So, are you an email marketer and looking forward to stepping up your game? Well, that's a calculated move that may see your sales grow in leaps and bounces. However, Navigating, analyzing and sorting through a bulky mailbox is a delicate and time-consuming endeavor considering how convoluted and intricate most ESPs (email service provider) have become today.

Seriously guy, don’t mistake us, but honestly most emailing solutions available are not cut for the communication intensive operations crucial in the modern email marketing environment. I mean, ESPs like Amazon SES and Sendgrid offer pretty good services when it comes to managing small scale email procedures. Unfortunately, despite their state of the art design, most lack the flexibility, precision, and capacity needed for handling bulk email campaigns.

For any online entrepreneur, establishing seamless communication avenue, building better marketing relationship and fostering new business opportunities is vital to the success of your venture. Apparently, this may not be possible with your typical ESP subscription plan. To achieve this you will need to invest in a well consolidated, fully automated and flexible email marketing app. And that’s where Mumara comes in!

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A Brief Sneak Peek-What is Mumara?

Mumara is a widespread pool of SaaS applications and client engagement tools fully optimized to enhance your multi-channel promotion strategy. A fully automated and systemized emailing app, complete with seamless integrations capabilities with dozens of leading ESPs like Amazon SES, Mumara offers a cost-effective channel perfect for efficiently handling high data mails.

First and foremost, Mumara is an insanely cost-effective platform with subscription plans as low as $47 per month. Inclusive of two main versions; Mumara campaigns and Mumara classic, this revolutionary marketing app gives you a higher level of engagement. And lets you enjoy the freedom of sending emails.

To keep you at the top of the game, Mumara showers you with incredible functionalities and features including:

  • Autoresponder function- utilizes a comprehensive database to intelligently respond to emails thus reducing your overall workload
  • Marketing automation function-greatly improves user experience through automatically activating a sequence of actions depending on your target ultimately maintaining the market flow
  • Campaign segmentation- helps you to run more effective promotion strategies through lead categorization 
  • Personalization Options-this function enables users to develop more personalized emails that resonate with customers and nurtures a direct connection thus building a one on one relationship crucial for client retention.
  • Multithreading feature ideal for performing parallel emailing especially when running large scale campaigns
  • Advanced analytics tools
  • Domain masking capability
  • A/B testing

In summation, Mumara is a comprehensive package inclusive of advanced features and unlimited add-ons intended to establish you as the ultimate icon in your area of specialization. The platform capitalizes on establishing a direct link with your email service provider through its SMTP interface thus giving you added flexibility and improved capability. 

6 Main Reasons why you should Choose Mumara for your Amazon SES

While Amazon is one of the most popular email service provider available in the current industry. Leading email marketing applications are typically designed to capitalize on the opportunity it presents. With so many options to choose from, it may get overwhelming and confusing zeroing on the best program to integrate your Amazon SES account with.

Luckily we got your back! After detailed research and numerous expert consultations, Mumara emerges as our ultimate email marketing app for your Amazon SES and here are the top 6 reasons why:

1. Seamless Integration

If you are looking for a picture perfect email marketing app that will perfectly connect with all the functionalities of your Amazon SES account. And enable you to view and manage your entire database in comfort, Mumara would be a great option. 

Designed with simple but user-friendly interfaces linking Mumara with your Amazon SES is incredibly easy and straightforward. Unlike other ESPs, with Mumara you don’t have to enter any code or need to have any technical knowledge integrate the two. Besides that, the seamless integration greatly enhances full system automation ultimately providing you with improved flexibility and control over your campaigns.

2. Offers limitless Emailing Capability and Scalability

Secondly, Mumara gives you the opportunity to conduct limitless campaigns. I mean, with most other ESPs, you will have to create texts in a sandbox which presents a whole lot of limitations when it comes to sending emails. For example, with the sandbox, you can just only send 200 emails per day and one message per second. In addition to that, you will have to verify receiving domains which cause a problematic situation especially when you are looking forward to sending bulk emails.

Highly advanced and fully automated, Mumara removes your Amazon SES account from the sandbox and lets you configure your desired sending limit and also automatically verifies the recipient domains thus greatly improving your capabilities and scope of your email campaigns. Simply there will be no sending limitations and you will have a fluid experience when sending emails.

Provides Insightful Email Analysis

To lead successful email campaigns, constantly evaluating the state of sent messages is vital. Monitoring the state of each sent email gives you a deeper insight into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy thus providing proper guidance on the best call of action in order to achieve your goals.

Most email marketing programs integrated with Amazon SES account generally overlook the importance of performance analysis thus making it impossible for subscribers to get their fingers on the state of sent emails. On the other hand, however, Mumara comes with a comprehensive infrastructure which is perfectly tuned to give you a detailed delivery report. With proper configurations on the campaign interface, Mumara captures and analyzes the email activity on your Amazon SES account thus providing you with a more definitive picture of your marketing strategies.

Easy to Configure

If you are looking for a user-friendly email marketing app that will give you an easy time when configuring with your Amazon SES account, you should consider Mumara. The app comprises a highly intelligent system complete with a sending node function that automatically references and connects with your ESP account which quickly authenticates your set up procedure.

Just like all other APIs within promotion oriented apps, configuring the Mumara sending node with the Amazon SES account is not only detailed but also very easy.

. Offers Improved Flexibility 

Mumara is one of the most flexible emailing apps available today. Boasting of seamless integration and an easy to configure procedure, this solution greatly streamlines your Amazon SES operations. Whether sending bulky emails including pictures and videos, Mumara is the ultimate emailing solution for that. Besides quickly sending high volume emails in real time, this feature-rich program provides multiple subscription plans that enable users to choose the most realistic and affordable package. 

Depending on your specific needs, Mumara offers you limitless capability and unprecedented flexibility on how you wish to conduct your campaigns. provided both as a service and software, you can either go for a more convenient and cheaper (Saas) option or consider the complex but more consolidated (self-hosted)version.

6. More Sustainable

Email marketing is a double-edged sword. If done correctly, it is massively rewarding but when wrongly done the whole endeavor can be a total mess and may even turn costly. As an email marketer, maximum email delivery is important if you want to reap optimal rewards. But since each and every sent message comes at a cost, armature email promoters are having a hard time mastering cost-effective and sustainable campaigns especially for entrepreneurs operating on Amazon.

To ensure deliverability on your Amazon SES account, you need to invest in a comprehensive emailing app and Mumara would be a great option. Loaded with top-notch reporting and analytics tools integrating this app with your Amazon SES account will help boost engagement and provide with detailed campaign analysis thus fostering better decisions.


In summation, Mumara is a real deal breaker especially for individuals with an Amazon SES account. It is a comprehensive platform that will change your emailing marketing perception. Inclusive of multiple subscription plans with various prices and an extensive feature list, Marketing by Mumara gives you flexibility in terms of sending options as well as provide advanced system automation. It lets you send bulk emails with improved efficiency and also provides with detailed email analysis. To get a more definitive understanding of why you should consider this emailing system for your Amazon SES, sign up for the free Mumara demo account.

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