17 email sequences to send to your clients!

Firstly you should remember that automation is your best friend here. You will need a scalable tool to help you to send out the email sequences that we are about to share with you. Choose none other than Mumara to be able to share the most diverse trigger possibilities with your business. Then, second of all. You should really automate things.

How is automation different from triggers?

The answer is plain and simple, (but, not really) = Artificial intelligence.

The love affair between Artificial intelligence and Mumara.

According to artificial intelligence, Mumara is able to navigate in the minds of the clients you choose to use it on. It is able to pre-empt, decipher and perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Triggers are basically the best dynamic way to improve your marketing game. Precisely these allow you to have an outstanding amount of dynamic feel to your email campaign. The triggers allow you to have a good quality email marketing strategy executed as and when needed without regular nudges and scheduling. 

Here are about 17 email sequences that can work on Triggers:

Subscriber activity

When someone becomes your subscriber you can send them an automated email. And then depending on whether they open it or not, you can send them another email campaign.  

Onboarding series

For new clients, you can begin an onboarding series. They are onboard so systematically welcome them and give them a look and feel or a tour of your place.

Education series

Educate your clients. Teach them things. People who sign up for information want information. Give them what they crave automatically.

 Email sequences | Mumara

Welcome message sequences

It is nice to greet people. Why waste an opportunity now? Welcome new visitors and tell them about yourself and your hospitality.

Respond to subscriber updates

Not opening an email means nothing is happening, this can be used as a trigger too. So if the people are not opening your mails, you can reach them out.

Thank pop-up form subscribers

Tell them thanks, and then pick it from there. People love it when you thank them so it’s a great conversation starter.

17 email sequences to send to your clients | Mumara

Recover abandoned carts

Sure, we all leave a little product un-shopped in our carts. Those abandoned carts can use an email reminder to get them back.

Specific Product Follow-Up

Maybe you launched a special edition product, someone bought it? Now it’s time for them to review it and tell you their feedback.

Reward customer loyalty

You can automate a whole loyalty program through email sequences. This can be set up manually or through scalable ways as well.

Best customers

Even if loyalty points are not your thing you can reward your best customers right away.

Category Follow-Up

So, Chit Chat with your clients regarding the categories and ask them if they want to see more similar products.

Any Product Follow-Up

Want to start or end a product? Before you do that, consult your clients. You can even do this randomly by automating an email every x number of days to a client to leave feedback.

First purchase

Does someone make the first purchase? Go tap them on the back, but not yourself through your Mumara automation engine. 

Smarter Product Recommendations

Integrate your store to be able to give your clients a smart product recommendation. 

Send broadcast

Got any other ideas? Then send a broadcast. It can help you a lot.

Email Automation with Mumara | Mumara
17 email sequences to send to your clients!

Send a notification email 

Activity happening? Notify your email list. So, talk to them about new features through triggers. 

Product restocked

If your product is restocked, then let those who wanted to know, know, automatically.

The automation via triggers is not just limited to this. There is more. Moreover, it asks you to further narrow down the repetition frequency by selecting:

  • Which day of the month and on what time
  • Which day of the week and on what time
  • What time daily
  • After how many hours in case of selecting Hours
  • Also, after how many minutes in case of selecting Minutes should your mail be sent?

Sounds fun? It is. Deal with multiplied clients, in minimized time. Start now

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