Do you have a small business that you want to market exceptionally well in 2021? Did you lose out on your business like the rest of the world in the previous year when the most unexpected happened? Well, 2021 is here and it is looking like a good year to be alive and running a business in. Here are some small business email marketing hacks and plans that you can incorporate into your business plan. Let’s get started on this journey to bring back your customer base and sales to the level that you expected it to touch in the pre-Covid world.

Mumara is a simple automation software. While there are many verison of it designed for end users of different development, tech and marketing backgrounds, you only need to know about Mumara One. Mumara One is an all in one email automation platform that allows you to automate your transactional, marketing and internal communication emails. You can simply schedule them and place triggers on them to ensure that they sound fresh and capture the user intent ensuring conversions and sales.

Goals and targets for your email marketing plan:

You must makes sure that you are sending high value emails. Not a single recipient will convert if your emails are only random products or call to actions that do not mean anything to them. In order to send high value emails you must understand your recipients.

The second step would be to sort the recipients. Once you know how you are going to add value to their life you can then plan out the end goal. It can be anything. And trust us no goal is too high with Mumara.

Your goal can be 20% conversions, or an open rate of 90% or anything at all. Mumara offers very detailed analytics to make sure that you are meeting your objectives and you understanding what is happening with your emails once they hit the inboxes.

Here’s what you need to get started:

You must have some knowledge and understanding of what you want to share in your email communication. Your first step is to get a clear picture of what you are going to say. The message can be anything as long as it adds value to your user’s life. You need a wide list of the greetings, promotions, messages and ideas that you are going to run each campaign with. A good marketing strategy targets various groups of people at various stages of the customer journey. So you must first define your audience and then get ready to convert them.

Here are some elements that you can incorporate into your email marketing plan:

  • named personalisation
  • dynamic content tags
  • good quality styling
  • varied and fitting greetings
  • trigger based emails
  • revision deadlines for yourself
  • analytic tracking and self review

One important component of each of your email has to be the personalisation factor. This is essential because if your email is not personalised enough the recipient will toss it in their bin. You do not want that. Obviously it is not a good use of your time and resources. It is also damaging to your sending reputation. More on that in another blog.

Personalisation and styling

The personalisation factor allows the customers to simply feel connected to your email. It helps them perceive it as important or relevant. You can build on the same principles with the help of dynamic content tags. These help in ensuring that each email is dynamic and suited to the region or attributes of the recipient.

Good styling can be easily achieved with the help of the right email builder which comes easy with Mumara One. The styling allows the reader to grasp the message with added respect and comfort. You need to make sure that the email is readable and good looking. Nobody likes ugly emails.

Greetings and Triggers

Change your greetings and make sure that they match the time and place. You can not use unknown greetings at odd timings. Be thoughtful when you plan each email. An email marketing plan must also contain the triggers that they are going to be sent on. The triggers can be a certain user activity. They also may be the lack of activity. This means that any event in a user’s life can be a trigger for them to be sent an email from your system.

Since all of this will be automatic you do not need to worry about it much. Just know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. Rather when do you want it to happen.

Deadlines and self-audit

Deadlines are important. When as a small business owner you are running your email marketing plan yourself then you really need a deadline. This means that you must make sure that you are creating new sequences routinely. It also means effective editing and discarding ineffective ones timely. Anything that is not working out for your business needs to go away. You should be able to take out a couple of minutes to tweak your campaigns whenever you see an issue highlighted in the reports.

Tracking and Analytics

Tracking and revising according to the reports is quintessential for any business’s effective marketing strategy implementation. Ensuring that your emails are hitting the mark is essential. Once you plan it out you need to send out a few test emails. You can send these to your friends or staff members. After you do share the emails you can also ask them for their feedback.

Upon receiving enough feedback you can sent the email out to a small number of people or a batch of your larger email list. The batch will allow it to be tested on them. You can wait out to see how it goes and then review the email sequences to tweak them according the response.

You can also send out different types of emails on test batches before finalising your email sequence or locking it for the future. This is a part of a feature of Mumara One called the A/B testing. You can always change or edit the sequence and you can continue to improve it over the years.

The reports will require your patience but ensuring that you review them and you implement the insights is key to great email marketing campaigns.

Time is money.

Since a small business owner must have very little time on their hands they must spend it wisely. Mumara One has been designed to be fast and effective. It demands very less input and allows the user to quickly scale the marketing emails and send them out to a large volume of people instantly or as and when needed.

Small business owners like to keep control in their hands. Mumara One allows them to enjoy all the control their want on the creative side. It allows the technology powered by artificial intelligence to learn from the business owner. So once the marketer or business owner designs the email flow or the sequences, the rest is all done by the software automatically.

The best thing about email marketing on Mumara One is that it is user-friendly. It will not drain you or exhaust your time. You can have a normal social life, and an exceptional business life with the very minimum effort invested in the marketing of your product through Mumara.

Do what works.

The beauty of email marketing is that no matter what your business style, business industry or business tone is you can try out different complex and sometimes ridiculous ideas. There are no limitations or reputations to keep up. Emails are privately received. So if you mess up a few it is going to be alright. And if your business tone is serious and you think that non-rigid tones work better for emails then you can surely try it.

Unlike social media you do not need to worry about every tiny little aspect. You can go with the flow and do what is best or looking the best. This is true because you will be able to refine the results over time any way. Why worry about getting it right the first time. Take the pressure off and start somewhere.

Business owners are usually the jack of every trade themselves and spread too thin on time. Let’s solve this problem for you and give you the quickest ways to send a lot of effective emails smartly and effectively. Start using Mumara One today.

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