When it comes to marketing, there is nothing better than sending welcome emails to your new customers to make them feel special in every way. Everyone needs respect and special attention just like especially when they are your customers. Keep reading to know about welcome emails and why they are important!

The welcome emails are sent to the users as soon as they sign up for your newsletter or brand. When you make a good first impression at a personal or a business meeting, it is the first thing that moves the relationship ahead. All you need to be caring and interesting for the person on the other side of the table to feel good with you or your brand.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a welcome email?
  2. Why welcome emails are so crucial to send?
  3. Top-notch benefits of welcome emails
  4. How to write a welcome email?
    • Craft a welcome note
    • Start knowing your new customer
    • Add an offer
    • Add a call to action
    • Make your welcome email mobile friendly
    • Extend a helping hand
  5. How do welcome emails work?
  6. How to send a welcome email?
  7. Conclusion

This is the point that makes you different from others to create a flow in your upcoming endeavors. Being caring and trying to be caring are two different concepts. Sometimes, it spins the head to create a balanced approach to running the relationship.

When it comes to marketing, there is nothing better than sending welcome emails to your new customers to make them feel special in every way. Everyone needs respect and special attention just like you especially when they are your customers.

The reason behind this is that there are many others who run a business like yours, so you need to be extra caring to hold the attention of the users in every manner. Therefore, when a person signs up with your store, basically he says ‘I am interested in your product’.

Now it is your part to welcome him and open a line of communication that bears fruit in a long run – welcome emails are the best option in this regard.

In this article, we tell you what are welcome emails, why they are crucial, and how they work, keep reading!

What Is a Welcome Email?

 A welcome email is the first interaction between the brand and a new customer when they show some interest in you. The welcome email is sent to confirm the onboarding of the new subscriber via an email message. This is the first step to kick-start automation workflow.

What is a welcome email | Mumara

It is your responsibility for being a caring store owner to send a welcome email as soon as a visitor signs up for your newsletter. Another variation is that usually, retailers send a thank you email, i.e., “thank you for signing up”.

This is equally good for the users to start further communication by welcoming your audience. If you want to start this process, you will be needing email automation software like Mumara. The reason behind this is that it is not possible for you to send a welcome email manually to every user who subscribes to your newsletter.

Automated welcome emails work in this procedure to extend a helping hand to the brands and E-stores. This could be a series of emails that you send to give a brief introduction to your brand and the way forward.

Another thing that an email automation tool could do for you is you can set up a signup form. Adding a signup form will help you create a segment on your email list.

Why Welcome Emails Are So Crucial to Send?

Welcome emails are so important for the above-mentioned reasons. They are the best way to start a communication workflow with the subscribers. Not only this, these emails make users feel happy and confident that they have chosen the right brand.

Along with it, when users signup for your newsletter, 74% of them expect to receive a welcome email. This is a huge number that must not be neglected while creating an email marketing strategy. Further, a welcome email has a more open rate of as much as 30% as compared to the other email campaigns.

 According to the data, welcome emails get five times more clicks than other emails. All this data shows that welcome emails can bring a lot of opportunities for you to increase your return on investment.

Top-Notch Benefits of Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the best source to increase the credibility of your brand. If you are a passive communicator, it will increase the trust deficit between you and your subscriber. A nicely designed email is mandatory to warm up the user and push him through the sales funnel.

benefits of thank you emails | Mumara

Along with it, a welcome or thank you email is the first step of communication, so you can tell a brief story of your brand to the newcomers. In this part, mention some interesting facts behind the scenes and your success story.

Here is an interesting tip: when you tell your success story to your new user, you need to mention the success stories of other users who got benefits from your products. This will boost the morale of the new subscribers and they will take more interest in your brand.

Intelligent retailers play a trick in the welcome email and give some offers on the different products. This helps to increase sales without any delay. These are the messages that are responsible for a high conversion rate and subscribers love to receive them.

How to Write a Welcome Email?

Writing a welcome email is an art as well as a science. It means that you have to be tricky while crafting focus on every segment of the email and make it concise at the same time. Here are some of the tips and tricks to create a killer welcome email:

Craft a Welcome Note

The opening of the welcome email must reflect your brand’s personality. It needs to be a warm but brief introduction of your company to give a glimpse to the user where he comes from. Then, you need to craft a welcome note where you will pay thanks to the subscriber for being a part of your brand.

