While we all have heard about many content marketing platforms here is the only Marketing Platform you need to beat the competition.

This means that we do not need to learn about irrelevant features or elements offered by other marketing platforms that may distract you from your main goal and which is: acquiring attention and converting instantly for a long-lasting time. Mumara one lets you do it right away in the quickest possible way.

Are you in it for the long run? Start converting today with a marketing platform that allows you to rise above your competitors and secure customers for the long-term game.

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Here’s Why You Need a Marketing Platform

The right marketing platform allows you to market to the right user automatically with the least amount of input and the maximum amount of output. It optimizes your efforts. This is the number one reason why small businesses resort to creative marketing techniques and strategies leveraging marketing automation tools.

You need a marketing platform, to begin with in order to lock all your warm leads in place. You need to make sure that people who are interested in your product have everything they need to know in order to make a purchase on your business site. This includes having all the information needed and the necessary links or promotions to help them make that final decision of purchasing your goods or services.

The essential component of any marketing automation strategy is working on incomplete orders. This is where your customers leave you on abandoned carts due to high delivery charges or high prices. You can revert the lost sale and convert them once again with the help of the right marketing strategy.

This is where Mumara One’s seamless advanced integration comes in. You can incorporate the software into your site and allow these creative emails to be sent on their own without going wrong ever. It allows you to take another chance, another hit at the bull’s eye to lock the target and go back in time to the point where the user decided they did not want to complete the order or go forward with the sale.

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Why Should Mumara One Be the One for You?

Mumara One is a marketing automation platform that is ready to be used out of the box. You get to enjoy the platform all by yourself. It eliminates the need to integrate anything, it eliminates the need to do extensive development on the back end and ensures a user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality with its smart and creative Newsletter builder. If you are looking for a quick and seamless way to begin marketing automation and to unlock creative ways to retarget the warm leads then Mumara One is the way to go.

The only reason that seals the deal is that it has everything you need to set up the perfect email marketing sequences in place. There are triggers to help you send intuitive emails that are really pre-empted and pre-designed by you or a team member. It also offers deep segmentation possibilities that allow you to comfortably break down your email lists into logical segments that want various types of communication from your site.

Mumara is user-friendly. Whether it is Mumara Campaigns or Mumara One. These options will leave you craving for more. One of the best things that you will find about it is that it offers a clean, tidy user interface. This eliminates any distraction from your day-to-day operations.

Simply gain customers and push your contacts to make yet another sale by communicating with them in a place where they are most likely to pay attention.

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The User Journey

Whenever a user goes to their email marketing account, whether it is at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, they look for a little bit of excitement. This craving could be settled with a favorable bank account update, a promotion, a lottery ticket, or so on. Research shows that winning lotteries has the same effect on our brains as winning discounts. The human brain can not tell the difference between a discount and a lottery. You can trigger the same boost of dopamine in your clients with the help of Mumara.

The dopamine boost will allow the customer to feel good about themselves when they make a purchase. The good feeling starts when they make interaction with your site through the email promo. Mumara One and the email builder help in making your interaction good-looking and attractive. It also builds a direct link of the user’s excitement or mental response with your branding. While the promo code or the discount that you share will allow them to associate good vibes with your products. Both of these together help in shaping a special user experience.

The rest depends on how good your product is. The user will be able to share an exciting memory every time they visit your emails. Although the validation of this experience will greatly be dependent on the quality of your site, your product, and the overall value that it places in your customer’s life, marketing automation can make your life as a marketer very easy.

Sending Those Late-Night Emails

More than half of your job is done when the user hits the subject line. Enticing them at the end of a tiring day is easier than trying to do it at the beginning of the day.

If you choose to send the emails by the end of the day then your target automatically becomes tired customers. They lack the willpower to reject attractive discounts. Send them sparkly products and products that they might have forgone earlier. Decision-making requires higher energies, we usually drain this energy by the time we hit the bed at night. This is a popular time for many people to catch up on emails.

This is the perfect time to strike. This can prove to be the perfect time to capture your customer and get a complete order request out of them.

Are You Worried About Unopened Emails?

Oh come on, no marketer got work done and leads converted without worrying about the cold respondents. Be the brave one that sends the right email to the right person. Hit where it hurts right to get the perfect result out of each attempt. Leaving the abstract out of this, the only way to handle unopened emails is through personalization. Personalized content is creative and special, and it is never seen as junk.

Sure we do not open all emails with our names. But names personalization is history. Mumara offers you to add geographic, locational, time-based, or activity-based personalization. This is the next stage in marketing. Even the most commendable marketers fail to target the users well enough.

Artificial intelligence pushes Mumara to be able to deliver these dynamic content tags. The tags allow your communication to sound real, intimate, and up-close with your customers.

It shares the attributes of a conversation between two people who know each other well enough for a long time.

Rise Above the Cohort

Dynamic content tags are easy to implement and attractive for each user. You get to enjoy a greater edge over your competitors with this option. Not every business in your industry is in its right strategy-building state. To implement such a complex, future-proof and commendable strategy is a bold step. Be bold.

Competitors become lazy when you are lazy. The moment competitors figure out your personalization and marketing strategies they will want to do the same. But, the advantage of investing your time in implementing marketing automation now will show up more than ever then.

You will notice that you have already upsized on your relationship or connection with the customers based on the marketing intelligence and power of Mumara. By that time the competitors will have to take a very long, high road uphill to catch up to you.

Scalability and Comfort for All Businesses That Want Growth

Gain the advantages and strengthen your brand persona with the right communication that does not need much to begin. Mumara is scalable. Marketing automation is scalable. It allows you to do the effort once and then impact hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people in the time to come.

You can always go back to fix what you do not like anymore. The changes can be made at any time and with very less effort. That is the beauty of marketing automation via Mumara One for small businesses and marketers looking to invest their time in a place where the returns are exponentially high.

For more information, use cases, ideas, and convincing on how and why you need to grow your audience get in touch with us. Learn more on our main Mumara Business School page. See you there!

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