Email drip marketing is one of the superlative methods to keep the customers engaged. If you have not thought about it previously, read this blog to get complete information.

Email drip marketing newsletters are among the superlative methods to be in touch with your audience. These newsletters are sent to the audience periodically at a predefined particular time. Have you ever thought that what will happen if you send the same regular newsletter to the new subscribers? If you have not thought about it previously, think about it now for a better engagement.

Table of Contents

  1. What is drip campaign: Explanation
  2. When is the time to send a drip email campaign?
  3. Why do you need email drip marketing?
  4. Types of email drip campaigns
    • Onboarding drip campaigns
    • Welcome drip campaigns
    • Post-purchase campaigns
    • Promotional drip campaigns
    • Abandoned shipping carts
  5. How to create a drip marketing campaign?
  6. Conclusion

The reason behind it is that every new subscriber expects some value from you in return when he wants to hear more from you. This idea never works well in the long run if you ignore the newcomers. So, what will work in this regard? We have a solution, you need to send a welcome email to them to show some respect and give them a sense of comfort that you want them to have.

These kinds of emails are sent the moment they sign up. These emails are often called drip campaigns. Not only this, but some of the other names are also available, i.e., automated emails, drip marketing, marketing automation, auto-responders, etc. These emails are sent instantly as soon as someone takes action, for example, sign up.

After sending the first email, a series or set of marketing emails in the pipeline is to be sent at some particular time. Drip marketing means sending automated emails to the audience to encourage them the sales.

What Is a Drip Campaign: Explanation

As we have hinted above that a drip campaign is a method of email marketing where a set of automated emails are relayed to the users based on particular actions. These drip emails are sent when a user opted in to receive emails from you. If you commit a mistake by sending the emails to the users without taking their consent, it will turn out to be harmful to you.

Here point to ponder is what happens if you do not take the consent of a user? There is a chance that the user will report you as spam. This activity is so negative for your brand reputation as well as your IPs. Coming back to the point, drip campaigns are to be sent to the interested users and you do not need to write a separate email every time.

If you use an intelligent email marketing automation tool, you will be able to send an email campaign in a personalized manner where you can mention the recipient’s name, company, and much more. The drip marketing campaign is relayed to send the right information to the users at the right time.


Let us understand this phenomenon with an example. For instance, if a user subscribes to your blogs, the first email that he must receive is the welcome email where you can receive the user open-heartedly and tell him something about your company. After two to three days, you can send him a blog that is most read and contain all the information in the best possible manner.

The most beautiful thing about a drip campaign is that it is sent automatically based on triggers. Studies show that drip email marketing campaigns are highly beneficial because they increase by 119% chances in click rate. What is most important for you to keep in mind is that you need not have a balanced approach while sending drip emails. If you overdo it, it will do nothing but annoy your user.

When Is the Time to Send a Drip Email Campaign?

The basic goal to send a drip email campaign is to engage your users and tell them about your new and existing products. Primarily, a drip campaign is sent to nurture subscribers. These emails are sent to convert the leads into sales. For that purpose, you need to use an email marketing automation tool where you can design your email campaigns the way you want and send them to the segmented list as per your plan.

send a drip email campaign at the right time

Although there is no hard and fast rule to sending a drip campaign, you need to keep certain things in mind. First of all, you need to make sure that the drip email must be sent immediately after someone takes an action. The next email can be sent after a particular time but as mentioned above you need to go with a sensible approach. The email marketers never suggest sending too many emails.

When you are planning to send an email campaign, put yourself in the shoes of users. In that way, you will realize that no one likes too many emails without any reason. If there is no particular or competent reason to send the email, do not send it ever.

Why Do You Need Email Drip Marketing?

Email drip marketing campaigns are highly beneficial in various ways. These emails are used to increase brand awareness. Further, drip emails are exceedingly time and cost-effective. As we know these are automated emails, therefore, you need to wait for the user to send an email. Rather, once a user subscribes to you, the set of emails starts itself.

why do you need email drip marketing

Personalized emails make the scenario more beautiful. The recipients of these tailored drip email campaigns feel at home because they are called by their name instead of a generic email message.

Types of Drip Email Campaigns

A drip campaign can have endless incarnations. Some of the most common are as under:

  1. Onboarding drip campaigns
  2. Welcome drip campaigns
  3. Post-purchase campaigns
  4. Promotional drip campaigns
  5. Abandoned shopping carts

Onboarding Drip Campaigns

When a person submits his email via a form, now is the time to welcome them on board by sending valued and interesting content. The onboard drip campaign is relayed to keep a lead engaged and turn it into a sale. In your emails, build trust with the leads and facilitate them to talk to your sales team in any need.

On your side, make sure that your sales team is available all the time if you claim 24/7 services. If your audience gets in any need and finds you unresponsive, you will be on the losing side. To develop an interest in your niche, you can send valuable content like case studies and blog posts in your email drip campaigns.

Not only this, based on your audience’s purchase intent, you can send different emails with the product details so that the user may take interest and take some action.

Welcome Drip Campaigns

welcome drip campaign

As soon as a prospect joins your email list, he expects you to send a confirmation email. This is the point where you can grab the attention of your prospects by and large. A series of welcoming emails can be sent where you can tell the users about your products, and achievements and most importantly make them realize in a sophisticated way that you care for them a lot.

