If you are a SME and you do not have an official newsletter then you are missing out a great deal.


A newsletter is a printed paper or set of papers with business information and sends it to their regular members. It is issued perennial to the subscribers. The newsletter comes in different forms and for different segments of the audience. It is typically a written report or analysis to provide insights or may contain stock market information sent to the business people. 

A collection of words or images may contain some sensitive information or may have offers for the subscribers. E.g sign in to get your voucher, sign up with your favorite brands or sign up to hear from your favorite stories, etc. 

Purpose of an Official newsletter 

A company newsletter is an effective marketing strategy and a tool to track business success records. It also motivates subscribers to take action using CTA (call to action). It also increases conversion rates and boosts sales. This can be in printed form or in electronic form about the news, promotion, and offer of product or service. It is far better than a sales pitch. This also helps to get subscribers feedback, to address complaints and ideas from employees and customers. It makes a successful win situation for each association or business. 


Composing a newsletter is not a simple responsibility. It requires time and effort. But it is one of the most valuable assets of your business to communicate with your stakeholders, consumers, or customers. It is not one of the cheap and fastest ways to link with potential customers or subscribers. It cost a fraction of the old strategies to attract subscribers. But the point of focus must be relevant to the subscribers’ needs and want to save cost and be consistent. 

Increase credibility and customer loyalty 

The newsletter helps to build credibility. People like to build corporations with people they have relationships with and trust. The relevancy of content with your business idea helps to build a better and stronger relationship with your customer. And it is an effective tool to bring loyal and profitable customers. 

Gives a sales boost 

Email marketing helps to track your official newsletter campaign success. Many tools are available on the internet to maintain a record of your campaign effectiveness. It is inexpensive but boosts your company’s sales and revenue. Newsletters with CRM (customer relationship management) increase the response rate along with the conversion rate. 

Keeps your business in touch 

The main or ideal purpose of a company’s own official newsletter helps to keep in touch with the existing subscribers. It creates a personalized experience for the subscribers and gives a privilege to subscribers that the company thinks of their subscribers and cares about them the most. 

Reaches more people 

Traditional and old tactics lack the outreach, mobiles are handy and the CTR ( click-through rate) increases. As the newsletter involves technology usage so it will grow the conversion statistics. The annual usage of open rate through mobile has been increased to 80%. So, It is vital to use mobile-friendly templates for e-newsletter. Another factor is to get the right segment or target consumers to reach relevant people for your product or service. 

Looks Well Thought and Composed

Today newsletter templates are available and are easy to use. It looks at your company more professional, especially for small businesses or entrepreneurs. If you are using templates, you insert your company’s content that matches your business idea and goal. You inform your customer to construct a clear brand image. 

Attract new subscribers

Newsletter provides information to compare your product or service with the other businesses. It gives opportunities to look around some interesting products or services of your choice. Subscribers sometimes get their favorable requests and they are ready to buy your product or service. It gives your business visibility to a new segment. It can change your brand image and can convert a visitor into a loyal customer or maybe a prospect later. 


Newsletters give a path to communicate and harmonize with the customers. It helps build a reputation and a credible position. This increases the rate of revenue. It gives an offer to a particular segment and positions the product or service in the hotspot. Also, it provides company information that is relevant to the needs of subscribers. Content is an integral part of the newsletter so it must be valuable and interesting to keep subscribers. Start today!

Khunsha Javed

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