plan. Get started now!

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