Once the trust is built, they will become the mouthpiece of your brand and you will be able to grow your sales. Discounts and free coupons are also one of the best options where you to attain the maximum attention of your audience. This will motivate to take a required action not only on the discounted call to action but also on the other products in the future.

Post-purchase Campaigns

Post-purchase email drip marketing campaigns are the best ways to tell your audience that you care what they purchase. It is never easy to hold the customers when there are a lot of choices in the market. customers keep moving from one shop to other to get the most relevant item.

We have noticed that sometimes we purchase from a shop completely dependent on the polite behavior of the shopkeeper. We do not shop at a store where we do not get value from the sales staff and the owner. Customers always prefer to buy the things where they get attention from the staff. Here is a point you need to understand is that you need to pay thanks after the purchase.

It is not a good sign that you keep sending them sales emails and when a purchase has been made you do not pay heed to it. Rather you have to send a post-purchase email drip campaign and tell the users how much this purchase is necessary and meaningful for you.

Promotional Drip Campaigns

A business always starts to make profits. These profits do not come themselves and easy, rather you have to put some effort into it. These efforts do not mean that you open the business, sit on the chair and wait for the customers. That would be a wrong strategy, moderately speaking you have to go behind the customers and offer them something worth them.

promotional drip campaign

In this regard, sales promotions are the best thing you can ever make. Sending promotional drip campaigns is responsible to increase your sales to the great extent. Here you send these emails with occasional and seasonal deals. Promo codes and flash offers do the work as heavy duty in this regard.

Abandoned Shipping Carts

What if you send periodic newsletters, and convince your customers to make purchases; they come to you online, add some items to the carts, and leave them abandoned? According to Mark Macdonald from Shopify, 67% of the shopping carts remain abandoned. It means that a huge number of customers make the things half done, rather we need to say that nothing is done at all because the purchase is not made.

But whenever there is a problem, it comes up with a solution. So the solution in this regard is that all you need to remind the users about those abandoned carts. This can be done by sending abandoned shipping cart drip campaigns. An automation drip campaign is used to re-engage the customers to hit the ‘BUY’ button and complete the purchase.

How to Create an Email Drip Marketing Campaign?

In the above lines, we have explained the email drip marketing campaign in detail. Along with it, we have discussed some of the types of drip campaigns that are usually used to engage and re-engage the customers in the best possible manner.

Now is the time to explain the method of creating a drip marketing campaign. To make your campaign is not as hard as you think, rather it is tricky. All you need is to focus on the understood steps where you make the things right in line for the best results.

Choose an Email Marketing Automation Software

How will you send a drip campaign? Is it possible for you to send a drip marketing campaign to your hundreds and thousands of customers individually? That will be probably one of the most difficult, stressful, and hectic tasks. So what do you need to solve this problem? You need to spend some time, analyzing the market and selecting the finest and most reasonable automated drip campaign software.

automated marketing software | Mumara

We suggest you use Mumara for the best results. A marketing automation software must be eligible to integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Along with it, it must come with real-time statistics that help you to modify your drip marketing campaign well in time.

Last but not least, the email marketing software that you use must be user-friendly and easy to handle for countless email marketing campaigns.

Identify Your Targeted Audience & Goal

Drip campaigns are sent to the audience that is broken in the list into different segments. Therefore, make checks and cross-checks while sending the email drip marketing campaigns to your audience. it means that for example you have created an email campaign for ‘List A’ having an age limit of 20-30 years might be harmful and useless if you send it to ‘List B’ having age limit 50-60.

Likewise, you must be aware of the goal of your email drip campaign too. Set your goal beforehand according to the prerequisites, for example, whether you want to sell something to the existing customers or want to nurture the potential leads.

Decide well what action you want to take to determine the roadmap of your drip marketing campaign. In this regard you can ask a few questions yourself including:

  • Do you want to promote a new service?
  • Do you want to get audience feedback?
  • Are you thinking about increasing brand awareness?
  • Is revenue generation your agenda?
  • Is it an engagement booster drive?

Once you decide on the goal, you will easily identify your targeted audience.

Design Your Message Well

After deciding the audience and the goal of your message, now is the time to craft your message according to the expectations of the recipients. Your message must be finely designed that provide help to the users and grab their full attention. whenever you craft the message for your email drip marketing campaign, stress the point that what your audience will get from this message.

Send the message only when it is worthy enough to be sent, otherwise, it will annoy the recipients. Pitch your voice well in the message and it must be according to your brand. Highlight the services well plus tell the right thing you have to offer. If you do not offer what you are saying, that will be a nice move to lose your audience.

design your email message well

A pro tip here you need to remember that a personalized message always wins the game for you. Open your mailbox and have a look at the unopened emails. You will likely open the customized message that is made for you. So, you need to focus on this aspect by and large.


To conclude in a nutshell, we can say that a drip marketing campaign that you send successfully provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). You need to focus on the above points to make it successful, one of them is the selection of the best suitable automated email drip marketing campaign software.

Many brands are using this method to boost sales to the large extent. Properly written messages and the use of perfect visuals are the souls of your drip campaign.  

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