For example, you can write ‘welcome to [company name] family’ or ‘thank you for signing up for the email list’ etc. There is no final verdict to writing a welcome note, but it must go with your brand tone.

How to write welcome emails | Mumara

For instance, if you are running a beauty store and a new user subscribes to your email list, you can write ‘hey beautiful girl! We were expecting you to be here. It’s nice to meet you.”

Start Knowing Your New Customer

You must go with a kind of flow where you will write your email to start knowing your subscriber. Adopt a conversational style instead of bombarding promotional emails from day one. Build a rapport with your customer and realize to him that he is more than a customer.

For that reason, make your email to the point and add some offers or coupons. This will compel the users to reply to your email. The response to the first email will give an essence that what kind of email your user wants to receive in the future.

Add an Offer

As mentioned in the above lines that adding an offer will conclude the deal at once. Further, it has another benefit that if your user buys a product at a discounted rate, he will become your brand ambassador to tell his friends and family to sign up for you and get the discounts.

It will ultimately increase your sales. This is the point where you will prove the quality of your brand. If you win the heart of the user, he will become a fan of your brand to be a permanent customer.

Add a Call to Action

A call to action in a welcome email is just like an elixir. It means that when you write a compelling email and your user gets convinced, he will go for taking an action. What if he does not get any call to action?

This will make your user disappointed and your strategy will not do anything for you. Here is a pro tip for you that you must add a button instead of a hyperlink. The call to action button looks more prominent as compared to the links.

You should also be focused on one call to action. If you will mention it more than once, it will confuse your user to take any further action.

Make Your Welcome Email Mobile Friendly

People of today rely more on mobile phones for communication rather than desktops. An effective email marketing strategy is one that is mobile-friendly. According to stats, around 79% of the users use mobile devices to read email. Can you ignore this huge number? Certainly can’t!

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Hence, it must be part of your strategy to make your welcome email mobile-friendly to avoid being a waste.

Extend a Helping Hand

This is among the most important parts of the welcome email. As soon as a user signs up for your newsletter, you must give him the satisfaction that he is at the right place. For that reason, you need to address the pain points of the users and give them a solution.

For example, if you are an email automation software, you will tell your users that you can help them to make the email automation process easy for them. Send emails to every individual one by one can make the process so difficult.

Helping Hand | Mumara

An automated email system will give the luxury to the users to design an email campaign, send it and track the results. This trick surely melts down the users for your product for easy conversion. Further, provide your users with helpful guides and documentation that helps them use your product.

How Do Welcome Emails Work?

Welcome emails increase your open and click-through rate instantaneously. According to estimates, welcome emails have a 91% open rate. This is a huge thing that cannot be denied whatsoever. When a user signs up for your newsletter, he looks forward to receiving a welcome email.

This creates a curiosity in the users to open it up, and if you have played well in the email with the coupons and call to action, you will get the fruit. When you have a more open rate, it means that you will have more click-through rate as well.

This click-through rate will increase the sales that will help in taking your business to new heights of success. According to Invesp, welcome emails generate up to 320% more revenue as compared to other emails. A welcome email starts the communication process and helps in increasing sales.

How to Send a Welcome Email?

We had had enough in the above lines that the welcome emails come up with various advantages. Now is the time to learn how to send welcome emails. Welcome emails are basically sent through an automation process that depends on email automation tools.

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All you need to set up drip campaigns to achieve your goal. In this process, you will add a series of emails that will be sent to the users according to the predefined time and space.

We suggest you use Mumara, design your beautiful welcome emails and send them to the users you want.


Welcome emails are a great way to catch the attention of the users to make them permanent clients. As we already know that after signing up for newsletters, 74% of the users expect a welcome email. Being a marketer or business owner, you need to come up with the expectations of the users.

Welcome emails are a pure method to increase engagement, open, and click-through rates in the most sophisticated manner. Further, you get a chance to introduce your brand briefly and you focus on your product to excel in the market.

All you need to choose one of the best email automation software that takes care of your automation process.

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