If you are looking for one of the smartest ways to cash on holiday sales and become an email marketing pro before the holiday season begins then November is the perfect month to do. Especially if Mumara is on board. You will be able to remind, track, and insist your customers’ avail of all your top options with the help of regular but intelligent email updates via Mumara

Become an Email Marketing Pro This Season With Mumara

Here is a brief look at the holidays coming this season:

  • Diwali
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • New Years Eve

Now a combination of these events and global sales such as Boxing day, Black Friday, and DigiMonday, can be exceptional times for you to advertise in a subtle and welcoming manner to your end-users. The idea is that you can attract major sales with the smallest incentives.

Here are some vital aspects that go into an exceptional holiday and special event marketing techniques. So, here is how to become an email marketing pro this season.

Email Markeitng automation with Mumara

Customer Faith

The customer has to know that you are not spamming them in order for them to even open or consider opening your email.

Quality Emails

You can not send faulty email campaigns with trashy images, or broken links to your customers. As a marketer, you must know what you are sending and whether that is effective at all or not.

Being Relevant 

Staying current means cashing in on all recent events, and offering special offers in the light of them. Customers love brands that are up to date. It makes them feel fancy.


If you gave customers a Thanksgiving discount then they would be expecting a Christmas sale or new year offer too. After all, everybody wants this dooms year to end.

Early Birds 

Email marketing allows you to upsize on all opportunities. So if there are any customers of your brand who can not wait until the next offer then they will be delighted to get your offer beforehand. 

Since emails are private you can also give this discount to exclusively those who are scrolling your store, without the rest knowing. A sneaky way to do this is by setting up email sequences on the user activity. This is very easy with Mumara.

Remember when it is the holiday season then all brands are active. It is the season of sales and consumerism. If you want to stand out then you must make sure that your product is unique and exciting but more so that it is reaching each user or buyer personally.

You must beat your competitor. Especially when everyone in the market is trying to use the same tactics as popular sales. Send out star email blasts and burst the users with the kind of offers that they can respond to. Drop the price of a product to an extreme low, on a few couples of pieces and then share similar products with them to keep them interested once it is run out.

Email Marketing | Mumara

Bottom Line:

Remember that effective email marketing is all about understanding what the user wants and playing around with consent. Mumara helps you achieve an excellent and intelligent strategy that is fully legally compliant. Try it today and transform your business!

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